May 25, 2022

short-ish post: MAY is kicking my butt

The month of May is kicking my butt, so thank you in advance for your patience.  

I apologize for being behind on my blog reading, and responding to your comments. I'm here, just a little frazzled.

In May:  Reg and Curly shadowed a Catholic high school. The stress of this decision is heavy, and the information that has cropped up and lead to the shadow has been fairly unsettling. Layers. More later.

Reg needed an EEG last week, because he has what he calls deja vous moments. There were some mild variations in his EEG, so he and I went back to the doctor yesterday. Maybe mini seizures, like misfiring moments which cause him to experience these deja vous issues and nauseousness. If so, this can be addressed with medication. 

Next up:  an MRI of his brain and a 48 hour extended EEG. Nothing to be overly concerned about - not life threatening. Hoping for answers. 

All this and grad dress shopping for two girls. Because our first three grads were boys, I FORGOT Mini needed a grad dress. In the past, I've just handed each boy 'the suit'. I didn't exactly 'forget' about the dress thing, I've just been distracted (see above). 

Other activities:  The day after Mother's Day I drove to Omaha to pick up Tank. The next weekend I watched Reg and Curly play 7 travel games, because they were both local. Last weekend I traveled solo with Curly to Davenport for her travel basketball. In addition to my usual babysitting, I've lost track of how many hours (like countless) I've spent on the ever-so-time-consuming video project for Mini's graduation. 


Before the June 11th graduation party, I need to either move to a different house or figure out how to organize this place. *travel ball, video project, and college stuff moving in translates to BIG MESS - in case you weren't picking up on what I was laying down.*  I also need to prepare piles of food for said party, and finalize where two kids will attend high school before high school summer league starts June 1st. 

I baked cookies for the party yesterday and froze them. One thing checked off the list. Also checked Mini's grad photo off my list, to coin my own blog title here:  no small feat. More on that adventure later. 

Because life is never dull and often hilarious, I found an odd thing in a sandwich baggie in the freezer. Any guesses? (see photo)

I've managed to whittle Mini's video down from 4 hours and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 21 minutes. More whittling to do.

This is the red exotic frog
that escaped Lad's room,
 then died in our kitchen after hopping out
 from under the fridge with dusty feet, almost
 giving me heart failure. It was somehow not
 as appalling to find him in my fridge frozen
 solid in a sandwich baggie.
Don't ask. I have no answers.
Mini usually helps me edit the grad movies from the too long stage to their final phase. While she knows I'm creating it, she's supposed to be surprised by the content. I've enlisted the other kids' help whenever possible. They have strong opinions about what can be deleted. I need them to boss me around here, because to me everything is cute. I'm the mom, that's my excuse. 

Oh, Monday night I read chapter 36 of my memoir to my writing group and they gave it high marks. The chapter I read the time before had issues, so this was huge. I really do value their feedback even when it is PLEASE FIX THIS, but high praise? Ahh. I needed that. 

I squeezed in a haircut Monday afternoon, which I really needed. 

Did anyone really think the only thing I had going on was appliance breakdowns? Weirdest thing you've found in your freezer? Or, how is your May going? 


Beth Cotell said...

You truly have a lot going on. Praying that Reg's issues are minor and praying for guidance regarding the school. I'm so happy your group liked the chapter you read them! I hope you are able to get that video shortened!

Pat Birnie said...

Oh my it has been a busy, and stressful month. I hope all is well and quickly resolved with Reg. I can imagine how time consuming going through all those videos must be -- I did photo albums for each of my 4 kids (which meant going through 40ish years of photos I'd never organized-yikes!) you get lost in the memories. Lol the frog; nothing surprises me in your household any more.

Jenny in WV said...

I think May is just beyond busy for everyone! I don't have kids, and the month has still felt overwhelming!
Keep calm, June is coming! One way or another stuff will get done.

Ally Bean said...

I don't know how you have the energy to do all that you do. I find that May is often a month of chaos and stress, so many endings, so many things to finalize about what's going to happen next year. I get it. Carry on, Ernie

Kari said...

I always feel like May is a time of change, with graduations, the end of the school year, etc. I hope that decisions and tests go well. Sending you hugs.

Kara said...

I just survived grad week, so I get it. One down, two to go!

Weird things in the freezer? We had a small fridge outside that was used for drinks by the pool. Except one year, my kids decided to collect the lizards that drowned in the pool, and put them all in the mini freezer. The dead lizards froze together and to the sides of that mini freezer. I wound up throwing it away, because the stench would not come out.

Nicole said...

Wow, that is a lot going on! You're always busy but this is next level. It's crazy for me here this week but not like that.
I hope Reg is okay!

Ernie said...

Beth - It has been an unusually hectic month - even for May. I guess the reality is that I am used to hectic, but so many big thought provoking situations is exhausting. Today is my last day of sitting for the summer. HOORAY ! I appreciate your good thoughts. Keep you posted.

Ernie said...

Pat - Thanks - yes, so great to have those memories recorded, but sheesh is it a time consuming thing to go through all of them. I updated a lot of my albums during covid, but they are not complete. I'd love for the videos to be more organized and saved to flash drives, DVDs, etc. I am with you - nothing that happens here would surprise me anymore.

Jenny in WV said...

Also, if I found a dead frog in my freezer, the freezer would be moved to the top of the appliances to replace list! YUCK!

Ernie said...

Jenny - June IS coming. Mini graduated last night, so I have gathered all the pictures I'm going to need for the video and, well - graduation is DONE. I'm done babysitting as of this afternoon. The school decision seems to be solving itself.

And the dead frog in the freezer - well, what on earth was he thinking? Talk about pulling a Walt Disney.

Ernie said...

Ally - I didn't even mention that last week was an awful week for me in terms of sleeping. I don't think I had gluten, but sometimes there is just something that messes with my insides and then I am just awake. There is an end in sight.

Ernie said...

Kari - Thank you very much. It is an exciting time of year for sure. The end of school year was always my favorite - still is. I feel like everyone is ready for a break just as the weather is improving. Reg can't get the extended EEG until August because of his basketball schedule, but the doctor ordered it with no rush so we wait. *sigh* Not a huge deal, but answers are nice to have.

Ernie said...

Kara - I have one more graduation next week too. And an awards night. More dress decisions to make.

Lizards stuck to the walls of a freezer. You've got a horror film in the making over there. Good grief.

Ernie said...

Nicole - Remember that post you wrote about someone saying how often to wash your walls, well - I have washed nothing nevermind the walls. Time is not on my side currently. It is hectic with added stress about abnormal May stuff. Yikes. It'll get sorted out.

Suzanne said...

Geez louise, and I thought I was busy! You have A LOT going on!!! Good luck! I hope all goes smoothly! And that you accomplish all the most important things and feel easy and breezy about the things that don't get done.

Ernie said...

Suzanne - It has been very hectic. Nothing like a holiday weekend with no basketball events to accomplish things. On top of that, I'm done babysitting and Ed arrived home from Budapest. Amazing how everything feels manageable now.