September 26, 2022

"You got a little something", purse cleaning, & digressions while sleep deprived

I didn't sleep much last night, and my brain hurts - but I'm drafting a post anyway. I'll see if my well-rested self still finds this post-worthy when I come back to revisit the draft later. 

First off, I just noticed in my last post that I accidentally dropped an extra copy of a photo in the body. (not 'of a body', I haven't made drastic changes in the content since we last met. Don't worry). No one commented: HEY THERE, THIS PHOTO WASN'T ALL THE INTERESTING TO BEGIN WITH, WHY SHARE IT TWICE? 

The 'not mentioning' thing reminds me . . . 

Speaking of our trip . . . I ate this out one night.
It was delicious, but hard to enjoy because it
 made my face sweat. It was SO spicy. Nothing
 in the description sounded spicy. 

On Thursday, 'TM' aka twin mom - who I sit for, who is lovely and at this point a dear friend, walked in to pick up her girls. I was hovering over the buffet countertop cleaning out my purse. Coach and I were getting ready to drive to Omaha to visit Tank. I didn't want to lug extra, unnecessary stuff on our trip.

Fun fact:  remember that purse that Coach and Mini picked out for me for my birthday in December? (I'll wait while you all run to your calendars and write reminders for my birthday, Dec 30th. Subtle, right?) Well, my new purse can hold a lot of CRAP. 

How do I know this? Well, let me tell you, when I clean it out . . . the things I found. 

I borrowed 4 garbage bags from Becky right before we left for Omaha. Yes, that's a weird thing to borrow from a friend. We ran out of garbage bags the day before we left. Lad, Reg, and Curly were all staying home. My kids aren't great at cleaning up after themselves. I didn't want to give them an excuse for leaving garbage laying around. 

I'd just gotten back from the store when Coach realized we were out and I wasn't sure I'd have time to run back out before our road trip. Becky and I had a playdate the next morning. She brought some, so I had a stash to leave with the kids. 

Tank made some last minute food requests, so of course I ran to the store AGAIN. I later stuffed Becky's donated bags in my purse so I could return them to her. 

It was curriculum night at our high school, but I was focused on getting lost trying to find my kids' classrooms. (teachers were making fun of me for squinting at the room numbers, "Don't you know your way around by now, Mrs. Shenanigan?) I forgot to hand the garbage bags off to Becky when I passed her in the hall. 

Well, I guess I did a lousy, half-ass job of cleaning out my purse, because I reached in my bottomless pit purse while in Omaha and pulled out . . .  the garbage bags. 

I assume you come here for my digressions and stay in hopes that my original story has a point. 

Unrelated, but isn't this cute. Fun at the Morton Arboretum 
Children's Garden. We couldn't stay long because we had to race home to greet the 3 kids arriving at 11-11:15ish after preschool. One child in this photo is lucky I didn't push her into the water. I would never, but Lawdy . . . this child. Story to follow. 

Anyway, I turned briefly away from my purse cleaning job that Thursday in my kitchen and greeted TM. She was facing her girls who were running to hug her. This gave me the opportunity to notice from her profile that she had a snot hanging out of one nostril. 

Note:  I tried unsuccessfully to completely dive head-first into my purse in order to avoid embarrassing her by pointing out the straggler. My purse:  not as large as originally reported. 

I talked to TM about the girls' day, while pretending to be overly focused on the lining of my purse. While she put the girls' shoes on, I decided that I didn't want her to get into her car and realize in the rearview mirror that she had conversed with me while host to this facial ick. 

Aren't they cute when they discover
 a caterpillar in the parking lot?
I faced her and bravely said the words everyone appreciates, but still never wants to hear:  Oh, you've got a little something . . . by your nose. 

TM:  Oh my gosh, thank you. Ack, what if that was there all 10th hour? (as in at the high school, in front of teenagers).

