January 31, 2022

not OPEN: a venting and an admission: WE SUCK, plus prom dresses

I took Reg to open his own bank account several months ago. To be honest, if you asked me, I might have recalled that the bank visit was just a few weeks ago. Who knows when things happen? Well, apparently not me. 

The other day, Reg pointed out that he still had caddy money from the SUMMER in his drawer. In a sandwich bag. To the tune of $2,995. *Gulp* Why was that not put in the bank already? He made over $7,000 over the summer and the first amount was deposited mid summer. 

When the girls and I went to look at prom dresses last weekend, I told them we had to first stop at the bank and make this deposit. *Rather than post a photo of stacks of money, I thought you'd enjoy prom dress photos, I fear this post might be  boring, but I'm currently fired up, so if it bores you, I apologize, enjoy the dresses*  I can deposit Reg's money in my account and then transfer it to his. In the times before he had his own account at our bank, I would deposit his money and then alert Coach so he could transfer it to Reg's college 529 account. 

Green with
bedazzled slit

  I might have just made up the '529'. Is that what it's called? I do lots of things here at Chez Shenanigan, as I believe you, my faithful reader will recognize. I do not, however, move money in and out of the college accounts, or fill out a FAFSA, or send money to the colleges for tuition. I'm more of the read-your-college-essay, take-you-on-college-visit, shop-for-your-college-gear type. 

Anyway, our original system was confusing. I disliked mingling his funds with ours, same feeling I had when we handled the older kids' money that way until they got their own accounts. It was a lot to hope that we remembered to transfer kids' funds to their respective 529 thingies, which are not AT our bank and so it is a whole other process. 

wine color
with slit
When I went to the branch near our house - the bank that BUILT A DRIVEUP AND THEN DECIDED NOT TO HAVE IT FUNCTION grumble, grumble, I ran inside to use the computerized teller (no live tellers either). I reached into my wallet and realized that I had no cash card, which is what I needed to make a deposit. This was upsetting, but I assumed I'd find it at home in a pile of receipts that I'd pulled out of my wallet when I was going to Joe's funeral. 

I then drove to the branch that is further away and has both a drive up and human tellers to deposit Reg's money with a paper deposit slip - no cash card required. The next day, I went online to transfer his caddy money to his account. I could not find his account among the linked accounts. They are labeled COLLEGE ACCT, HIGH SCHOOL ACCT depending on which kid it's for.

Navy with slit
and spaghetti straps
I called the bank. Guess what? We'd never put any funds in his account, apparently. So, his account closed. Look at me, great at getting things done and checking the box, DONE, but not necessarily great on all the follow-up details. His other caddy money is still mingled with our funds because I never transferred it. 

Today, after Curly's travel games, I told Reg that we were going to run to the bank and open an account for him AGAIN. Ed called from Budapest, so we all stood around and chatted with him on speaker phone for 10 minutes and Reg and I left a little later than we planned. By the time we got to the bank, it was 1:45. They close at 2. The banker, who knows me, wasn't there. 

Green with tank
 lacy covered top
The only other banker, who had no people sitting at her desk, hopped up and said she'd be right back. She was apparently checking to see who was free to open an account. She came right back and let us know that no one could help us. She was working on something. Other bankers were busy. Would we like to make an appointment? 

Making an appointment is for people who know when they will have an opportunity to come to the bank with a busy kid who doesn't have a license yet. 

Between his school, basketball, and my babysitting, I have no idea when that will happen. I don't like to send Coach, because I delegated this to him once. He set up Mini and Tank's accounts, but didn't link them to our accounts, so I couldn't see balances or transfer money to them while they are at college, etc. The bank had to close out their accounts and redo them in order to link them. That seemed archaic, but whatever.

back of green lace
colored top one 
All this to say:   we suck. 

I also felt like if this woman didn't have a live person at her desk, maybe she could've set up an account. Maybe she didn't realize that we have a bunch of accounts already, because I think adding an account to our other accounts doesn't take that long. If memory serves, which - well, we're learning here that my memory is lacking at the moment, but I don't think it would take that long. I really wanted this off of my list. Like REALLY. 

