September 6, 2022

4:56 am, Do like Elsa, not your mother's college move in, & a funny video clip

Yesterday was Memorial Day, so I'm posting on a the unofficial Monday of this week.

Thank you for the many wonderful and flattering comments on my 1,000th post. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm tempted to celebrate this, my 1,001st post, in hopes of seeing another uptick in comments. In other words, don't be shy. Seriously, I so appreciate that you all visit and are interested in the world of the Shenanigans. 

*I forgot to mention that when Mini squirted her opponent in that video clip, the opponent calmly stated:  YOU EARNED THAT. 

Great quote. I died. 



When I went to bed the night before we were driving Mini to Notre Dame I set my alarm for 7:20ish. I'd stayed up later than I wanted and while I'm almost always up right at 6:00 am, I hoped to sleep a little longer. We planned to leave at 8 am. 

At 4:56 am, a time that my brain believes is THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, an alarm went off. Coach crawled over me, or jumped up, or behaved in some way to make we feel like he was shaking me awake. Granted, I was in a deep, DEEP sleep - as I should've been. So, I was confused. 

I stumbled into the bathroom, which is where Coach and I both plug our phones in.  Coach was ahead of me. I entered the bathroom and he turned around (after turning off his phone alarm) to leave the bathroom and we bumped into each other. 

Me:  WHAT?

Coach:  HUH? 



Oh, I beg to differ. Turns out he forgot that since he wasn't going to work he didn't need to have a back up alarm set (he wakes up to the alarm clock on the nightstand, but he tends to wake up before it goes off. He keeps an alarm on his phone as a backup - in case of a power outage, etc.)

Coach went back to bed. I went to the bathroom, then tried to go back to sleep . . . with NO SUCCESS. My mind was, in a word, busy. 

Tired, fuzzy-head mode was NOT how I anticipated driving Mini to school. I tried to slip back into sleep mode after being jolted awake for almost an hour (it still seemed to me like he'd grabbed me and shaken me awake, as in THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE, making it hard to recover from). Finally, I hopped up and went for my run. I'd been willing to skip my run, but now I thought "if I don't run I will feel miserable at having been awake and not worked out." 

I was looking for a photo for this post. Here's
a picture of the girls in the kitchen. Mini's shirt: 
 ND, class of '26.This was in July, so before move
 in, but that shirt leapt out at me.
I told myself to move on. Do like Elsa and let it go. I hoped that after an exhausting run, I'd be able to nap in the car for a few minutes. Alas, I did not nap in the car. And try as I might, I still felt grouchy. I barked at Coach a little before we left the house. I felt bad, because I know he didn't mean to wake me up. He knows me after all, and he knows HOW MUCH I value my precious sleep. He did apologize eventually. I (mostly) put it behind me. 

Preferring to be the first person to arrive in the room, Mini was bummed that her randomly-assigned-roommate was arriving before us. We'd signed up for a move in time slot in advance:  11 am, because South Bend is weirdly an hour ahead of Chicago and I figured we could leave at 8 am and not be overly tired. If only. 


We arrived at the parking lot 'staging area' and waited in a line of cars. We were 15 minutes early. The parking lot workers used walkies to communicate with each dorm and then waved us through when we had permission to proceed. 

This is a new and improved approach to college move-in days of yore. My other kids' colleges did something similar, so I wasn't surprised. Thank you 21st century for assigned move in time slots and organization. 

I told Mini that my father was insufferable on my move in day. 

Mini:  What? Why?

Me:  Well, you've met him. My father is not a patient man. In the time of the stone age, they didn't assign upperclassmen the chore  of assisting new freshmen with moving in. Waiting for a free elevator alone almost did him in. 

Mini:  Oh, gosh. 

The heat, the lack of dollies, the unavailable parking spots in front of the dorm, the perky other parents, the amount that I brought (which really was NOTHING), and because it was a source of real drama, I'll again reference the waiting for an elevator.

