June 30, 2021

post tornado update, & trophy feeling the weight of world, or the weight of dust?

Wire grad sign stand - 1, me 0.
My one storm injury. Lucky,
 all things considered.
A few post tornado updates:   

NEW LANDSCAPE:  The absence of SO MANY mature trees in our neighborhood makes my gut do a flip. Sigh. 

TAKING FLIGHT:  Tank's grad sign was a casualty of the storm. It was perched on a little wire stand at the side of the house (that faces the street/Mary Ann's house). The sign part was gone, but the wire stand was still there. I knew it was there, but still managed to trip over it while hauling broken branches to the curb.

Well, this is a stupid message to share
 since I basically crossed everything out. 
Later in the day, I got a message that I was tagged in a FB post. It was a woman asking if anyone knew Tank. His grad sign ended up in her back yard and she'd gone through the yearbook - guessing his last name was Shenanigan as that was the only Tank in the yearbook. Her yard:  probably about 3/4 of a mile away, behind the kids' grade school. Crazy. She was kind enough to bring the sign back to us. 

DING DONG:  Mondays (day after the tornado) are one of Coach's long days. He was home Wednesday evening when someone knocked at the front door. I was making dinner. 



Coach just stood in the middle of the kitchen, eyebrows raised, mouth open. 



Raining buckets.
Sunday I walked into Mini and Curly's room early to strip beds. Mini has been in deep doo-doo for the state of her room. OUT.OF.CONTROL. She wants to go to a friend's lake house for July 4th. Have the pit cleaned up by Wednesday of last week AND SHOW THAT SHE COULD MAINTAIN IT THIS WEEK, or don't go.

As a side note, Tank now calls her 'the pit monster'. Totally justified. 

Hardly flattering, but there you go.
Good posture wasn't
my first thought. 
The room was basically clean, but there were trophies all over the floor. The caddies were in the kitchen, surprisingly in high spirits considering. They were preparing to caddy for 30 holes because the 1st day of their tournament got rained out yesterday after only 8 holes. 

They came home soaked yesterday, and so did I. 

The green arrow is pointing out one of 3
baskets of Mini's laundry. Moving it to the
hall does not mean it doesn't exist. The
 fallen trophies wouldn'
t have even been
noticed prior to the clean up. No joke. A few
 of them had the ornament
pieces at the top snap off. 
I got caught in the rain while out for a run. Curly took my photo when I got back. I sent the pic to Coach, who was teaching a class in Michigan. He messaged me back that the deck in the background looks like we like to live surrounded by trash. I don't disagree. 

For some reason, Lad likes to leave clothes and towels out there after he works out. He has other habits I dislike more, so I let it slide. His partial wardrobe mixed with leaves and sticks contributed to our 'we've-been-hit-hard' tornado vibe. 

Anyway, Mini was in the kitchen and I asked her why the trophies were all over the floor (Curly was sleeping over at a friend's house). 

Mini:  Oh yeah, weird. The shelf ripped out of the wall in the middle of the night and the trophies started falling off of it. One even flew over and hit my bed.

Check out the arrow pointing to the lady
trophy topper, she's got the weight of the
 world on her bent little torch. The other
 arrow is showing how the other trophies
 were close to the edge.
When Coach got home, he was shocked. It was mounted with anchors and everything. We haven't added a trophy in forever - competing hasn't happened in so long. I suspect that it came loose after the room shaking that the girls' described during the storm. It finally pulled away a week later - delayed reaction? The laundry room is on the other side of the wall, so it isn't like a sibling was next door pounding on the shared wall to cause this. 

Oh, and no - apparently Mini doesn't
That's the anchor pulling away.
know that the laundry room is located in such close proximity to her bedroom. 

I can't help but wonder if the dust on those trophies just got too heavy. 


Ally Bean said...

What an experience and I'm glad you're ok. I remember when we had hurricane force winds here. Like you we were almost immediately inundated with roofers who were just here to 'help.' They came out of nowhere and all looked to be as unreliable as the trees that had fallen on houses.

Suzanne said...

YIKES. So glad everyone is okay and the damage was minimal!

Martha said...

