August 30, 2021

my 1st-day-of-school happy dance (and in case that bores you or freaks you out - a movie I love)

Here we are. The first day of school. The story behind my slightly-more-excited-than-average excitement in this video will become clearer SOON, but suffice it to say . . . I NEEDED this day. It's a BEAUTIFUL DAY.

It just so happens that the first day of school landed on a Thursday this year  - when I also have no babysitting obligations. 

That's right. A day to myself. To dance in my kitchen, if I felt so inclined. This video is bound to register high on the cringeworthy scale, but sharing it anyway. What can I say? I'm feeling FREE. 

I went for a run. Ran into a friend and stopped halfway though my run to get caught up. WITHOUT A CARE for what time it was. I came home and did a 30 minute strength class in my family room minus any hecklers. In a bit, I'm meeting my good friend, Delilah, for lunch. And I'm writing. Look at me? 

Laundry and dinner prep be damned. *Well, if I'm being honest, I started a crockpot for chicken tacos early this morning and I did throw a load in when I was upstairs a few minutes ago. Still, I will sort nothing and I will unload nothing. NONE OF THE CHILDREN UNLOADED A SINGLE ITEM FROM THE DISHWASHER AND I REFUSE TO TOUCH IT. "Hi, hope your first day was great. Please empty the silverware." That's how I will handle the 3:00 conversation. 

The fun will continue later tonight when I attend my college book club. This marks the 3rd time we will meet in person since 'everything.' We read a book called MAYBE YOU SHOULD TALK TO SOMEONE, by:  Lori Gottlieb. I give it two thumbs up, and I don't think it's just because I'm someone who should (and does) talk to someone. I really liked it.

Speaking of two thumbs up, while we were in Michigan we watched a movie that we REALLY enjoyed. It was a comical thriller. After watching it, I've decided that this is my new favorite movie category. It wasn't inappropriate, so the kids got the OK. 

Fun fact:  once Coach goes to bed - and he goes to bed early several nights because of his early morning work schedule, I tend to be much more lenient about what movies we watch. Swearing? Aw, who cares. I swear like a sailor and look how good you all turned out. Sex ? - well, this is why God created the fast forward button . . . I mean so long as I'm not holding the remote. The older boys have not yet recovered from the night when I unintentionally flubbed the remote and froze MEET THE MILLERS mid-scene when Jennifer Aniston was doing her pole dance. Oops. 

We started watching the movie in Michigan, but it was late and Coach and I were falling asleep. Shock. The kids and I finished watching it after we got home on one of the nights Coach was off to bed early. I look forward to viewing the 2nd half again with him, at some point. 

Choosing a movie when we are ALL together is possibly more of a chore than you might realize. I often scold the kids for not looking stuff up during the day and coming to the movie watching space with a prepared top 10 list. They have phones at their fingertips. Teens know more about how to conduct a search of top rated stuff better than anyone, am I right?

The process:  teens and Coach and I start scrolling. Titles get called out for approval. If no one objects, someone does a Rotten Tomatoes search. Inevitably someone groans. NO, THIS MOVIE SUCKS. Or, we decide on a movie and someone says I JUST WATCHED THAT LAST WEEK. I MEAN I'LL WATCH IT AGAIN IF YOU REALLY WANT TOO. So we sometimes waste a solid hour mulling over what to watch.  

This particular night, I scrolled and my search of BEST MOVIES ON NETFLIX ended with this movie title. The night before when the search went on forever I hadn't participated in the scrolling and now I hailed myself as a PRO MOIVE FINDER. ALL BOW TO ME. I'M IN CHARGE OF CHOOSING MOVIES FOREVER. These words may or may not have been spoken as I may or may not have gloated about my super powers. 

The movie (drum roll) is called: 

I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore.

Mini compared it to Napoleon Dynamite as far as quirky characters and being offbeat, but definitely more grown up than Napoleon's movie. 

Best movies you've seen lately? Even if it isn't a comedy thriller. What makes you do a happy dance in your kitchen?  And how do you and your people choose movies? 


Nicole MacPherson said...

Love the kitchen dance! There's nothing like a day to yourself to really restore and refresh the soul. I love Maybe You Should Talk To Someone. What a great book that was! I haven't seen any movies for a long time. I can't even remember the last one. Oh wait, yes I do, it was Howie Halloween. It was absolutely ridiculous and stupid, and yet, I enjoyed it. To me, a movie has to be in the 90 minute category or it feels too long.

Kara said...

First day of school is the best! Your dance was fantastic.

I love fun action adventure movies, but this weekend, we watched Val on Amazon Prime. It's the autobiography of Val Kilmer and it is heartbreaking. I really highly recommend it. My husband also made me watch some movie about a heist in Providence in the 1970's, called Vault. It was meh.

Maddie said...

I’m so happy for you! Your joy totally came thru in your video - that video was *fabulous* btw! (And yay U2!) Comedic thriller sounds like a great genre. I’m wondering if these Simon Pegg movies would fit (haven’t watched them in a while) but u might google: Shaun of the Dead (2004) & The World’s End (2013). Also you might consider Warm Bodies (2013) - crappy title but I remember it being a pretty funny teen rom com but with zombies. I’m not a horror fan so if the zombies were scary we prob fast forwarded thru that lol. I am so with you on using fast forward to customize and improve the family movie watching experience!