In addition to the bank account not staying open and the bank with live people being open, but not being able to help - I have another few stories of not opening/not working. I'd ask you to guess what they are, but they are pretty far fetched. The upcoming stories are more humorous, I think. So thanks for allowing me to vent. Tune in next time (Wednesday) for the next installment of when things won't open, or won't work. 

Please share in the comments WHICH DRESS YOU LIKE THE BEST (your opinion will not sway Mini, pretty sure she's selected 'the one' - will reveal that soon), OR WHAT DO YOU WANT OFF OF YOUR TO DO LIST, OR WHAT ISN'T WORKING, OR A TIME WHEN CUSTOMER SERVICE SEEMED TOO FARFETCHED TO THE PEOPLE AT THE PLACE


Nicole MacPherson said...

Mini looks great in all the dresses but my favourite by far is the green with lace. I love it!

Busy Bee Suz said...

OMG. All the dresses are lovely; she is just a perfectly lovely dress model! If you held a gun to my head (please don't though)I'd have to choose the green; I think green is lovely on anyone with red/strawberry blonde hair. So I go with either green. :)

The banking thing is frustrating to say the least; I feel for you. Just trying to get ONE thing off your list and no one wants to cooperate. The girls have their own accounts and they are linked to mine so I can transfer money if needed (and for Linds to pay us her rent as I'm her landlord) and it's always been handy.

I wouldn't say you suck. I'd say you are overly busy.

I have so many things on my To Do list that just never seem to be off them. Those are the things that make me loco.

Not opening/not working? Would that be your garage door?
Your fridge? Lord I hope not....

me said...

I think the navy looks awesome - her height is complimented by the style and slit. (I love the lacy green one but I think the blue one is more dramatic.)) The other green one and the red dont seem to compliment her body shape as well as the other two.
I love Monday morning quarterbacking on fancy clothes - I never wear them myself and have the style sense of a bag lady. So hopefully she's happy with the one she bought. I hate the ones with random cut outs - are the designers so uninspired they figure exposing more skin is the way to go?
It's so much harder to open a kids account now than it use to be - you need multiple forms of ID's. Like why would my 12 yr old have a drivers license? However, at least once they have the account , the kid have a proof of residence for drivers' ed learners permit and license.

My to-do list : take the boxes of kids' school work, certificates, and art work from the past twenty years and cull them down to a few things per kid. Things like baby books and confirmation certificates are mixed up with it all, so I really need to make order from chaos. I brought all the boxes up and put them in my entry way - now that the kids are back at school I hope to tackle a box every day I'm home.

Colleen said...

It must be difficult to make a dress choice when you look like a freaking supermodel in all of them. Ha! I love the green lace.

I soooooo fell you about the kids money/bank accounts situation. I always deposit their checks into my checking account and then move it over to their linked savings accounts. I double and triple check to make sure I did it for days afterwards, it's like my own OCD hell.

Jenny in WV said...

I like the green lace dress and also the wine colored one.

Opening bank accounts always seem to be a pain! Probably a good idea for Reg to have one tho, because that sounds like a lot of money to keep in your sock drawer!

Suzanne said...

I just whined all over my blog about how my husband and I are so terrible at finishing tasks, so I GET YOU on the bank account set up. But also... banks are really difficult to deal with now! I went in with my daughter months ago to set up a savings account for her... and they didn't have anyone who could meet with us, so I asked them to call me to set up an appointment... and never heard back. So that hasn't happened. LOL. You and I are in the same empty banking boat!

LOVE all the dresses. So pretty! I think my favorite is the green with lace -- but I also love the wine colored off the shoulder one. She can't make a bad choice here!

Jeannie Bruce said...

I love the wine one but it depends on if she wants to wear a strapless bra all night or not honestly. If she is like me and hates them then the green one is the way to go

Anonymous said...

I like the wine one best. Cute, looks like it would be good for dancing, and I love that color.

Ally Bean said...

I like the navy with the spaghetti straps. I think navy is classier and easier to wear than black, but that's probably just me.

