December 9, 2021

traveling AZ & Dallas: water challenged and baby whisper services

Saturday in Arizona, I did a 35 minute strength class on my laptop in the empty workout room. Then I went for a 4.6 mile run . . . in the sunshine. Sorry, I couldn't resist.

You know what's a great motivator while running? Knowing that the Embassy Suites will end their free and wonderful complimentary breakfast at 10 am. I arrived sweaty and hungry at 9:51. Better than a finish line.

While I waited for my omelet, I hopped out of line to get a cup of water. I didn't want to waste my time going to my room for my big water bottle after my run, because I live in fear of missing out on free stuff. For example, I kept reminding myself not to get lost while running or I WOULD MISS BREAKFAST. I was still huffing and puffing. Then, overly eager to drink said water, it went down the wrong pipe. I choked. Do I have a drinking problem? 

I had a mask, but I was coughing. Gagging. It wasn't pretty. I was trying to breathe through my nose and I REALLY wanted another chance at guzzling my water. I'm confident that the woman in front of me in line for an omelet suspected that I was positive for covid instead of just a thirsty eager beaver with a drinking problem. 

I recovered. Enjoyed my free food, but first I filled up my water again while still waiting for my omelet. Then I promptly spilled my cup on water on the little cafeteria style counter where we were all waiting. I ran over and got some napkins, but by now everyone in line behind me was worried about me. 

I need to turn back the clock and share the Dallas trip. The spilled drink reminded me . . . 

Coach was scheduled to teach in Dallas Halloween weekend. I wanted to go. Remember, I have friends there. A couple I used to babysit for. Two of my favorite people. 

The boys' behavior wasn't great. We couldn't both go to Dallas. Coach booked a flight. It was a one-day class. He'd fly home late Saturday night so I wouldn't be on my own with our challenges for too long. 

Then, the boys went back to Indiana October 11th. The next day, I booked myself on the same flights as Coach. 

I wore my cute dress/leggings combo. On the flight there, a couple sitting kiddie-corner from us had a baby. Maybe 11 mos old? He SCREAMED the first 30 minutes of the flight. There was a guy stuck at the window seat on the other side of them. I felt SO bad for him.

The baby's screams made me squirrely. 

Coach:  I think they need you.

They did, and it was hard NOT to step in, snatch that little one, and calm him. What would I say? YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. 

The parents looked lost. My baby-whispering brain sent them:  PAT HIS BACK. BOUNCE HIM UP AND DOWN, PUT HIS HEAD ON YOUR SHOULDER WITH THE NON BACK PATTING HAND. Maybe it was the altitude, but they didn't get my message. I was wringing my hands, trying to keep from crossing the aisle and causing a scene. EVERYONE would've thanked me. I turned to the guy at the window seat next to me:  I'M A BABY WHISPERER. IT'S HARD NOT TO INTERVENE. 

We flew out early Friday, Oct. 29th. I didn't
 have time to do my nails, so I did them in
 the airport restroom. A fellow restroom
visitor complimented me on my abilities
 to balance and not mess up the nail
 polish job. I spent a lot of time in the bathroom,
because my water bottle spilled in the cab.
I was drying my bag/purse that got wet
 and doing my nails simultaneously. What
 is it with me and struggling with water lately?
He laughed. Then about mid flight, he dropped his drink on my lap. It was mostly ice and I was wearing my leggings that are thin and made of a quick dry fabric, slightly thicker than pantyhose. It could've been worse. I brushed the ice off and assured him all was forgiven. 

With about 45 minutes left on the flight, the babe across the aisle woke and started puking. I was no longer willing to offer my services. No one was going to mar my cute outfit.

I suggested to the flight attendant that they should offer the 25 year old, who was pinned against the window to avoid close contact with baby-vomit, a free flight. Not that anyone can control that, but wow that sucked for him. 

Traveling with that baby may not have been well timed, but Dallas was. Dee and her hubby, #8 on the Chicago Bears '85 Superbowl team, are great. They knew what we'd been through and spent time listening to how it all unraveled and how we were struggling with the reality that we weren't enough, dreams dashed, etc. All of it.

We hung out with Dee and #8 (too lazy to look back at what I named him in 2020) on Friday after we landed. Coach needed to review his slides and notes. Get his game face on for his class. He went to the library after he dropped me at their house, and joined us later. They were babysitting for their 8 month old grandson, the spitting image of his dad who I started babysitting when I was a 15. So fun.

We stayed downtown. I laid poolside on a freakishly beautiful day while Coach taught. The hotel was gorgeous, but the kind of high-end joint that DOESN'T offer complimentary breakfast. I traveled with my oatmeal, unaware that I wouldn't be able to cook it. No microwave. I ended up buying a $4 cup of milk at the restaurant. That would've bought me almost 2 GALLONS. I begged the use of a microwave off of the valet guys who had one in their office. Coach and I ate dinner at an amazing Mexican place after his class and flew home. 

Coach was wishing we'd been able to stay another night, since there was 'no need to race home' anymore. Well . . . we'd left a gaggle of teenagers at home unattended and some beans had accidentally recently been spilled (more later) by one of them, so it was for the best that we got home in record time. 


Busy Bee Suz said...

I agree, you both deserved another night away. Your trip sounds good, especially catching up with your old friends.

My Coach has in the past picked up a crying baby on a plane and settled it down. I don't think you can do that anymore; too many sketchy people around and also COVID. I applaud you for resisting.

Spilling water. Choking on water. If you lived in California, they'd hang you. (kind of kidding)

Last week on two separate mornings, I choked on my coffee while at my desk. A choking that required "Clean up on aisle 2". Desk, drawers, window blinds, my leg.
CRAZY. Does our throat get smaller as we age?