Charlie said...

Hahaha I loved your dance video! I can feel the excitement in your fantastic kitchen dance!

Gigi said...

I loved your joyous dancing and congrats on a well-deserved day to yourself!

Kari said...

That's so funny. Enjoy every moment.

A good movie might be The Glass Castle. Depressing? I was told to read the book and I began reading it. Then I realized, I SAW THE MOVIE. :)

I'm envious of your book club. But I have that book (that you recommended) on my list, so I can't wait to read it!

Suz said...

You, more than anyone I know deserves a day to yourself! I love the kitchen dance! You’ve got moves, like Jagger! I couldn’t get any sound if there was some as we are mid Flight home. (WiFi on the plane? Yippee!)
I hope you had a nice time with Daphne. Hey GIRL!

I’ve not heard of this movie!! I’m a total believer in Rotten Tomatoes (or as we call it: The Taco Meter, after a Coach flub up)
I’ll look for it. I can’t think of anything I’ve seen lately that’s family friendly as I’m a complete heathen.

I hope alll the kiddos are having a good transition back into school.


Ernie said...

Nicole - I decided to share that video without overthinking it. I think if I thought about it too much, I'd chicken out. I was ELATED that day. Today I found out toddler twins that I watched today and last week, Friday have the dreaded Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease - so . . . that's not so great. If a movie is longer than 90 minutes, I guarantee I'll be asleep - ESPECIALLY if it takes us forever to choose one.

Ernie said...

Kara - Still can't believe I shared my dance. Curly stumbled upon the open window on my desktop and she about died of laughter - not laughing with me, mind you. It was more of a WHAT? YOU DID THIS? AND YOU SHARED IT?

I have not heard of the Val movie - I now hope to watch it this weekend.

Ernie said...

Maddie - U2 is my favorite - in case my dance wasn't evidence enough. Anytime something great happens, I break into IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY. I absolutely love SHAUN OF THE DEAD - it totally cracks me up even though I'm not really into zombie movies. The humor is perfect. I am unfamiliar with the other titles and am thrilled to add them to my must watch list.

Ernie said...

Charlie - I literally was OVER THE MOON that day. I thought about re-doing the movie and coming up with some planned out choreography, but then I thought ACK, THIS IS IT. JUST GO WITH IT. Hoping I don't lose the few precious readers that I have. ;)

Ernie said...

Gigi - That dance can probably be categorized as an over-share but ah, what the heck. I was FEELING IT. Glorious.

Ernie said...

Kari - I sure did enjoy every moment of that day - topping it off with more me time at book club was ideal. I really enjoy the group of women in my book club. We did so many zoom meetings and even those meetups were enjoyable. The Glass Castle is one of my all time favorite books. I haven't seen the movie, maybe because I feel like the book is always better than the movie.

Ernie said...

Suz - You can't be a heathen, you've already shared that you're always appropriate. Ha. The kids were all out over the weekend and Coach and I watched something I think it was called The Edge of 17. That was a bit racy - as in, we could handle it but we wouldn't have wanted to watch it with our tribe, so we CAN be heathen when the coast is clear and all.

The video without music, well - I don't want to encourage you to watch it again, because ouch. But, I'm dancing to the song BEAUTIFUL DAY by U2 . . . one of my favs. I'm quite sure I've got nothing on Jagger, but me dancing with no soundtrack - well, that had to have me looking simply ridiculous. I doubt there was enough alcohol on the plane for you to handle viewing that.

Oh, and I love Taco Meter. So funny. The school year has been off to a good start, but there's been very little real work thus far. That might shift the stress level around here. I'm finding 3:00 comes much faster than I ever thought possible. wink, wink.

Cheryl said...

Okay, so, I think someone should submit this dance video to Target (that was a Target bag I saw hanging on the chair rung right?) celebrating back to school. I smell Emmy! :)

Excellent dance moves, girl has got rhythm!

Pat Birnie said...

This is so great- loved your dance (and that you shared ‘house is a mess, shoes not put away, but I don’t care ...but still a beautiful day). I totally remember rare days like that when all my crew were gone and the absolute freedom to do what I wanted. I loved Maybe You Should Talk to Someone- it will be a good one for discussion at book club.

Ernie said...

Cheryl - I'm sure Target would be all about my dance in my chaotic kitchen to promote their store. Let me get right on that . . .

Um, I smell something different than Emmy. I mean if silliness and embarrassment had a smell.

Ernie said...

Pat - If I waited until the house was perfect and I had decently choreographed moves, then the video would probably never happen. Might not be a bad thing though. I agree, sometimes even in disarray, I just appreciate the option to do WHATEVER I want with my day.

That book was so good. And funny, which I hadn't expected. Well, sad too. I think it had it all.

Cheryl said...

No silliness and embarrassment! You look awesome and dance with abandon! And as far as a chaotic kitchen? That's life with a houseful of kids, and you work from home too!

Ernie said...

Cheryl - You are too kind. When I get super stressed out, organizing the kitchen is where I start in order to calm myself. Obviously I wasn't in organization mode just yet- although the night before I DID clear a ton of clutter off my counter. It's like clearing my own head.