July 26, 2021

Where did the time go? Oh - there it is. Where has my mind gone? *still searching*

On Wednesday (a few weeks ago) I got my haircut at 3:00. Trying something new - more on that later. I was with a new hair stylist. And, yes - I did feel like I was cheating on my regular stylist. Revisiting this topic soon. 

I felt like the appointment was running long, so I moved the drape-thingy to look at my watch. Holy crap, it was after 4. I had to pick Curly up at 4:45 at b-ball and race to dancing. Her basketball practice was almost 30 minutes from home and I was 10 minutes in the opposite direction. This practice is not to be confused with basketball camp or the OTHER team she plays basketball for and their practice schedule. I wanted to focus on the products being recommended but my mind was whirling. 

Sidewalk chalk by Mini while entertaining
Wilhlem. Above is Tank's gold grad sign
AFTER it was returned post tornado.
Speaking of babysitting - OK, so we weren't speaking of babysitting but welcome to my brain . . . despite my 'break' from sitting, I still feel like I'm responsible for babysitting guys. Or, namely one guy. Wilhelm. He's still at my house 3 days a week. Mini watches him Monday and Tuesday. Curly watches him Wednesday so Mini can caddy.

Translation:  I watch him when either girl has a conflict like basketball camp/practice. 

So, I scheduled my haircut knowing that Curly would be at practice, but Coach would be home to watch Wilhelm. I hate this constant mindset:  is someone home or will I have a carseat to take him places. Exhausting. 

Good news:  after 3 weeks of basketball camp - it's over. My girls can haul their butts out of bed and be ready for the tot while I'm free to go for a run without worrying that I won't be back in time. 

Back to me leaving the haircut . . . I called Coach in a panic. Curly doesn't have a phone. I couldn't tell her I was running late. I needed to stop at home and grab her dance bag that she packed in advance. I asked Coach to put dinner in a thermos for her. I ran in, grabbed bag/thermos, and bolted. "If you weren't here watching Wilhelm, I would've told you to go get her yourself so we weren't late," I spouted my frustration with having a 2.5 year old to worry about over my shoulder. Coach looked confused. I thought:  MEN.

At a stop light around the corner, I looked at my GPS. How much later would I be now that I'd stopped at home? 4:59. 

Dear God. I hated to think her coach would be inconvenienced waiting for me to arrive. I was going to be almost 15 minutes late. 

Or. Was I? Wait. Hmm. 4:59, as in almost 5:00. Dancing starts at 6:30. Why am I racing? Why is there such a large gap between dancing and basketball? That's not right. Oh. Shit. 

Basketball practice ends at 5:45 NOT 4:45. 

I drove in a loop and returned home. Entering the house Coach and Ed stood side by side looking concerned. Rightfully so. I've lost my mind.


Of course he wouldn't say anything, because one of us (not him) knows the schedule PERFECTLY. Or not. 

I temporarily lost an hour. Tell me I'm not alone. 


Kara said...

You are not alone! This happens to me more than I'd like to admit. I blame my phone calendar when it does happen.

Ernie said...

I don't use a phone calendar - a have a giant desk calendar on my kitchen island that gets pushed around and spilled on -but it USUALLY keeps me headed where I need to be. Then I have a dry erase board in the kitchen. Relying on my memory - which is always with me in theory, is not all that reliable.

Ally Bean said...

My husband sometimes does exactly what you describe. He seems to forget to write down the details of his appointments saying things like "I'll remember." Truth bomb, he does not. While I sympathize with your experience, and AM NOT LAUGHING about it, I have to ask: what did you do with that extra hour?

Martha said...

Of course you aren't alone! You did have me worried when you said Coach looked at you confused. I thought maybe Wilhelm wasn't with him and had gotten lost in the shuffle - yikes! Considering something like that happening, losing an hour temporarily doesn't seem so bad.

Ernie said...

Ally- "Truth bomb" so funny. I laughed at your question of what I did with the extra hour . . . I ate an early dinner and chatted with Coach about pressing topics. Then I bolted to pick her up.

Ernie said...

Martha- Hilarious. The thing about Wilhelm is that he won't leave the family room to get himself to the bathroom . . . he is the last kid to be considered a flight risk. Coach was looking at me as if I'd lost my mind, rightfully so.

Nicole said...

Whoops!!! This was funny. Here’s a question: how was your haircut? Was it the first since Covid?

Ernie said...

Nicole - This was not my first haircut since Covid. I've had my haircut from my regular hairstylist at least 2x since Covid. This woman is trained in the Curly Girl Method. My hair used to be curly, now it's just a little curly/wavy and thin and mostly awful. I really liked what she did. Now, how to let the other woman know I've moved on (the other hair dresser has a son in Reggie's grade at school).

Busy Bee Suz said...

OMG. You poor thing.
You are doing too much. You DO need a phone calendar and you can link it to all of your people (who have phones anyway) and your calendar can even send you reminders; a day ahead, an hour ahead, whatever you like.

Why was your haircut taking SO long? From what you've said, you don't have A LOT of it.
I also have started with a new person but only because my stylist is preggers with her third baby and the timing is inconvenient for me and Lolo's upcoming wedding. :)

Ernie said...

Suz- I guess I do use the calendar in my phone for some things that I set up far in advance, like ortho appts. The regular weekly stuff I just KNOW . . . until I don't. I guess.

I think the haircut was longer than an average cut because I was a new customer and we were talking about her approach and my hair issues . . . and I have many. Then she started rambling on about products which I was interested in but I started panicking because my mind was in the process of losing an hour. Good grief.

Kari said...

As someone who doesn't use a phone calendar, I can understand this mix-up.

I want to see the new haircut!!

Ernie said...

Kari - Even with a million calendar reminders, I feel like I would still have messed this up . . . or something. Just not in the cards for me to get it all right.

Hmm, I don't think you would notice much of a difference in the haircut. It's not really drastic, but it's more layered. Less drag.

Mellie said...

I've done that too. With all the activities, drop offs and pick ups, I can never keep them straight. I just knew I had to be somewhere at some time every day!

Ernie said...

Mellie - I was so discombobulated when I came home for Tank's college orientation that I left to pick Curly up from a different b-ball at a different location and as I was driving along I got a phone call from Curly. I'd left my home at the time I was supposed to be there. It's 27 minutes away. I felt horrible. I usually just sit in the parking lot, so I never have to think about what time I pick her up. Coach had dropped her off before he came to get me at the airport. I felt like such a knucklehead.