February 23, 2022

adrenaline doping: Shedd & Mini's stuff

 Excitement the day before I flew to Colorado:  

*  Mini skipped her morning to accompany me to the Shedd Aquarium downtown with four little guys. I drove the Great White and was thrilled to find a parking spot on the street. Even more exciting - no need to parallel park my huge van as the spot in front was unoccupied. We had a blast.

*  I brought Mini's vax card, but she left her license at home, since she wasn't driving. The Shedd:  SORRY FOLKS, THE SHEDD'S CLOSED TO PEOPLE WHO CAN'T PROVE THEIR IDENTITY. Lad was still home, so he took a photo of her license and sent it to us. I almost had to pull the THIS IS MY DAUGHTER, SEE THE RESEMBLANCE? I CAN VOUCH FOR HER card. 

*  On the drive to the city (47 minutes, but only 24 home, thank you traffic), I realized that Mini had never opened a letter that had come from Creighton the day before, because she'd hung out with friends after her last b-ball game. 

*  Brown-nose girl, who beat Mini for class president, had gotten a letter that day saying that she didn't get the Evans. I held my breath as Coach shuffled through the stack of mail. I was like FASTER, FASTER! Mini had no letter from the Evans, which we hoped was good news but we also thought:  maybe her rejection letter will come tomorrow? Meanwhile, the Creighton letter got lost in the shuffle. 

*  She ripped open the Creighton letter when we got home before lunch: 


She later admitted that she tends to skim these type of letters. I don't advise it. In addition to the $5,000 (which is on top of the initial $24,000 they gave her when they accepted her, she is an alternate for the Scotts full ride scholarship. If someone who was awarded the scholarship decides not to go to Creighton, she might get it. Wow. I had to chase her out the door to get to school for her afternoon classes. She wanted to sit and bask in the excitement. 

*  Fast forward a few hours after school:  Mini was sitting in the kitchen looking at her phone. 


Our celebration was interrupted by Mini's moaning. WAIT, IT SAYS TO RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL BY FEB 14TH. Um, this was the 15th. She realized that they'd resent her the email because she'd never replied back on Feb. 9th. WHEN.IT.WAS.ORIGINALLY.SENT. Sheesh. 

email oversight explained:  The committee instructed applicants NOT to use a school email. They wanted a personal email. Since the school doesn't allow them to check personal emails on their school computers, Mini doesn't look at her personal email very often, or very closely - because she swears she's looked at it, but was expecting a letter not an email. All three older boys got a rejection letter in the mail, so she didn't know she'd get an email if she got an interview. Assumed it would also be a letter. ALSO, she realized that she input her parents' email address wrong:  combining my email with her school ending. 

She's so pretty. 

There were tears as she entered freak out mode. Would this be a black mark against her? I assured her that they'd resent the email because they wanted her to respond. The interview was set for the 24th. NOW, if she'd ignored the email and missed the interview, then black mark. Begging her to relax was not really helping her relax. 

There was a form she needed to complete and send back, ranking her top 4 Evans school choices. She tried to type, but her hands weren't functioning. We switched spots at the desktop, and she dictated responses to me, her cool as a cucumber mother. *I'd carved out this time to pack for Colorado. So, that didn't happen.*

Show of hands here, who thinks I might need to accompany Mini to college to be sure she gets emails, and wakes up on time, and doesn't bury her roommate accidentally with a truckload of dirty laundry?

We called Ed in Budapest. She'd already texted him the good Creighton news. 



Ed sputtered, he was speechless. He said he was tearing up. She called Tank, who let some expletives slip out while on speaker phone. It was just THAT exciting. 

One of Coach's patients, who is 'in the know', told Coach a few weeks ago that Mini hadn't been disqualified for being too financially comfortable, so we kept thinking MAYBE?  Each time a kid applies, I write a financial statement. This time I was like HEY, HOW HIGH CAN YOU COUNT? WE WILL HAVE 3 KIDS IN COLLEGE TWICE WHILE MINI IS IN COLLEGE. Maybe it's because I was shouting? Kidding, but when Coach shared this with Mini and I, we were standing in the kitchen. We froze and stared at one another. Bug-eyed.

This patient also told Coach that the committee wants to give her the scholarship. She just needs to be the person who she is in her application. I think this mindset helped Mini calm down, because she was a mess. 