Jenny in WV said...

That dinner looks amazing!

I'm glad you got some sun and relaxation, you deserve it after a rough year!

Nicole said...

I have nothing but sympathy for parents travelling with small children. It's so trying. I myself had a baby who was very, very difficult to console. He's my youngest so I did know the tricks to soothing a baby, but you know, sometimes it doesn't work. Some babies will not be soothed. I remember that dreadful feeling and so when a baby is crying, I send good thoughts and a smile to the parents. To be honest, I don't mind being near a crying baby on a plane or anywhere. I'd rather have that sound than the sound of some adults, if you know what I mean. Babies can't help themselves, but some adults are assholes.

I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend! You sure needed it!

Beth Cotell said...

So glad you got to spend some time with Dee and #8. You guys needed a break. And now I'm left wondering what the beans are....

Ernie said...

Suz - Another night there would've been nice, but dang I was just glad I got to tag along after ALL. The weather was beautiful in both places. What are the odds?

Yes, not sure nowadays people would welcome a stranger trying her hand at soothing their child.

California? I'm confused - wait, let me guess - water shortage? Or am I missing something like a ban on choking?

Oh my goodness. You're coffee was tougher to clean up than my water, so you win? Well, I'm feeling like we both lost there. My public humiliation counts for something, right?

Ernie said...

Jenny - Thanks. We ate Mexican food Friday night with our friends. Dee was like WELL, YOU'RE IN CHICAGO SO I KNOW YOU ARE NOT GETTING GOOD MEXICAN UP THERE. Fun fact, I could eat Mexican food every night. So, the next night we did just that. It really was good. Pays to be close to the border, I guess. They don't mess around.

Ernie said...

Nicole - Yes, it is trying traveling with babies. I didn't mean to make light of their plight, but I have my methods and I was itching to try them out. By the end of the ordeal, I think it was clear that the little guy was sick so there probably really wasn't much that would've worked. It was so awful. The cabin smelled so incredibly bad and we weren't even the closest people to them.

I do know what you mean about adults. why the loud conversations on a plane? Some ladies were traveling with tiny puppies on our trip to AZ. The puppies were incredibly cute, but the breeders (if that's who they were) decided to give a loud tutorial to some interested folks on how they raise and sell and train puppies, etc. Like every detail. I'm sure it was informative for some people, but ENOUGH ALREADY.

Thanks, we did enjoy the weekend and the ability to be outdoors. I had to stop and remind myself what month it was, which is an indicator that I did no online shopping or anything. Eek, I'm so behind.

Ernie said...

Beth - Thanks, it is always great to see them. I so wish they lived closer. Ah, yes - the beans. Well, I'm surrounded by teenagers and they like to push the envelope. Of course. Not even sure when I'll get around to writing that post. Goodness am I ever behind on everything. The party last night was so fun, but I have a clean house and very few gifts bought/decisions made. I think people are too busy right now to even read posts, so I might wait to fill you in on that one.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Yes, CA is always in a water shortage. At restaurants, you have to ask for it otherwise you won't see it on your table.
Hoping I can get through my second cup of Joe this morning without choking.

Ernie said...

Suz - Ah, I guessed right. I've never been to California . . . having to ask for water at a restaurant? That's nuts. They do have water in their pools, right? Otherwise, I need to take that off my someday-must-visit list. ;)

Kari said...

What IS it with choking as we get older? I didn't know it was a thing.
I also didn't know there was a water shortage in California. That's very sad.

It looks like you had a lovely getaway.

Pat Birnie said...

I’m so glad you got away and had some lovely weather. It was much deserved. I love that you did your toes in the airport bathroom- well done! . I agree with Nicole - I feel so much sympathy for parents on planes with little ones. It is not their fault. I flew to England with a almost 2 year old, jammed in a middle seat with her on my lap. I was fairly young and didn’t have the wherewithal to ask for more space. It was an overnight flight and I ended up wrapping my arms and legs and legs around her while she shrieked herself to sleep. The very friendly lady beside us was begging for another seat.

Ernie said...

Kari - Maybe as we get older, we're rushing around more? California is surrounded my water though. I say, grab a bucket and serve yo'self. It was a lovely getaway. Poor Coach didn't get the omelet either morning because he was racing to get to his class and get set up.

Ernie said...

Pat - My toes are never a priority. It worked out though since I was spending so much time in the bathroom drying my bag that was spilled on. Sheesh.

That flight sounds rough. I flew to Ireland for my brother's wedding when I was 7 mos pregnant with Tank, who was over 10 lbs at birth. They almost didn't let me on the plane. When Ed had to go potty (he had just turned 2 and we left him in a pullup but he refused to go in it - he'd been trained for months) I showed him into the tiny airplane bathroom and he freaked out. I couldn't fit through the door with him, so I just wedged myself in the doorway and urged him to go and get it over with. I'm sure my rear end hanging out of the doorway was a sight. Coach was with me - so my experience pales in comparison to yours, but Ed was ridiculously attached to me and insisted I do everything with him. Memories.

Maddie said...

Sorry to comment so so late (I’m still out here, just a little sloooow *sigh*) but I just had to say (even if I’m late) YAY to this (very funny) post! You deserve a break! And a break in the sun with a pool too! Love that your holiday includes *running* and *also* lazing by the pool. Active and calm stress relief! Best of both worlds!

Ernie said...

Maddie - It was great to get away . . . if only I wasn't now scrambling to catch up on all things December brings, which for us includes birthdays. Ugh. The weather in Chicago was in the mid 60s yesterday and I did take the dog for a walk without a coat which was amazing.