October 31, 2022

microwave update: a scary story (key words: frozen & unpopped)

 MICROWAVE - update #1, drafted on Tuesday evening . . . stay turned for the ending

In Jenny's comment on last week's post, she asked for a microwave update. I hollered at the computer:  TODAY, JENNY - IT'S COMING TODAY. (Jenny, did you hear me?). I was a wee bit excited. 

Harp music played, angels sang, and I decided that miracles do happen. 

The microwave arrived direct from Thermador about a few weeks ago, and then I had to organize ABT to come and install it. I'd been guessing when it was going to be delivered because Thermador had no idea when it would arrive, so I kept scheduleing install, and then cancelling it. It arrived THE DAY AFTER I'd had an install schedule. 

I emailed my guy, Robin, at ABT to see if he could bump up my installation. The 1-800 number had given me Nov 10th as the next available date. I also inquired if they'd haul away my unique bedroom furniture broken washer. 

He emailed me back:  OCT. 25TH & YES, FOR $40 THEY'D TAKE MY WASHER AWAY.

Washer removal - SOLD to the guys with the giant rubber band who are trained to move appliances down flights of stairs. 

At least it looks pretty.
That afternoon, Tuesday, they installed my microwave in minutes flat while tots ate lunch. I asked if they knew anything about hoods, because my hood isn't working, of course. They didn't. *sigh* They hauled away the washer and drove away. 

As a treat, I zapped a frozen GF muffin during nap time. 49 seconds later, I removed from the microwave . . .  a frozen muffin. 

Are you blinking? Shaking your fisr in the air? Staring at the screen wondering how this could be possible? 

There was power. The drawer rolled out. The time counted down. The light went on. The timer beeped, signaling done. But - frozen.  

I called the guys. They instructed me to make  popcorn. Nothing popped. They returned a bit later and decided that one side of the outlet, that is buried inside the island, didn't work right. They switched the plug to the other side of the outlet and the popcorn popped. 

I gave them the bag of popcorn as a parting gift along with a fat tip. All that to say, it was a little dicey, but we have lift-off. If you are new here, or if you've just forgotten the timeline - we've been without our micro-drawer since Mother's Day. 

*editing to add:  Coach, Reg, Curly and I just ate leftovers for dinner. You know, lots of heating up of plates, etc. I looked around mid-meal and laughed.

Me:  You guys, we all used Lad's old, college counter top microwave instead of the new drawer. Heck, we could've used dueling microwaves in order to heat up food simultaneously. 

We're silly.


Update to the update:  I drafted this on Tuesday. On Wednesday I continued to behave like Pavlov's dogs and mostly used the old, counter microwave. 

Coach returning the college
microwave to the kitchen.

I finally spent a solid 30 minutes cleaning Lad's old college microwave. Coach hauled it down to the basement for me. Now we'd be forced to remember to use our actual microwave drawer. 

Coach and I went out to dinner. I told the kids to eat leftovers and tossed a bag of frozen veggies in the micorwave drawer for them. 

Five and a half minutes later - the frozen vegetable were still FROZEN. Say what? While we drove to the restaurant, I called ABT. I was transferred three times. Finally  I talked to a guy whose mind was blown by my situation.

Remember how the install guys thought there was something wrong with the outlet? And I was blond enough to believe their blondness?  This guy on the phone pointed out that this was not a sign that the outlet was bad. If the outlet was bad the microwave would not have gotten any power. DUH. 


The guy said he'd send someone out on Friday.

An ABT guy named Ray showed up Friday morning. This is the guy who came to our house to fix our forever failing fridge drawers back in '17 & '18. They broke about a dozen times in a year and a half. Remember? Ray's pratcially family. He was happy to see me, but blown away by the microwave saga. 

Happy Halloween.
Sesame Street costumes circa '14
Turns out the microwave drawer hinges needed to be adjusted. They were not in alignment, so the microwave didn't think the drawer was properly closed. That's why it didn't heat up. He fixed it in a few minutes.

Then he told me what to do with my hood. I just needed to hit a reset button by holding down a button. It has a built in timer to let me know it's time to clean the filters. Just like that, I got two appliances up and running. 

Have you had a blond encounter that you fell for? Who is sad that my broken washer is no longer serving as a laundry sorting table in my bedroom? What have you done out of habit lately? 


Nicole MacPherson said...

Yay for Ray!!! What a guy.

Honestly, Ernie, when I read this I was like, yes, of COURSE the new microwave isn't working! I just knew. It's like the universe didn't want you to have a new microwave! Anyway, glad Ray got things figured out.

Jenny in WV said...

Woo-Hooo! I am here for the appliance drama! Two things fixed! (and one washer gone!) Awesome!

I've never actually encountered a microwave built into the lower cabinets. Does it actually open like a drawer? I'd always assumed one had to kneel down to use it, I'd imagined the door opened just like on a counter-top model.