Well, I didn't think any additional adrenaline could've been inserted into that day. I texted the moms I sit for:  HERE I THOUGHT GETTING A GOOD PARKING SPOT AT THE SHEDD WAS GOING TO BE THE MOST EXCITING MOMENT TODAY.

Later that night, there was more excitement. Good thing I'm not an Olympian, because I think they would've accused me of doping with adrenaline. This interview isn't a guarantee to the scholarship. Plus Mini is nervous that they'll pick a school for her that isn't where she wants to go. Beggars and choosiness applies, but I do get it. Her interview is tomorrow (Thursday the 24th at 8 am). Good vibes, prayers, and happy thoughts accepted and appreciated. 


Do you think you could parallel park a 12-seater Chevy express former airport shuttle? Asking this rather than asking you to share any crystal ball visions/thoughts about the scholarship. Remaining calm here, and how are you doin'?


Nicole said...

And you thought getting a parking spot was the most exciting thing of the day - I laughed out loud at that. This is SO exciting, Ernie! I'm so happy for her! Let me see...the interview is TOMORROW! OMG! Good luck to Mini!

"Begging her to relax was not really helping her relax." - lololol! It's like when you're really mad and someone tells you to "calm down." I SHALL NOT CALM DOWN!!!

Oh, I'm so happy for her, and for you. And no, there is no way I could parallel park a 12 seater. I COULD NOT DO THAT AND REMAIN CALM, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAID!

How am I doin? I'm doin fine, baby.

Beth Cotell said...

I just said a prayer for Mini - calm nerves, great answers and that her personality shines through! Good luck to her!!!!!!!!!

And I can barely drive my 10-year-old Honda Pilot and park it in a regular parking space so there is no way I would even think about driving (much less parking)a giant van! I think you should get an award for that!!!!

Maddie said...

YAY!!! Go Mini!!! Sorry for the excessive exclamation marks but I’m so thrilled for Mini and you and your whole fam. So so wonderful that Mini’s efforts have paid off! Fingers crossed for the upcoming interview. Mini you have got this!

Ally Bean said...

Yay to Mini! No matter what happens she got a chance and that's a big deal. Fingers crossed, prayers said, good vibes sent your way. As for parallel parking, I gave that up years ago. It seems unnatural to me.

Jenny in WV said...

Sometimes it's the little things like finding a parking space. And sometimes it's REALLY BIG AWESOME THINGS! Congrats to Mini on getting selected for an interview. I hope it goes great!

I don't think I could even parallel park an Isetta.

Kari said...

That's so awesome for Mini!! So much good news!
Parallel parking? Uh, that's a nope.

ccr in MA said...

Wow, congratulations! That is so exciting. Definitely sending good vibes for the interview. And no, I could no way parallel park that monster. I can barely parallel park my Kia Soul, which is not really that big.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Well, for someone who has parking the car anxiety, I'd say your day started out beautifully. WOW. SO MUCH IN ONE DAY.
I'm so happy for your girl. She's a smartie. Well, and pretty. You know what I mean.

I'm sending ALL the good vibes, positive mojo, and prayers for tomorrow. Keep us posted. Wait, you always do and I love that!

How am I doing? I'm feeling a bit high in the clouds after reading this post. HAPPY!

Pat Birnie said...

Oh Mini!! I’m grateful to her (and you for keeping us entertained). I laughed out loud several times as I read this. I am so excited for her & sending so many positive prayers & vibes your way. Best of luck on the interview. I’m certain they will live her spirit!

Ernie said...

Nicole - Thanks. We are so exciting and SO hopeful. She had a meeting with a member from her golf course yesterday who helped give her some potential questions, pointers, etc. She will go in prepped and looking fab in one of my old jackets. So glad I saved it.

Parallel parking the Great White is no easy task and is avoided at all cost. The day had another exciting component - different kid. I'm sharing that in my next post.

Ernie said...

Beth - Thanks, much appreciated. When I heard the patient of Coach's say that the committee chose the kids to interview because they WANT to give them the scholarship, it gave me such hope. I think it helped Mini relax a tad. I told her to just take her time before answering each question and to NOT tell them exactly what they wanted to hear.

The joy I felt in not paying $30 to park in a lot when I could park on the street - well, it was a sign that it was gonna be a great day.

Ernie said...

Maddie - Thanks very much. Extra exclamation points are totally accepted here. From what we've heard, the committee likes to give it to siblings . . . no pressure Mini, but lots riding on you.

Ernie said...