As for "Would we like to make an appointment?" Yep, okay, I was attempting to make an appointment for a standard medical procedure with a doctor I've seen before. They wanted me to make an appointment for when they'd call me back. I said NO! I'm not putting my life on hold for you, even for one hour, call me when you have your act together. It took them 40 days but I eventually got to speak with the scheduler when she called me back and I could take the call. My father, a doctor, is rolling in his grave over this one, I just know it.

Charlie said...

She looks gorgeous in them all. Lucky girl. But my fave would be the navy dress.

I can’t stand sorting out those types of appointments, especially when you are already there and have already opened an account. So frustrating. I can’t tell you the stress when I had to open a certain type of account for my daughter a few years ago and the bank cocked it up multiple times. Including losing my paperwork and sending me a letter with no stamp on, so I had to collect it from the post office and pay the postage myself! I did actually get compensation from the bank in the end for the numerous errors. But I’d rather they hadn’t wasted my time

Cheryl said...

She looks great in all of them...can I have her figure please? sigh...but my favorite is the navy, which looks black on my computer, with the spaghetti straps. So grown up!

Kara said...

They are all beautiful, but the green with the tank lacy covered top is STUNNING.

Amie said...

LOVE the green with the lacy tank! But she does look beautiful in all of them!

Gigi said...

Whatever she choses will be a great choice; they are all beautiful. If I had to choose, I would either go with the navy or the wine.

Ernie said...

Nicole - Good eye - that is the winning dress. We are waiting for the size 2 in the mail. She had to return the size 4 while we wait, because must return within 7 days. Poised to return the 2 and go buy the 4 again.

Ernie said...

Suz - Please don't hold a gun to my head - laughed out loud there. Frightened the babies. She likes green dresses and the one with the lace bodice won.

Reg and I were able to set up his account today. I called my banker and she was in the building, got it started before we arrived and apologized for the other banker not being aware (of who I am - I mean, I think that was implied) that she should've helped us.

Tank just unlinked his account from ours. He's old enough to decide these things, but we fear that he might make some bad choices and we won't be able to save him from himself. Ugh. I should tell him 'SUZ'S KIDS ARE STILL LINKED' . . . because that will mean a lot to him.

Overly busy SOUNDS better than sucking.

Oh my gosh, you might have guessed pretty dang close. There are two posts upcoming about the next two 'closed' issues.

Ernie said...

me - I am laughing at your style being 'bag lady', stop it. The lacy green one is the winner. As of now. The navy one we plan to keep anyway because it was $35, half price. I think the navy one looked good on her because she wasn't standing slouchy like. If you could see her faces in these pics - no smiles. It was like a prison lineup. No idea why. She's a goof.

You like Monday dresses, how about Tuesday purses? Get excited.

That project - good luck. I did organize all the kids' papers a few years ago. Now they all have a box in the crawlspace. Labeled. So organized, what happened? I also hung up a bunch of their school projects and drawings in the stairwell leading to the basement. That makes my heart happy, rather than leaving them in boxes.

Yes, the difficulty in opening a bank account for a child - why?

Ernie said...

Colleen - You are very generous. Mini is a tall drink of water. She's 5'11". She wasn't giving each dress her best posture in these photos, which is why the navy dress looks so good. Randomly. She is going with the green with the lace top.

I think my kids would wish for me to have OCD when it comes to transferring the kids' funds, but I do my best. I'm certainly not planning travel with their money or anything, but sometimes I do worry that we've let some slip through. We do pay a lot of their college tuition, if they don't make enough so it all comes out in the wash, maybe? Tank - well, he's most likely going to pay his own way because he has THAT much saved. Worker bee.

Ernie said...

Jenny - She is going with the green one. It wasn't the cheapest, but it also isn't as pricey as some of the dresses that girls buy. I consider it reasonable. My mom offered to pay for it, but Mini won't hear of it.

Coach and I sometimes have been alarmed at how much cash is just stuffed in their drawers. Precisely why I am all about getting a bank account for each kid. The other kids were a tad older when we finally set it up. When I was a kid, I used to dump my drawer of money on the family room floor once a month and then count it. My dad, the accountant, used to just sit at his desk and watch me in awe. He was blown away at how much I earned as a 7th or 8th grader. He was like ERNIE, YOU GOTTA GIVE ME YOUR MONEY MORE OFTEN. THIS IS NUTS. I guess it runs in the family.