Scary that the shaking was bad enough to loosen the shelf, but I'd totally stick with the story about the dust getting to heavy! So sorry about all the trees but just glad you and your family are all ok.

Bibliomama said...

Pit monster - hee hee. Eve is almost pathologically organized and neat. Angus, not so much. Nice of the woman to return the sign - one of my friends' outdoor chair cushion blew away in a wind storm once and she put up a sign with a picture that said "answers to Squishy". Hope your damage isn't too bad - last time a tornado touched down here we lost power for over 48 hours, but there was no damage to our house at least.

Ernie said...

Ally- Makes me realize how lucky we were all the other times we have been warned and ended up with no damage. There were warnings all over the news to be wary of scammers. Really? People have to worry about scammers during a difficult time? Irritating.

Ernie said...

Suzanne- Yes. Could've been so much worse.

Ernie said...

Martha- If saying that the dust accumulation caused the shelf to come down spurred the girls on to dust regularly, I would use that to my advantage. Ha.

Ernie said...

Ali- I LOVE 'answers to squishy', so funny. Oh, losing power is so annoying and inconvenient. We've been lucky to never lose power for more than ashort time. I'm the trained monkey tyoe that would STILL flip the light switch every time I walked into a room while power was out. We were really lucky.

Ernie said...


kestrel said...

That is an amazing lot of trophies. Must be frightening, the worst we get over here in Malaysia are thunder storms and strong wings. Trees down and floods but nothing more frightening. Following your blog to see how life goes in another part of world. Can't imagine the sign blew away into another's house.

Ally Bean said...

Ernie, can't wait, but I will, to read about what happened that wrote itself.

Kari said...

Ugh, I can't stand the storm chaser people. BUT, I have to say, we got a new roof paid for by insurance because of a hailstorm a few years ago. So look into that for your siding. You might want to lump that into the "tornado" that was suspiciously close to your neighborhood. Wink wink.

Ernie said...

Ally- one of those perfect storm situations. With layers to boot.

Ernie said...

Kestrel- Thanks for visiting from Malaysia. Wow. Floods and strong winds can be frightening too. That sign r
Must've been sucked into the tornado and spit out almost a mile away.

My daughters do have quite a collection of trophies from Irish dancing. We can't imagine what else would have caused the shelf to suddenly pull away from the wall.

Nicole MacPherson said...

Wow! That is a LOT of rain. Glad your sign got returned!

Ernie said...

Nicole- When it started drizzling just after I started running, I kept going . . . thinking this is no big deal. It feels refreshing. Yikes, did things go from refreshing to soaking and irritating quickly.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Goodness. Your house was shaking, rattling, and rolling. So funny about the grad sign; what a nice person to bring it back instead of just tossing it. But I (and you) would have done the same thing. Nature can be pretty scary and I'm so happy that you guys fared pretty well.
My bestie Kelly was just here with us and she was telling me that her Aunt and Uncles home was flattened and they both sustained some (nonlife-threatening) injuries; they're in Michigan and it happened at the same time as yours. Not sure if they are 'tornado related' though as I'm mostly geography insufficient.

The trophies. I remember when the girls were done with sports and I had ALLLLLL these trophies just piling up. It took me some time, but I found a place to donate them where they'll reuse them or most of the part of them so I didn't have to put them in the landfill.

Ernie said...

Suz- yes, how 'bout that sign-in-yard lady? Tank has a fairly uncommon name, she could've just posted it on FB and peeps would know it was us but she went thru all the seniors in the yearbook till she found his last name. Then she posted it on FB. Very kind.

So sad about Kelly's aunt and uncle. How awful. If our house was flattened I think we would've really sustained some serious injuries since we were all sleeping on the 2nd floor. Yes- Mother Nature can be unpredictable. I cant believe how lucky we were.

Michigan is not far. A few hours drive. Other side of skinny part of Indiana. Lots of people here have lake houses there. Coulda been the same system, I guess? I auditioned to be a weather woman once for NBC. That's a story I should share. I would've been terrible because I am not a star student of geography.

BTW Coach told me last week that his company is opening clinics in GA and they need people to run them. Not gonna do it, but how fun would that be? Dare to dream.