Those costumes are amazing!

Suzanne said...

Omggggggggg. But also, hooRAY for Ray! and for the guys who hauled away your washer!

Ally Bean said...

I didn't know that microwave hinges could need adjustment. I am amazed and filing that tidbit of info away for future use, maybe. The holiday costumes of days gone by are adorable. Just perfect

Pat Birnie said...

Of course it wouldn't go smoothly - not in your house! I also felt for the 'no power from this outlet' response...didn't even consider that the lights & timer wouldn't work. Oops I'm glad you got the broken washer out of your bedroom. This does put your redneck status at risk though! ps great costumes!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

RAY FOR PRESIDENT! I'm so glad someone came to your rescue because the Blonde moments with the microwave guys is total crap. Goodness....why waste your time?

Totally laughing at you guys using the old micro when the new one was RIGHT THERE.

I've had more blonde moments than I can recall at this moment. Just got back from ANOTHER visit to the Doggie's been a day around here.

Does your bedroom seem extra large without an extra appliance in there?

Ernie said...

Nicole - Exactly. Note: I had already drafted my post to the tune of "Small issue, but the guys came back and now it works" I was like - Thermador has stuck it to me.

Ray is the master. Even Curly was like, "Oh hi. I remember you."

Ernie said...

Jenny - Appliance drama is my specialty of late. I really could have googled the 'what does this code mean' message on my hood, but I never thought about unless I was in the middle of cookied and then I would forget. What a relief that the hood wasn't technically broken.

Microwave drawers do slide open. I first saw one at my brother's house and I was skeptical. I thought: SO MANY EXTRA WORKING PARTS TO REQUIRE REPAIR. Then when we did our kitchen it was the way to go to save space. I do love it. . . when it works. The only time one needs to get on one's knees is to clean the ceiling in there. Um, I admit that we are tall people and I often relied on my offspring to clean it. The ceiling accumulated some junk that may or may not have contributed to the smoking problem.

Thanks, I didn't make them all in one year. I started with Cookie when the blue fur was on sale and I had a lightbulb moment. Then the collection grew from there. My kids still wear the big heads as big kids when they need a costume.

Ernie said...

Suzanne- Ray is the best. He should be on my Christmas card list. Those two guys had the washer out of here in a minute. Hooray.

Ernie said...

Ally - I think the hinges needing alignment is exclusive of a microwave drawer. It rolls open and closed. When I first saw one, I thought OH, THIS HAS TOO MANY PARTS TO REPAIR. And, here we are.

Thanks, we've gotten a lot of mileage out of the costumes. Lad's kindergarten costume remains one of the best ever. He was a knight riding on a horse. The horse still holds a place of honor in the storage room closet. How lucky will my grandkids be?

Ernie said...

Pat - Yeah, there's something about guys showing up in uniform with tools that can be convincing that they know what they are talking about. So silly. A partially working microwave because of a partially working outlet? What now?

I'm glad that I no longer have to shuffle around the washer in my bedroom in the dark in hopes of not jamming a toe. If it stayed any longer, it would've surely been buried in piles of discarded clothes or clean laundry.

It rained the year the kids wore the Sesame costumes, so the next day we dressed them up and I took them to my folks' house. Worked out great, because I took my time taking a ton of photos.

Ernie said...

Suz - I now want to have t-shirts made: RAY FOR PRESIDENT. Ha. I was so glad that ABT came out so fast. I mean, we were certainly already confused about which microwave to use. The old one still needs to go back in the basement. I had my window to have it carried down there, so now I have to look for another opening.

As soon as the guy on the phone pointed out that the outlet would either work or wouldn't work, same as the appliance, I was thunking my hand on my head.

Oh no, more oncologist visits for Lillie. No fun.

My bedroom only seems bigger in May when I take down the 3 pack n plays under the windows. Seriously one of the boys shoved a whole pile of clothes inside the door of my bedroom, as if it is a garbage chute. I assume he is done with these clothes. What on earth? It's as if they don't think I can figure out whose clothes they were. I buy the clothes. Looking at you, Reg.

Beth Cotell said...

Yippppeeeee! I'm so glad everything works!!!

Kara said...

My new dishwasher was supposed to come today. But they called me at 8 AM to say it didn't make it on the truck, so maybe Friday it will get delivered. I hate handwashing dishes.

I still go into my daughter's room to get the dog in the mornings, even though she lives in the dorms now, and the dog is in another daughter's room. That's habit.

Ernie said...

Beth - Yes, all the stars aligned. At long last.

Ernie said...

Kara - I just found out from my SIL that my brother in law insists that their pots and pans don't go in the dishwasher. Mind blown. This is the year 2022 - I put EVERYTHING in the dishwasher. Call me lazy. I've been called worse.

I agree, that is habit.