Ernie said...

Suzanne - Yes - that's just it. Not great at finishing. I felt like I had it done. I went with Reg today after school. Coach stayed home with the last baby that was waiting to be picked up. It was smooth sailing. The banker knew we were coming, was apologetic about the toad who didn't help us on Saturday. She also moved his caddy money from my account on the spot this time around. That's what I need, a finisher.

I agree, these were all good options. There was one that I liked that she left at the store too. There were a few duds at the store that we left there. We weren't even sure we were in the prom dress section at some of the stores. We were like SO, IS THIS IT? Clueless. She chose the green lace top one. It was online from David's bridal.

Ernie said...

Jeannie - The wine one didn't require a bra - built in cups, but I hear you on avoiding a strapless like the plaque. Those are the worst. She is going with the green. She wasn't a fan of some of the slits. We decided they go up SO far on her because she is so tall. She has a birthmark at the top of that slit- like a brown heart shape the size of my fist. She doesn't love it, so happy not to show it off.

Ernie said...

Ally - We really liked the navy one. And we are going to keep it, because it was marked down to $35 and it can be worn by Curly someday or cut down. Price confusion - we didn't even realize until we checked out - that's what you get at Macy's, disorganization. Not my fav store. The green with the lace on top is the winner.

That doctor office scheduling a time to make a call, well that is just bazaar. We were able to get his account squared away today. Thank goodness. The bank was very apologetic about the employee who blew us off that way. Customer service is NOT dead, hopefully.

Ernie said...

Anonymous - The wine one was in first place until the green one with the lace arrived in the mail. That was the only mail one that we ordered. I've already returned most of the others, so we don't get stuck with them. Someone had to take charge of this process after the nonsense in the fall.

Ernie said...

Charlie - We did like the navy so much. In these pics Mini happens to be standing best in the navy vs slouching in the others, for no apparent reason. Curly likes the navy too and since it was crazy on sale, we are keeping it. Between the two of them, it will get worn.

That bank mess up - yikes. No stamp? That would've made me go nutty and get all twitchy.

Ernie said...

Cheryl - She is blessed with a tall figure and a high metabolism. Oh, the things she eats.

It does look black, it's a dark navy. She refused to consider black. She actually didn't like the spaghetti straps. Preferred the wine colored dress that was just off the shoulder. Hey, for $35 we could remove the spaghetti straps and make it work, since staying up is important. We are holding on to it too, since it was so cheap.

Ernie said...

Kara - Yep, stunning. That's the one she picked.

Ernie said...

Amie - Thank you, you say this because you don't see her face. She looks like she is in a prison lineup. Why not smile? No idea. Goofball. She is going with the green with the lace top. It has some sparkle, which she said she was going to avoid, but you don't always know what you want till it looks fabulous.

Ernie said...

Gigi - We really liked the sweetheart neckline on her. She had her heart set on a green dress and she was over the moon about the green dress with the lace on the bodice. I so prefer doing it early before all the dresses are gone. Relieved to have already figured it out. Hoping she doesn't change her mind. She's not really like that though.

Pat Birnie said...

Just catching up on 3 days! All the dresses look beautiful on her but I love the green with lace top. Banks drive me crazy with their inefficiency. It used to be so easy to open an account, but now you need an appointment and go sit in an office with someone (who tries to sell you additional services....). Who has time for that? Laughed at the almost $3000 sitting in a baggie all summer. At least it wasn’t spent!

Ernie said...

Pat - Yes, the green one with lace seems to be the winner for her. I'm just hoping with prom not happening for months that she doesn't change her mind. She isn't a wishy-washy type, so that shouldn't be an issue.

The bank - steam coming out of my ears. I agree, they do want to sell you more stuff. I know what I want. Don't try to get fancy on me. I felt better when the banking lady I know set up the account a few days later. She took note of what happened and said she'd handle it. She was not happy. Too bad that lady didn't know me. The people at the grocery store sure do . . . I call from the line if the line is too long and they need to open another lane. Who spends more here than I do?

OMG - 3 grand in a baggie. Nuts.