Well, I'd hoped to breeze along and forget about this awkward moment for both of our sakes, but here we were - thinking over the possibilities. High school kids. Phones with cameras. Chatter. The horrors. I tried to reassure her that this was not likely, but neither of us really knew. These things happen.


Have you pointed out an awkward something? Salad in someone's teeth? Shirt worn inside out? (Oh, I have a story that falls into this category, raises hand wildly) Skirt tucked into your underwear? Or, heaven forbid, has someone pointed out something you were unaware of? Or do you opt not to mention the thing? Or do you arrive somewhere and then realize you have some extra something in your purse that you should've left at home? Do tell. 

*I wanted to go to bed at 8 pm on this can't-see-straight-because-I-woke-at-2:00 am-and-never-went-back-to-sleep evening, but there is a large appliance wedged on the staircase, and I'm trapped downstairs in the study. Since I wanted said appliance . . . no, I  NEEDED it, I really couldn't complain that the appliance moving was interfering with my sleep. 

Appliance drama story to follow on Wednesday. Get excited. 


Ally Bean said...

I'm going to tell you the opposite of having too much stuff in my purse. I went to the grocery with a long list of things to get. About halfway through I realized my purse seemed light, so I checked inside it and found that my wallet wasn't in there. I freaked out, had someone taken it when I wasn't looking? No. Ditched the cart, ran to the car, looked all around, but no wallet. Drove home in a panic and looked on the shelf where I keep my purse, there I found my wallet that had slide out of my unzipped purse. Talk about a good way to get your heart pumping, misplace your wallet.

Amy said...

My family doesn't let me know when there's something wrong with my appearance. Aren't they lovely? Grumble. I always let people know (as subtly as possible), because I would like people to let me know - golden rule and all that.

My kids call my purse the Mary Poppin purse - I generally have anything and everything we need in there (snacks, water, phone chargers). I do regularly clean it out though - I have enough stuff in there without carrying anything extra! I had a dryer ball in my purse over the weekend - it had made it into the pouch of my husband's hoodie, and he didn't notice until we were out somewhere. I ended up giving it to my brother-in-law when I pulled it out of my purse in search of something else - he'd never heard of dryer balls before, and was excited to try one. lol!

Nicole MacPherson said...

A large appliance wedged on the staircase. Hmmm.

I always, always, ALWAYS want to know if there is something on my face or teeth or clothing. Always. I think telling someone is doing the lord's work. I always appreciate it whether it be something hanging out my nose or lipstick on my teeth, I want to know. Although...a few years ago I had a little calcium thing on my face, it looked like a tiny whitehead but it was permanent. I had to get it removed by the doctor but before I had it removed, people would tell me about it all the time. "You have something on your face." And then I would have to explain that no, it was part of my face. Still, I'd rather know than not know.

Eli said...

One time I used the bathroom at church and my dress got caught in my tights (in the back, of course), without me noticing. As I was washing my hands, someone came up behind me and tugged it out for me.... I was embarrassed, but not as embarrassed as if I had walked through the sanctuary with my panties on display!

Nance said...

That poor woman. High school kids notice everything.

Case in point:

It was 100 years ago when my kids were 5 mos. and three. Sam was still in a crib in our bedroom. I would try to be very quiet as I got ready so as not to wake him until just before we took them to the sitter.

First period: I'm standing at the front of the room handing out vocab books, giving instructions. I ask if there are any questions. One girl in the front row raises her hand, motions me to her desk. I bend down and she says very quietly, "Mrs. D, your vest is on inside out." I thank her.

I casually walk out to the hallway, step to the side of the door, and make the necessary fashion repair. When I walk back in, the girl gives me the thumbs up.

Pat Birnie said...

Those pics of the little ones are just so cute! I also always want to know if I have something on my face, in my teeth or heaven forbid hanging out of my nose! I will also tell someone quietly, even a stranger. So much better than walking around like that until you see a mirror. My husband will signal me sometimes by touching his nose etc. It's always a bit confusing if he actually has an itchy nose!

Kari said...

