November 10, 2021

Something different

I thought I'd post something light-hearted today. Felt like it was long overdue. I mean, Elmo's wedgie was humorous, so why not more funny bits. Heck, I even have a post I wrote a while ago that includes some chuckles. Well, I've decided to hold off on that for now. 

Tank called me Sunday. I was on a run. I sometimes feel like the president of the multi-task club, but I CANNOT run and talk at the same time. My guy teacher in grammar school used to tease Mom that I was so uncoordinated that I couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time. He wasn't wrong, I mean we weren't allowed to chew gum but it was a safe assumption. 

Anyway, I answered the phone and huffed:  RUN-NING, TALK LAT-ER. He said OK.

I got home and Coach told me that Tank had called him.

Coach:  Remember how I told you about the 8 kids who died at that concert in Houston? 

Me:  Yeah.

Coach:  Tank knew one of the kids that died.

You know how Tank pretends that he's part of our family, but he really sort of 'belongs' more to his best friend's family? Jay is his buddy whose 'family' took him on the ski trip. You remember - the ski trip that ended up being less family and more high school senior buddies chaperoned by Jay's beer-buying grandpa?

One of the boy's who died in that senseless concert accident in Houston was Jay's cousin. A great kid who Tank describes as really goofy but also just a great guy. Bigger than life. His name was Jacob. He was a few years older than Tank and Jay. Like Tank, he spent a lot of time at Jay's family lake house.

Tank says that Jake was posting how excited he was to be heading to Houston to celebrate his birthday by attending the Travis whatever-his-name is concert. When Tank heard that things turned tragic at the concert, he texted Jake:  HEY, HEARD IT GOT OUT OF HAND. YOU OK?

Of course, Jake never responded.

I never met this kid, but I'm just sick about it. I wept in my family room this morning as they showed a photo on the news. Jake and his best friend, Franco attended the concert together and died together. The story is that they were trying to help some girls who were about to be trampled.  I believe the girls survived.

Tank said there are photos of Franco and Jake on Twitter. They were best buddies embracing as little guys, maybe attended preschool or kindergarten together? Tank texted me late last night that 400 kids attended the vigil for Jake at Southern Illinois University. Everyone knew him, Tank explained. 

Every time I talk to Tank he mentions Jacob's dad. He feels so horrible for him. Jake's mom passed away ten years ago. It was just dad and son. 

My heart hurts. This is a link to see a photo of Jake and read about him. The lake house is mentioned as one of his favorite places.


Mini and I drove to my alma mater Sunday, and she took a tour Monday. More on that adventure later. When I got home, Reg had just gotten home from school. 

Reg:  A girl in my chemistry class killed herself over the weekend. I didn't really know her. She was really smart. Her best friend was also in that chemistry class. 

Hard to wrap my brain around EVERYTHING.

In the meantime, Alice can't find the notes that she took on what medications the boys were on when they first arrived here. She's working on her report. She emailed me and asked me to try to come up with a list and the milligrams they were taking, etc. I woke up crazy early this morning because I was dreaming about trying to figure this out. I suppose the pharmacy can help. I laid in my bed and tried to mentally list the meds but SERIOUSLY?

I will post next week about the DCFS investigation and the background on that nonsense. I intended to update you, but I don't have the energy because I need to give you some background. It's one of those - I CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP stories. The person responsible for the witch hunt needs an introduction. Well, she needs more than that. 

In lieu of comments today (which I've temporarily turned off), please know how much I appreciate in advance if everyone would devote good thoughts, positive vibes, or prayers for Jake, his best friend, Franco, and for their families and the other victims and their families. And for the 15 year old girl from our local high school and for all teenagers, and non-teenagers for that matter, who are contemplating taking their own lives. I spent some time talking to Curly's religious education class when I was teaching Monday night about knowing that no matter how bad things get, there is always someone who will listen. I wish sharing that message that I often see on Facebook was enough. Feeling helpless and sorrowful here.

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