There was much grumbling under his breath and head shaking. I noted with envy other parents and their friendly demeanors and helpful attitudes. My parents got me settled in my room. I believe they left about two hours after dropping me off for a reason that I cannot recall. I think my dad and I attended an informational meeting about studying in Ireland. They skipped the picnic dinner, the welcome mass the next morning, and any other activities. 

I remember standing on the steps of the dorm. My parents said good-bye. No tears were shed, but maybe Mom sniffled a bit. Then they hopped in our '76 red Chevy Impala station wagon and drove down the picturesque tree-lined street. Dad rolled his window down, blared the horn, and hollered:  three down, two to go!

I lowered my hand mid-wave and hurried up the steps of the dorm, hoping no one would connect me with the car. This was my dad's version of a dad joke. He thought he was very clever. That was one way to avoid tears, but I wasn't going to cry anyway. 


This is a video clip Reg shared with me. I'd forgotten about it. It was July 1. A month before Reg's seizure. It's only relevance is that it is a sweet summer memory of my goofy kids. Tank driving. Mini badgering him in the front seat. Reg the camera man. On the way home from caddying. 


Coming soon:  roommate situation, move-in errors made, how Mini is faring, Jenny in WV's prize, and expensive medical bills. Any guesses on whether or not we pulled away honking and hollering after dropping Mini? Have you been awakened by a run-amuck alarm? 


Nicole MacPherson said...

I'm always the one to be up early, but occasionally my husband will wake me up in the middle of the night when he's going to the bathroom or something. Usually it's fine but sometimes I cannot get back to sleep. If it was college move-in day, I surely wouldn't get back to sleep either! Glad she's there and settled!

Nance said...

Rick's alarm situation is so vast and complex that we don't even sleep together during the week since I retired. (Well, that and his horrific snoring.) He sets an alarm on the clock. Then a second alarm. Then music comes on. Then his phone alarm. Then his Apple watch. It's so patently ridiculous and insane that I refuse to put up with it.

My alarm routine when I was working was this: alarm rings at 6:20; I get up.

Thank heavens for weekends.

College move-in day has changed incredibly from when I went and from when we moved ours in. I'm happy for you.

Kara said...

Thankfully, my husband and I are both "wake up 5 minutes before the alarm goes off" people. Except on the weekend, if he forgets to turn off his alarm and then it surprises both and then I'm grumpy.

Move in at ASU was so well organized. They assign your time and hire movers to keep things moving quickly. They had the car emptied and everything in her dorm in under 30 minutes. I tipped the movers, put our truck into long term parking, and then began the process of unpacking the room- which was four hours. We did not hoot and holler as we drove away, because her room wasn't on the same side as the garage. But we would have! I'm almost positive that you did honk as you drove away!

Amy said...

OMG, I absolutely hate random alarms. My hubs does that once in a while - sets an alarm for an odd event, but then doesn't turn it off, so it keeps going off for WEEKS after that one-time event. I can't go back to sleep after an alarm, so he really messes me up when he does that.

I'm so glad they changed move-in procedures for colleges! The free for all we went through was NOT my favorite experience.

Ernie said...

Nicole - I do count it as something of a miracle that I don't wake up more often when Coach gets up. He goes into work crazy early 3x a week. His alarm rarely goes off, but when it does I rarely even hear it. Mini had a bit of a rough start, but she seems to be adjusting.

Ernie said...

Nance - Oh goodness. Rick's alarm routine would put me over the edge. Coach and I both tend to be programmed to wake up before our alarms. I rarely require one, because drop off of the tots starts around 7:20 am. I set an alarm just in case I actually sleep that long. Almost never happens.

It seems all of the colleges figured out that it was time to make drop off less horrendous.

Ernie said...

