June 2, 2022

some posts just write themselves

Mini doesn't like to get her photo taken. We also know that she keeps a messy room. Can't be bothered to check emails. Prefers to sleep till noon. Loses her phone, usually in our home, daily. And, she has a full ride to Notre Dame, so we are very forgiving  of these somewhat minor issues. 

When it was time for senior pictures, she sort of forgot. Morning of she was ransacking my closet to find something solid color to wear vs planning it out in advance. Not sure if it's because of covid, but the school used to have kids sign up for an appointment at the school building the summer before they were officially seniors. Mini's photo was taken during the school day. If it had been a summer sign up, I think she would've been more focused on it. 

Translation:  I would've been more focused on it, because I would've made the appointment.

First try:  She'd gone TOO long without having her hair cut. She looked like a lioness. Her entire body, not just her head, was sort of tilted on an angle, as if the photo guy had just stepped off a tilt-a-whirl, or been high. The photos were a little goofy. 

For some reason, the proofs were never sent to me, so 6 weeks ago I emailed the yearbook guy for help finding the proofs. In other words, I just realized a few weeks back that my kid failed the photo session and re-take session. She passed all of her classes with flying colors, so letting it slide. 

When I FINALLY found her photos on the photographer website (I think she was labeled as something other than senior which is why her pics were sort of lost), I was also able to view the re-takes. 

Mini completely forgot about retakes, apparently. She wore a long sleeve t-shirt and pulled part of her hair up on her head in a clip. A hairdo she NEVER does. She'd either just attended tennis practice and was sweating, or she went to school in a messy bun and plum forgot about retakes. Your guess is as good as mine, but the 2nd round of photos was possibly worse than the first. 

Yearbooks arrived a few weeks ago. Guess who neglected to respond to the school's email asking her to pick a proof for the yearbook? Yep. The one and only. The one they chose without Mini's input was not a great representation of her. 

Sometimes we have to live with our choices, or in this case our lack thereof. 

I told Mini I still wanted a photo of her to hang on my wall of fame of teens who I've survived living with through high school family room wall. Neither of us  wanted to order from the photographer's options.

I didn't want to pay for a full photo session with a 'real' photographer, because Mini was NOT about to do a bunch of poses while leaning against a tree, or sitting on a random chair in a forest preserve, with a wardrobe change. 

The professional photo task has been on my to do list for weeks. 


I did take a break today in order to stuff all
 my toddler/baby gear into a storage room
 under the basement stairs. 4 junior chairs,
 a toy kitchen, 2 bouncy seats, 4 high chairs,
 and two exersaucers. Let's hope when I attempt
 to organize the rest of the
house it actually looks organized. 

It is WAY past my bedtime. I just wrapped up the graduation video for Mini with music, transitions, blood, sweat, and tears (those last three are not visible in the actual video). I have not tried to burn it to a DVD yet. I will wait till I have able bodied teenagers to resuscitate me do it for me in case the computer argues with me. 

The next part of this tale will have to wait until Monday.

Also, Curly graduates tomorrow and she just reminded me that I need to make some adjustments to her dress. 

And, my good friends from Texas are coming for dinner on Friday. HOORAY. At this point it might be easier to sell the house and move, than it would be to clean and organize the house by Friday. Someone has been overly involved with a certain video project. 

At any rate, sorry to leave you with a cliff hanger, but the next chapter is worth the wait. Tune in for a guaranteed belly laugh. I plan to be back to my Mon/Wed schedule - the holiday messed that up this week. 

Feel free to take guesses at what happens next. No, I didn't collect everyone's yearbook and replace the unsatisfactory photo of Mini in each one. If I stole your guess, good try.


Nicole said...

Oh, MINI. Mini, Mini, Mini. This whole thing about the photos made me laugh but also, MINI.

Jenny in WV said...

My guesses: Something else in the house broke as you are preparing for guests. The dining table? The stove? The stove hood/vent thing? Finn ate your couch? You and Mini arrived at the photo appointment only to find the photographer forgot to come? Maybe everything fell into place and worked out fine like a 1950's sitcom.

Busy Bee Suz said...

That Mini. She is something special, isn't she? She will have to explain to her friends, family, husband, and children that she PLUM FORGOT ABOUT PHOTO day for the rest o her life. ;) Or, she just won't care. That works too.

You are so darn busy, when does it stop? Never? That's what I thought.

I hope graduation day goes well and also your friends coming in for a visit.

Ally Bean said...

Mini has all the attributes of being an absent-minded professor. I was too insecure in high school to ever leave my yearbook photo to chance. I kind of admire this kid, truth be known.

Ernie said...

Nicole- yes, MINI. Oh goodness. This girl. She is a piece of work.

Ernie said...

Jenny- You have some creative thoughts here. They made me chuckle. Making a note to myself to keep the food for tomorrow's dinner pushed AWAY from the edge of the island.

Ernie said...

Suz- Mini definitely does things her way, or she just doesn't bother. My guess is she will still be laughing about the yearbook photo in the future. She is a shrug it off type for sure. Not a bad trait . . . sometimes I kinda wished she cared.

I have a plan for how to be less busy this summer. Crossing my fingers that my plan will work.

So far the only graduation stress was Curly stressing about how to put the cap on her fluffy head.

Ernie said...

Ally - Well, I wrote a response, and the internet did something unique with it I guess. Anyway, I do get a charge out of my kid's tendency to do her own thing and not care what others are doing. What teenager embraces the mindset of not leaving the yearbook picture to chance?