November 22, 2021

switching gears with a SHORT post: a few things I love

I have SO MANY 'regular' things to tell you. I keep skipping them to share earth shattering stuff. . . but dang it, Thanksgiving is coming so I'm bound and determined to create a post of favorite things/ grateful-for stuff (or things I've been loving, but I'm just now sharing).

It's by alo yoga. It has the little tabs
to stick my thumbs in, if I so choose. 
Favorite shirt.  I almost didn't buy it. *Shudder* It was on sale, of course. Why else would I purchase something? Still, even the sale price was a tad high. $50. I wasn't necessarily in need of a shirt. I sometimes hold off in hopes the sale price  gets marked down further, but it was the only one on the rack. I'm so VERY glad I bought it. Love it. Soft as butter. Great layer. It is technically a yoga shirt. I'm no Nicole (HELLO NICOLE), who is a yoga officiando, but I do like to wear it in cold weather for walks and runs, or really ANYTIME. 

This might be odd, but I took a photo
of myself in the mirror after
we landed in Dallas.
 In a restroom. Is that weird?
I don't have a full length
 mirror in my bathroom.
In the airport John I thought
 -HEY CUTE OUTFIT. I'm not one to
 compliment myself in public
 restrooms, so there you have it.
Favorite dress. I bought this on sale (duh, you're seeing a pattern, right) and it turned into my go-to outfit this fall. I like to wear it with my light gray pair of leggings. The leggings are REALLY thin. I feel like my other leggings are a tad too chunky to wear with it. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for other leggings to pair it with, maybe some jazzy colors . . . or whatever pops up on sale. It's flattering, not totally form fitted, a step up from casual, and perfect with a jeans jacket. 

Note:  before I wore it the first time when Coach and I flew to Dallas (that story STILL needs to be shared. Have I mentioned, way behind?), I summoned my girls. 


Mini insisted and Curly sort of agreed:  "You don't need leggings with it. I kinda don't think you should do the leggings." 

I told them NO WAY WAS I SKIPPING THE LEGGINGS. I trust my girls to guide me, but on this day THEY WERE WRONG. SO WRONG. I'm too old to wear a dress that is really more of a tunic without leggings. 

This is the dress on the hanger. It looks
 better 'on'. Clearly. But note that
 cute little gathered bit in the
 front -in the future I'm not sure
 I can be convinced to wear something
 without this kind, forgiving
 little bit of wardrobe-wizardry. 


* This from a man who almost never makes mention of articles of clothing. 

The girls' thoughts are evidence that we're either:

 A) still the best ones in our home to make final decisions 

or B) that our girls think I can pass for a young, hip mom. 

Well, this list isn't very long. It's not because I don't have several other favorite things to share but because I need to 'splain EVERYTHING. Am I the only one out there who has a story for everything? I really, REALLY wanted to prove to myself that I'm capable of writing a short post. Another shortie will post tomorrow. Stay tuned. Maybe a short post doesn't really count though, if it's continued the next day.

Favorite shirt or dress or other clothing item that you have forgotten to tell us about? Well, hold out no longer. Have you taken wardrobe advice from a trusted family member only to realize that they did you wrong? Do tell, says the woman who is relieved she wore her leggings against the advice of her offspring. 


Nicole MacPherson said...


I like those pieces! I love a good thumbhole in a long-sleeved shirt; also great for layering as the sleeves don't ride up when I put another sweater on. That dress is super cute but yes, leggings are a good idea - or tights! Either way, I'm with you.

Beth Cotell said...

I have recently gained 15 pounds so I have ZERO favorite outfit pieces right now. That dress is really cute and I'm glad you wore the leggings! :)

Kara said...

I would have worn leggings under for sure on a plane. Because eww, plane seats and even the smallest risk that part of my skin would be touching the seat for an extended period of time. I love leggings under a dress anyways. I'm classy about it too- I'll wear leggings with pockets, and totally hitch up a dress in public to access the pockets. Yes, my kids love to be with me at those times.

Laura Pearl said...

I never wear a dress of any length without leggings or tights. Nobody needs to see my 63-year-old legs!

I love that dress. You’re right, what a cute outfit!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have a couple tops similar to yours that I adore while we're in the cooler weather; well worth their money. It's an investment, I say!

The dress is so darn cute and dare I say: HIP! I agree with you on the leggings, plus you are free to bend over whenever or wherever you feel like it. ;)

You must have typed leggings at least 14 times in this post. My girls laugh at me because I pronounce them LEGGIN'S!

Suzanne said...

I looooove a good top with thumbholes! And that dress is very cute! WITH the leggings!

Ernie said...

Nicole- I feel like these leggings that I wear with the dress are a mix between tights and leggings. Since I bought the skirt sort of at the end of the season, I anticipate a nice OH HELLO when I pull it out of my closet next year.

Ernie said...

Beth- I am often fashion clueless nut when Mini suggested no bottoms I was like UH NO.

Ernie said...

Kara- Chuckling at your 'classy' legging habits. I do have a pair of leggings with butt and side pockets and I feel less required to wear a long shirt with them because they have a pants feel to them.

I feared feeling chilly in an airport or on a plane if I went 'pantless'. It was the right call for so many reasons.

Ernie said...

Laura Pearl- unless my legs are tan and it promises to be over 90 degrees out, my legs shall remain covered.

I love stumbling on a great deal AND finding that it becomes a treasured wardrobe item.

Ernie said...

Suz- I got a chuckle out of your leggings pronunciation. Typing leggings sure beats 'psychiatrist' - after typing that a zillion times in a recent post I realize I should've said SWAPPING THAT FOR SHRINK.

I do find that decent brands that are made well last forEVAH and it I feel like it is well worth shelling out the dough. When I wore it the first time I was like OH YEAH (cue the Ferris Bueller sound track). .

Ernie said...

Suzanne- I remember my first workout jacket with thumb holes. I was like HUH? Now I'm a big fan.

I was going to say WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT LEGGINGS, but that gives me painful flashbacks to stirrup pants. Before your time, no doubt but not a tall girl's welcome companion.

Bibliomama said...

I think shirts with thumb-holes are so frigging cute, and I almost never get to wear them because I can only wear long sleeves at arctic temperatures if I'm going to be outside for most of the time. And that dress is CUTE. I live in leggings and tights all winter.

Ernie said...

Ali- I am the opposite. Always cold. Cannot stand blasting AC in the summer. Almost passing up a shirt like that is what fuels my love of shopping. There are deals to be found on clothes I might love to own . . . it's a slippery slope.