July 15, 2021

asterisk explained and thumbs up on the makeup, what's happening?

Backing up the bus:  a bit about the dancing day. 

I'd scheduled Curly to have her wig done by Geri. Remember Geri and Shawn from Indianapolis in November when they did Curly's makeup out of pity, but not before they were horrified by the photos of Mini's attempt? Somehow being scolded by people in thick Irish accents for sucking at makeup was a shockingly positive experience. 

The pandemic meant makeup services weren't allowed. Mini-panic attack.

I hired a former Irish dancer, who I used to babysit and whose mom used to babysit me, to teach us. Thursday night, the week before we left, she gave Mini and Curly a makeup tutorial at our house. I zoomed from my hotel. Mini took notes. Curly recorded the lesson on her iPad. In other words, WE COVERED ALL THE BASES. Despite Geri's instructions back in Indianapolis, I did NOT run out and purchase MAC makeup. 

Dry run. Not too bad, for the woman
who once said:  WE DON'T HAVE

I did a dry run Monday. Thumbs up. The night before Curly danced, I watched the lesson. I read the notes. I laid out the makeup in the hotel bathroom. We hoped another mom, who doesn't live in fear of gluing eyelids together, would attach the fake eyelashes. At the last minute, I deiced not to overthink it. I didn't want to hassle another mom. I managed tackling the eyelashes with flying colors, and Curly is still able to blink. 

Excellently placed pony tails.
Curly's wig appointment was at 8 am. We lunged for the chair when the dancer in Geri's chair wrapped up at 8:10. Um, no. Geri had another dancer ahead of us, she was running incredibly late. I chose to remain calm. 

Curly put on her shoes and warmed up. By the time Geri attached Curly's wig, we had mere minutes to walk to the ballroom where Curly would dance fairly close to the 9 am start time. 

I thanked Geri and asked if I'd done the pony tails the way she wanted them. She'd told us the day before that she'd brush Curly's hair out when she did the wig. 

Shawn is in the white shirt and Geri is on
the right, straddling Curly's tanned legs

Geri finally agreed to let me separate the hair into ponies in advance. Victory. 

Before we walked away, Geri uttered words, I never thought I'd hear:  


Who even am I?

*this is a 14 second video I took. I'm on the phone with Mini discussing how we hope someone else will do lashes, before I got all brave. Comfortable sharing my kid's face, because this is NOT what she looks like. She was a tad grumpy/nervous wanting me off the phone with Mini.

Curly seemed cool and collected. She danced beautifully. After her first round, she wanted to puke. For 35 minutes, she begged me to help her feel better. She ate something. Bingo. She ran to the garbage can (where we'd already visited once during the 'waiting to puke' stage, and where I'd previously managed to wrestle the lid off the garbage bin with ease. See, our day was running so smoothly). Curly successfully lost her lunch, or technically her breakfast. She felt much better. Danced great the next few rounds. 

I could do without this new part of our dance day routine. 

The * part:  

This year the National Irish dancing committee let ANYONE dance. No qualifying necessary. I probably could've come out of retirement. Translation:  many dancers. They split the competition randomly 3 ways instead of 2, leading to the competition being slightly watered down. 

Curly ALWAYS ends up in the harder split. This year:  easier split. Not ashamed to admit that. Of the Midwest dancers, most of the top dancers were in a different split. Dancers from other regions, well- those we had no idea about. We understood that there'd be amazing dancers who we were unfamiliar with. And there certainly were. 

Additionally, the handful of dancers from the UK that typically compete, couldn't come. 

Curly stood on stage with the 14 world qualifiers as they announced the winners in reverse order. When she realized that she made it to the top 10, she hopped around squealing, hugging her WQ dancing friend. 

Afterwards:  I think there were
 50 bobby pinsholding that wig on
I knew she could go to worlds this year even if she didn't qualify, because she qualified when it was cancelled. Just before she was called back stage for awards, she admitted that she really wanted to qualify again. Just what I'd been happy to avoid:  stress. 

Such a relief when she met her goal. 

Open to suggestions to avoid the vomit portion of our day. She claims she wasn't very nervous. I let her decide what food interested her for breakfast, which I assumed was a strategic error in November when I insisted she eat some protein, etc.  Perhaps I just start packing airline sick bags in our dance bag. 


Nicole MacPherson said...

I'm so happy for her that she met her goal and made it in the top ten! Way to go, Curly! That's so wonderful. Hard work paid off!! Also, nice job on the makeup! You did it!

Ernie said...

Nicole- Yes, lots of hard work. We weren't sure how it would roll. There were supposed to be 5 judges, the top and bottom scores dropped. They could only come up with 3 judges because no one was coming from overseas. So they didn't drop any scores. Could've been ugly. The makeup could've been ugly too. ;)

Pat Birnie said...

Congratulations to Curly! that’s amazing. So sorry that she gets so nervous. And well done on the makeup, although it seems a bit much (as you’ve mentioned before) that ther3s so much time, expense & effort on makeup and wigs. Shouldn’t it just be about how well they dance?