Kara - Awaken me needlessly and you will be dealing with a grumpy demeanor

Four hours to set up the room? Mini's room set up was an hour or two tops. There wasn't enough space to move, let alone set things up. She showed me photos of friends' rooms that they were sharing and I'm sure she is disappointed that there wasn't much that they could do with their space. She enjoys HGTV but we hardly live with a cutesy vibe, so I'm sure she's over it.

Our drop off procedure did NOT involve any honking. Quite the opposite.

Ernie said...

Amy - Let's just say I now travel with a noise maker. I have them in every bedroom for the nap time guys, and now I must have one always. I have a reminder on my phone for a weekly appointment that I no longer need, and I have no idea how to change or cancel it. I need to have the kids mess with it. That reminder does not happen in the middle of the night though. My wake up that morning was more jarring because it seemed to me that he was shaking me awake. Then I was mad that I'd wasted an hour trying to go back to sleep. Such a mess.

I'm glad the free for all of college move ins seems to be a thing of days gone by.

Jenny in WV said...

Pretty sure yesterday was Labor Day, but if it was only Memorial Day, I'd be okay with a whole summer ahead!

I was recently awakened by an unwelcome alarm. The smoke detectors decided to randomly go off for a few seconds at 4:30 am! It took hours to fall back asleep! Then I couldn't sleep the next night because I was afraid it would happen again! Apparently you can put a price on a good night's sleep. $250 for an electrician to replace them. Worth it!

I had a frog incident this weekend that made me think of your post from a few weeks back. I take my dog out through the basement door to do his business. I usually leave the screen door slightly ajar when we go out and this weekend a frog mistook the open door as an invitation to come on in! I trapped it in a box and quickly relocated back outside. It was more excitement that we wanted for the holiday weekend.

Ernie said...

Jenny- So funny. You are right . . . it was Labor Day of course. I won't tell you how many times I proofread this post. I did add that bit at the last minute though. Thinks hand on forehead.

Sorry about the alarms going off. Reminds me of the fire alarm in the hotel last July 4th when we were in a hotel with the boys. It is annoying to be scared awake and then AWAKE.

I am laughing at the frog mistaking the open door as an invite. Frogs in my house have been I cited . . . by Lad. I'd like to evict them all.

Pat Birnie said...

I would have had trouble sleeping before college drop off - never mind random alarms. We are on a short getaway to Manitoulin island- needed to be up early to catch a ferry, so I set an alarm. I woke up at 4 & realized that I had set it for 6:45, not 5:45 as we needed to leave at 6:15!!! I fixed the alarm but didn’t go back to sleep. It made for a very long day! I hope Mini is doing well now. (Also woNdered if our Labour Day is your Memorial Day- lol question answered)

Ernie said...

Pat- my former self would have had trouble sleeping prior to college drop off but I wear myself out nowadays. Tend to sleep like a rock.

Oh sleep before travel IS hard. Early flights are the pits. Enjoy your vacation. And no we did not swap Memorial Day and Labor Day. It's similar to my struggle Between left and right, I guess.

Busy Bee Suz said...

There's nothing worse than being woken up early, needlessly. Nothing.

Wait. Memorial day? You mean labor day. You must be tired.

Your dad grumbling about during your college move-in sounds like my dad on a good day. He had zero patience for anything, and it always caused me to be on edge. YOU and COACH are lovely, supportive parents who would never let your kids feel like you did during your move-in.

I remember my girls' move-in days were more chaotic than Mini's. They've made progress in just that many years.

Ernie said...

Suz - I whole-heartily agree. Every extra bit of sleep helps.

I was tired when I swapped those days, plus I added that bit AFTER I proofread my post a million times. Note to self: proofread the added bits too.

I think dad's of days-done-by were a lot more grumbly in general and it was sort of the dad-mode that many of us dealt with.

I do think Mini will shine and Coach and I did our best to make her weekend enjoyable, it sure helps when we aren't the ones sweating and toiling to get all of the stuff up to her room. ;)