February 28, 2022

More adrenaline, different kid(s)

Update:  Mini's interview went really well. One man told her she was a breath of fresh air, not gonna lie - I was told the SAME thing when I interviewed for a job to interview people to sell life insurance. Proof that her blog-name fits perfectly. She said they loved her. Me:  what's not to love, I mean not like they're gonna see your room. She finds out in a letter (no more emails to miss) in 2 weeks.

More adrenaline later that night:  (after the Shedd & the scholarship news SAME DAY)

Reg had an away game Tuesday night. Talk about intense. When this team beat us badly earlier in the season, Reg was beside himself.

This time he brought his A game. At one point, he guarded the ball handler so well that the kid was called for having the ball for 5 seconds. Turnover. We were down 14-4 for awhile. Then we came back, and our opponent was stuck at 14 points for quite a while. Reg his a 3 at the buzzer to end the 1st quarter. 

By the time Coach showed up after work, I was shaking like a leaf. My poor nerves. 

It was a very physical game. In the 3rd quarter, their guy knocked one of our players to the ground from midair during a breakaway layup. The players from both sides started pushing each other. Reg was uninvolved, sitting on the bench with 3 fouls. The ref called technical fouls on both teams. 

Before the 'incident' - I snapped pic of Reg's
 coach talking to him. I asked the girls,
Yes, to answer your question - the girls
 think I'm crazy. I think I was just giddy.
 The scholarship news. Heading out
of town the next morning. My
mind was all over the place.

4th quarter:  It was neck and neck. An opponent jumped in the air while guarding Reg, came down throwing Reg to the ground - like faceplant style, and landing with his knee in his back. 

It was like SWEEP THE LEG from Karate Kid, only it was more like tackle #21. So, not really like 'sweep the leg' at all.  

Coach and I jumped up. Reg was laying on the ground face down, writhing in pain. His coach ran out there. I ordered Coach to go. HELLO, PT IN THE HOUSE, MAKE WAY. He stood in the bleachers instead, craning his neck, his hand was clutched on my shoulder, holding me in a sitting position. I was crying. Parents from our team also jumped up. We were all ready to charge the floor. Parental instincts in overdrive.

Coach finally released me. He sat down. I popped up. Still crying, I let loose. YOU NEED TO CALL THIS GAME CLOSER. YOU LET THIS HAPPEN. SOMEONE'S GONNA  GET HURT. SHAME ON YOU. 

Mini and Curly might never recover from the embarrassment of their mother's emotional outburst. Coach got a grip on me again, otherwise I probably would've been out on the floor getting in the refs' faces.

Reg came off the court. Limping a little. Another kid shot his free throws, made both. This was a relief, because Reg rarely misses free throws. Once a coach has come onto the court for an injured player, that player cannot re-enter the game right away. Reg checked back into the game at the next dead ball.

He had to ice his knee when we got home, but otherwise he said he was fine. My guess is he was more sore than normal, but he didn't let on. 

We won the game, barely. It was AMAZING. Reg probably had 20 points. My knees were shaking so bad I asked Mini if she wanted to drive my car home for me. It had been a DAY. 

Reg said his assistant coach told him that his mom looked like she was gonna beat up the refs. Me:  AND YOU'RE SURPISED? 

Things that went on while I was en-route/in Colorado:

I called Coach between flights. 



Mind blown. So who was I speaking to when I said:  Remember on Thursday to open the garage door and wake Curly up before you leave for work BECAUSE SHE'S BABYSITTING? *

Solution to keeping the house quiet during Mini's interview tips:  Curly take the 2 kids to play in the basement. 

Is it wrong that I enjoyed relaxing in CO while they got the house in order for Coach's patient to chat with Mini? I left the house in pretty good shape, but if the fam is going to enjoy a few meals/down time in my absence, well - let your imagination run wild. 

Friday morning, I woke up to a few texts. Ed:  CHECK OUT THE EMERGENCY WEATHER IN LONDON RIGHT NOW. He'd arrived the day before, but who sends a message like this, LOOK AT ME MOM AND DAD - I'M IN A DANGEROUS SITUATION.

There was a message from Coach asking for updates. No RESPONSE. 

Ed's using WHAT'S APP and needs to be in WIFI, so I figured he wasn't in WIFI . . . but part of me was like WHAT IS GOING ON? I emailed faithful reader Charlie (HI CHARLIE) in the UK. She assured me that since the UK isn't accustomed to severe weather, they were being overly cautious. Ed responded, saying he was fine but the weather was making sight seeing unpleasant. 

Message from my adrenal glands:  ENOUGH ALREADY.

What excitement is happening in your neck of the woods? 


Nicole MacPherson said...

Ummmm...nothing exciting is happening in my neck of the woods! I think you have cornered the market on excitement!

Yikes, poor Reg. I'm glad he's okay and that the team won to boot. And he scored 20 points! Great job! Also glad Mini's interview went well (it's not like they're going to see your room - ha!).

ED! Don't send a text like that!!!! I'm glad all is well but whew, maybe you need a stiff drink after that, or a gluten-free cookie.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Holy crap. That game would have sent me over too. Especially after the ups and downs of the day prior. Poor Reg. He's a tough cookie; I'm glad his injuries weren't worse.

What the hell Ed?!!

My excitement? Um..... let's not go there because there isn't any and that's just how I like it. :)

Jeannie Bruce said...