Ally Bean said...

This is great news. I'm glad that despite a few obstacles Curly did wonderfully. It's a lot of work and logistics to get to where she has, but now she knows she can do it.

Ernie said...

Pat - Thanks. Yes, now that the nerves have given her an upset stomach two competitions in a row, I worry that it'll be hard to keep that 'I'm probably gonna puke' thought out of her head next time.


Ernie said...

Ally - Thanks. We are not allowed to video our children when they dance. So dumb, but weird people ruin these things. The fear is that people video another dancer and then copy their steps, etc. (every school has their own steps - to the same music). At any rate, because of livestream, Curly can watch how she danced. A great tool for her to see where she needs to work a little harder, etc.

Maddie said...

Congrats to Curly! Placing in the Top Ten after all those unexpected hiccups takes extra grit! And way to go you for make-up and eyelashes! I’d be so scared to do eyelashes especially under all that pressure. Love that you had help learning the make-up from a woman you babysat whose mom babysat you. That is such a great link!

Ernie said...

Maddie - Thanks. Super proud of how hard she works. When it came down to it for the false eyelashes, I felt like: WELL, SO MANY PEOPLE DO THIS WITH NO PROBLEM. HOW HARD CAN IT BE.

The young woman who taught us about makeup (as if we are from the stone age) Irish danced at my wedding when she was like 7 or 8. AND I Irish danced at her mom's wedding. I was 12. That wedding was a highlight of my preteen years. So yes, a definite full circle thing going on there, which I love.

Mellie said...

Congratulations on top ten! She looked fab. I wish I had a cure for those nerves. Veronica gets them also. I did too at that age.

Ernie said...

Mellie- Thanks. She was so excited. The nervous gut is a new development. Ugh.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm still amazed that my super smart and talented friend doesn't know how to apply makeup. ;) Maybe I spent TOO much time on that as a teen? You were busy babysitting and probably attending church, I was going out to clubs and applying makeup. HA!
You did good Mom! I've never put on false eyelashes, so I would have to watch some YouTube first as well.

I'm so happy for her; she's worked so hard to get to this point.
I feel so bad for her belly issues though. It has to be her nerves. I suppose letting her eat whatever might interest her would be the best thing, because she may just lose it either way. Carbs might be the way to go.

Ernie said...

Suz- One would think I'd been dropped here straight from the Stone Age. My mom was anti-makeup. We weren't allowed to wear it till high school, and even then it was discouraged beyond the basics. I never really got a lesson in what everything was and how to apply. My mom used to talk about natural beauty which left me shrugging and internally wondering who she knew that was so lucky. Certainly not me. ;0

I guess I could've borrowed a page from Tank, although he was just a twinkle in my eye back then . . . he used to tell everyone that we were Amish because we don't allow cell phones till high school.

I really hoped her eating her partial bagel, etc would be the answer. At least her gut issues hasn't interfered with her dancing. If you don't line up in order or if you need to puke and miss your place in the rotation, you get disqualified. Might need to look into breathing exercises or SOMETHING before Thanksgiving competition.

Beth Cotell said...

That make up looks wonderful!

Ernie said...

Beth - To think someone is complimenting ME on makeup - wonders never cease. I now look at people who enjoy wearing makeup and wonder HOW EARLY DO YOU WAKE UP TO DO THAT?

Kari said...

I am so behind on posts...Congratulations to Curly! That is amazing. There is so much work behind this. I only watched Riverdance, so I had no idea. ;)

Give her a huge hug from Auntie Bitches.

Bibliomama said...

I am hopeless at makeup and Eve is okay but not confident. We had a little prom for her and her friends and she was SO happy that they ended up all being double vaxxed soon enough ahead that she could go over and her friends could help her do her makeup. Glad everything turned out successfully, although I agree it's unfortunate that barfing has become part of the prep. I have a kid who is nearly perpetually nauseous though, so not sure what to suggest.

Ernie said...

Kari - I'm behind on EVERTYING.IN.MY.LIFE. Even though I have a good excuse - to follow, at some point when I'm caught up enough to talk about it . . . still behind. Yes, lots of work. What would be so wrong with kids dancing in a black skirt and black shirt with their own hair on display? Sigh. Laughing at you and your Riverdance, Auntie Bitches.

Ernie said...

Ali - I'm so clueless at makeup that when Mini first had to wear it for dancing, I had to bring a list and have someone at the store help me find the stuff the teacher wanted us to buy. I can't begin to tell you how surprised I was that we pulled off her makeup AND got compliments. When I heard only 3 judges were judging and ANYONE could dance, I started to recognize the event as less than what it normally is and I was like AH, SO THE MAKEUP WON'T BE PERFECT. Maybe that 'relaxed mode' helped me apply the layers of crap to her face expertly. Wish it would've helped Curly with her nervous stomach.