Ally - Thanks for the good wishes, etc. Much appreciated. I'm going to drive her because it is a hike from home and I have the day off. She's not accustomed to driving on the expressway. So, I'll be camped out in the parking lot. I suppose I could practice my parking skills. I laughed at unnatural. So true.

Ernie said...

Jenny - Exactly - the little things and the big things can make a day . . . all in one day, well - that was HUGE.

I hate parallel parking and I can do it. Accomplishing that in the Great White makes me feel compelled to get out and take a bow. A parent at the junior high stopped and praised me after I pulled that off a few years ago in the school lot. It made me giggle.

Ernie said...

Kari - I wouldn't have minded if she'd have seen the email when they sent it the first time, or opened the letter the night before. All at once - well, that was exciting too.

Parallel parking is a nerve wracking experience. There aren't enough mirrors attached to my car to make it easy.

Ernie said...

ccr - Thanks. I thought I was going to write about the interview in my post on Monday, but then the background and the details about the trip just oozed out of me. I had a hard time waiting till today to share. She found out last Tuesday evening. I'm noticing a trend here: no one cares for parallel parking. The Great White is a monster.

Ernie said...

Suz - YES, so much in one day. I'm glad it was Tuesday because I left town on Wednesday. My girl needed me to be here to at least try to keep her calm. The evenings festivities were also exciting in a different way. It's no wonder I slept a bit on both flights on my way to Colorado.

Thanks for the good vibes, etc. I think she will do great. She just has to be herself, at this point who else would she be? She's gonna do great. We hear that the committee likes to give the scholarship to siblings so lots riding here. No pressure though.

The last time Mini and I did the aquarium I was flustered because of the long ride and we'd missed our reserved window for entrance because of covid. I ended up parking in a pricey lot and that bit. This was better and unexpected. Parallel parking is one thing - pulling it off in the city with cars trying to get around is the pits. I just pulled into the spot and was like WOW, THAT JUST HAPPENED. Mini looked at me like I was nuts. ARE WE GOING TO GO INTO THE MUSEUM OR JUST SIT HERE AND CELEBRATE? Teenagers are fun.

Ernie said...

Pat - So glad that my post made you laugh. I'm confident Mini will do really well. Hoping we are both able to sleep tonight. Thanks for the prayers and good wishes. I appreciate having so many pull for her.

Martha said...

Well that sure was quite a day! Never a dull moment around there. Good luck to Mini! She's going to do great!

Ernie said...

Martha - So true. I could write a post every day, if I had time. And if I had people who cared that much about the stuff we do here. Thanks.

Laura Pearl said...

Ha ha—I hate to one-up you...but I drove a red 15-seater Dodge Ram van for years when our boys were growing up. Once when the light hit the passenger side front door just right, I saw it had in its former life had “Boston Coach” written on it. We got it used, a year old, from a rental company. We think it was some sort of airport van, too!

Congrats on your daughter’s successes!

Margaret said...

Very exciting news! Hope the interview goes well and she gets the scholarship. I can't even park my Subaru Forester. :)

jg said...

From a grateful parent of an Evans Scholar recipient (graduated on time 2021) sending prayers and good vibes

PS - parallel parking is the worst -- can't imagine doing it in a big vehicle :)

Jeannie Bruce said...

I have trouble parallel parking my little Toyota Corolla I couldn't fathom trying to do it in anything bigger lol. Maybe this is partially why I only have 1 kiddo.

It is 10:26 here so 9:26 there, Fingers crossed the interview went awesomely! How long will it before you know who gets the scholarship?

Ernie said...

Laura Pearl- I'm laughing at your van's history. Red though? Sounds like an upgrade. I've only ever seen them in white. I look like I'm on my way to my next painting job, only we have windows. Ours was a former airport shuttle and still proudly displays the little sticker that reads: THANK YOU FOR NOT SMOKING. I have parallel parked THE GREAT WHITE but not sure I could figure that out in a 15 seater.

Ironically the Shedd is where I was with the 6 kids myself about 11 years ago when I pulled up from the parking lot and Ed ran into the door where Lad waited for us with the little guys. I hopped out to help steer the kids towards the car and when I turned around a line had formed. People were mad when I started loading my kids, saying they were there first. They literally thought they were lining up for a shuttle.

Ernie said...

Margaret- Thank you. I'm in my running car sitting outside the building right now. It was a hike from home. Fortunately I don't work Thursday's, so I drove her up. I know she will do great. Hope she relaxes a tad so they get to experience her.