Goodness, poor Reg and mostly poor Ernie. I know how hard it was sometimes watching my niece and nephew play sports (She is 18 and he is 23 now) and my son is only 5 (almost 6) and about to start soccer and basketball.

How is what's going on in the Ukraine affecting Ed since Budapest isn't that far away? I hope everything is ok over there for him.

Ally Bean said...

I don't know the last time I was at a sporting event. I mean it's been years, considering Covid and isolation. Funny I'd not thought of that before this. I can tell that this particular one was one for the books. I'm glad that you survived it, with your sanity intact. Good news about Mini's interview.

Ernie said...

Nicole - Laughing at 'cornered the market'. It WAS a very intense day. Goodness. I was back at the Shedd today - last day of my membership and I had some kids who hadn't gone the last time. I got the SAME parking spot. Woot woot!

It's is always upsetting to see your own kid knocked to the ground. Yikes. That was a lot. I was worried it was going to be something that messed him up for a while - like maybe he fell on a knee? Relief when he went back in.

Yes, Ed - NEVER AGAIN. Good grief. It happened while I was in Colorado and the elderly Mrs. B was like WHAT?!

Ernie said...

Suz - I do love watching my kids' sporting events, but sheesh. This was a bit much. Took a few years off of my life. I worried that Reg was concussed because when they sent him to the table to check back in, he passed the table and looked like he was going to approach the opposing team's bench before he stopped himself and realized he'd passed the table. I was like IS HE OK?

Ed, Ed, learn from this.

I agree, I'm just fine with things running smooth and simple.

Ernie said...

Jeanie - Yes, it can get a tad hairy with the sports stuff. At least in Irish dancing there was no defense. That activity did plenty to drive up my blood pressure, but at least I didn't worry about a kid being tackled.

Ed is safe where he is. The program sent out an email that they've checked in with the American embassy in Hungary. That's good. I'd say it is impacting him in where he travels. He'd planned to go to Poland this weekend, but is changing that because they are accepting so many immigrants or refugees, etc. that it sounded too busy and chaotic to visit.

Ernie said...

Ally - That's funny that you hadn't thought about not attending sporting events - over here when covid hit - that was the thing we missed the most . . . watching the kids play sports. I was lucky to leave that game with my sanity and my kid in one piece. So glad the interview is over. Waiting the two weeks is not easy.

Anonymous said...

This post gave me a little shot of adrenaline! My older daughter just started playing Rec league volleyball in the fall, she’s 8. I get very into the games already, I can’t imagine the emotions I’ll feel when my kids are playing in more serious games when they’re older. I can guarantee I’d be jumping up out of the bleachers and hollering just like you, if someone hurt my kid! She did get hit in the eye with a volleyball this past weekend and was kind of stunned and teared up, and I did jump up for a second and ended up sitting back down, not because it was anyone’s fault, definitely wasn’t mad at the kid, they’re little and uncoordinated still, but just because I get too excited! Luckily she shook it off without my help. It’s so fun to watch your kid learn and improve!
Glad to read that Reg is ok after that attack and that his team won!
(Writing this comment in the middle of the night because I’m up with that same 8y/o vomiting. I guess that’s my “excitement” for today…)

Colleen said...

What a game! So exciting, and his coach must be really tall! Hope he is feeling better.

Beth Cotell said...

Absolutely nothing exciting going on over here and that's exactly how I like it! You can keep all the craziness over there.

I'm so glad the interview went well!! I hope she gets this scholarship!!!

Ernie said...

AM - Puking is the wrong kind of excitement. Always. That's the worst. Yes, sports are so exciting. I have always gotten a kick out of watching them start out trying a sport. So fun when they get excited when they do something good and their teammates high five them, etc. I have a ridiculous number of hours of video of their early games. Fun to watch in small doses, but also painful to watch because EARLY GAMES.

Oh, this game. It was so exciting. I never dreamt anything could get more exciting than Lad's high school water polo games, but alas.

Ernie said...

Colleen - It was exciting and you are exactly right. His coach is SO tall. That might be why the photo of them made me chuckle.

Ernie said...

Beth - Ha. Things have been so intense lately. I haven't even shared the nonsense with my babysitting life. Sigh. It is always something.

Thanks, they make it seem like the interview was a formality. We also heard last night that giving her the scholarship to ND is going to be very hard. Dang. That was tough to hear. A full ride somewhere would be amazing, but sheesh - to get in ND and then not get to go even though it is ONE OF THE SCHOOLS in the scholarship? I think they probably just ran out of funds since her round of interviews was towards the end of the cycle. Waiting for the letter.

Rajani Rehana said...

Great blog

Bibliomama said...

So confused right now - that's what I get for reading blogs backwards. LOVE that thing where you say a thing DIRECTLY TO your husband and you might as well say it to the wind and sky for all the good it does. This is how Matt and Eve's traditional and heartwarming good night saying is now 'k bye' - because she was saying good night to him once and he wasn't paying attention.

Ernie said...

Ali - Ha. I bet you are confused. I should've labeled this PART 2. To catch you up to speed - in the post prior I shared that Mini got a letter from Creighton. She got $5,000/ year for a business case study AND WHILE she didn't get the full ride she applied for, she IS runner up. So she COULD get it. Then same day she found out she got an interview for the Evans scholarship. Full ride for caddies.

And how about it with the husbands not hearing things? I could not get away with that. The place would fall apart if I didn't listen and know what the heck was going on. Membership (to the male gender) has its privileges.