You literally saved that woman's life. Girl code requires us to tell each other anything on our faces, buttocks, and wherever else.

PS- I really like the new font!

Kara said...

I am always here for a good appliance drama story!

I was recently part of a group effort to help a woman out in the bathroom who had managed to get herself all tangled up in her jumpsuit. It took four of us to extricate her from whatever she had managed to do to herself.

Kate said...

I was at a friend's wedding talking to another friend outside on the church property. Unbeknownst to me, since I took my heels off and was standing barefoot on the grass (grounding, anyone?), the heel of my shoe caught on to my skirt and I was showing a bit more leg along with my slip. My brother, in his kindness, alerted me by shouting my name which drew the attention of many people including my pastor and a visiting priest to look my way. I know he was trying to save me from an embarrassing moment and truth be told, I found it funny and I still tease him about his subtlety to this day.

Ernie said...

Ally - Oh, I've been there. That is the worst feeling. Now that I have a handy little wristlet, I sometimes grab it and go. 99% of the time it makes it back into my purse, but when it doesn't, well I end up someplace with a large purse and no money. Glad you found your wallet.

Ernie said...

Amy - Attention Amy's family - GET WITH THE PROGRAM! My offspring are always happy to offer an opinion. Honestly I think they usually just tell me that I look fine, so that I don't slow them down.

The dryer ball story is funny. I've never had a dryer ball myself and now I wish I was at the scene with your brother in law so we could fight over it. ;)

Ernie said...

Nicole - Oh, yes. My appliances and their short lifespans are going to be the end of me.

Letting someone know is the right thing to do, but still so awkward. I felt like a grown up afterwards. Your experience reminds me of Ash Wednesday when Catholics wear ashes on their foreheads. Inevitably people will let me know that I have a dirty forehead. Appreciate the effort.

Ernie said...

Eli - Yes - so much less embarrassing when you are still in the bathroom. I feel like what happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom. You were lucky that you weren't alone in there. In front of the whole sanctuary indeed.

Ernie said...

Nance- I agree, high school kids live for things to notice. *shudder*

That is so great that the girl called you over to alert you about your vest. How sweet. I hope she got an A. ;)

Ernie said...

Pat - I do have a good group this year - one is cuter than the next. I've had a better day with Little Miss. Fingers crossed that she continues on the path of NO DRAMA IS THE BEST WAY TO STAY ON MY GOOD SIDE. *more later

I do feel like I am constantly asking my kids if I have anything in my teeth. What will I do when I am an empty nester? Coach is not very detail oriented.

Beware of the itchy nose. Ha!

Ernie said...

Kari - Girl code forever! Let's get t-shirts made.

The font, as all positive techie things in my world, happened by accident. ;) But I like it too.

Ernie said...

Kara - Get some popcorn popped, because this is about not one but two appliances.

I am dying to read a blog post written by you about the woman who was almost strangled by her own jumpsuit in a public bathroom. This is too much. Really. I admit to trying on a bathing suit that had holes in weird places and I put it on wrong and almost couldn't get it off, while in a changing room. I managed, because I told myself AIN'T NO WAY ANYONE IS COMING IN HERE TO HELP ME WITH THIS. This was years ago, like 10 years or so.

Ernie said...

Kate- Brothers. Such helpful souls. That is a funny story. I do feel for him, like there is a ton of space and he doesn't know how to alert you without alerting, well - everyone. I'm glad you can laugh about it.

Beth Cotell said...

I always find it so awkward to mention something hanging from the nose or stuck in between the teeth. I typically assess how long I'm going to be with this person and then determine if I want to bring it up. I know that's horrible and I should just bring it up but I die a little inside at the thought of even mentioning it. What is wrong with me??????

Ernie said...

Beth - I think it is human to not want to embarrass people. I just figured OH, SHE'S GONNA WANT TO KNOW THIS SOONER THAN LATER. Still wasn't easy. My hair is so thin, I'm constantly asking my kids if I have any places that need fluffing.