Ernie said...

JG- Awesome. I hope to become a grateful Evans parent. Such an amazing opportunity.

Based on the feedback here, parallel parking should be outlawed.

Ernie said...

Jeannie- I find parallel parking tricky but I always fear it more in the city. I have been known to have a kid get out and tell me how close I am to things. In traffic backing into a spot is mind blowing my horrifying. Do they know I am going backwards in their lane?

You are right on with the time. It is now 10 here and she is not out yet. She had to be here at 8. They started interviews at 8:30. They last about 20 min each. There were 2 kids before her. So soon-ish?

Laura Pearl said...

We were big Red Sox fans (lived in Southern NH), so we loved the bright red. And I pretty much never parallel parked it. In fact, even though I drive a small car now, I can’t bring myself to slip into tight parking spaces. I always look for wide open spots, out of habit! But I LOVED driving that big red van. Everyone in town knew it was us coming. And it often doubled as an extra team bus for our boys’ high school football and lacrosse teams!

Hilarious that people were lining up to get in your van!!! I guess if the lettering had stayed on the door of ours, that might have happened yo us, too. So funny!

Colleen said...

I hope she felt that her interview went well - update us please :) How exciting just to be in the running!

Kara said...

Good luck to Mini! I wanted to write yesterday, but for some reason, I was locked out of Google.

I can't parallel park at all. I would rather pay for valet than attempt to parallel park. As I get older, looking for parking spots is one of my pet peeves. I will happily pay to get a better spot, whereas when I was younger, I would have scoured the place for a close enough, but cheap spot.

Ernie said...

Laura Pearl - 15 seats is A LOT of seats. I bet you were able to accommodate teams. I once hosted a pasta party for b-ball team in a snowstorm. When kids said they couldn't come, I sent Coach out to pick all of them up. No way were we going to be eating all of that pasta ourselves. People see us coming too, but the kids I sit for think every white van they see is me, with or without windows.

Ernie said...

Colleen - It is very exciting to be considered.


I say, what's not to love? Especially since they can't see her room. ;) She will get a letter in the mail in 2 weeks. We've been told (and they reiterated this) the kids that interviewed aren't competing against one another. They've set aside scholarships for them, but they just want to speak to each and verify that they are who they say they are. Fingers crossed. I just took my never-goes-to-school daughter out to lunch.

Ernie said...

Kara - Thanks for the good luck wishes. After I sat in the car for 3 hours while Mini was in her interview, I got her home and went to my rheumatologist before we met for lunch. The doctor is in the city - like IN THE CITY. Rather than even THINK about looking for parking, I valet. Some things just make sense the older I get. I had the minivan.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I've been checking back from time to time. Continuing to focus positive thoughts for Mini.

Ernie said...

Timberdawn - Aw, thanks for thinking of her. Much appreciated.

Bibliomama said...

That IS exciting - and no, I don't think I could park a van that big, but if I had to that parking space would be my top story for weeks. I can't even conceive of having that many kids in college. Or at all.

Ernie said...

Ali - You're funny. I didn't think there was anything more exciting than a good parking spot. Coach offered to leave me the minivan so I didn't have to take the Great White into the city, but CARSEATS . . . moving car seats in and out of car is a thorn in my side. As soon as I reminded him that switching cars would mean swapping car seats, he understood. Buckling 6 car seats in a car (that's the number I currently keep in my van at all times) is WAY worse than parallel parking, unless you count the public humiliation of attempting to parallel park and ultimately driving away because you give up. There's no humiliation in attaching car seats, but a helluva lot of bad words and frustration.

I'm TRYING to work my sitting schedule so that I can babysit Mon-Thurs next year so I have the flexibility to see my college kids who will most likely all be at different colleges in different directions.

Christie Hawkes said...

I'm so glad to hear the interview went well, Ernie. Of course, I don't know your daughter, but she sounds delightful. Good luck to you both! I definitely could not parallel park a vehicle that size. I would struggle with my little Ford Edge.

Ernie said...

Christie - Thanks, yes it is such a relief that it went well. She is delightful - a good sense of humor provides balance for the ABSOLUTE disaster she insists on living with in her bedroom. Not surprising that we have another vote against parallel parking.

Busy Bee Suz said...

WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Woot woot. So happy for her.

Ernie said...

Thanks, Suz. We are so hoping that they give it to her. Such a great opportunity.