May 17, 2021

more sore than expected & not connecting the dots

I started running again on a Sunday last month. I'm a late-to-the-party runner to begin with. As if running is a party. For years and years my long 4.4 mile walk counted as my workout. I'm not saying it was insignificant, but these days I've ramped things up. 

After visiting childhood family friends in Colorado in 2010, I tried running. If Mr. B, who was 80, was running, why couldn't I? Um, I thought I might die. I stuck with it though and eventually got to the point where I ran my entire 4.4 route. It wasn't pretty, but I was running that route almost every day. 

Eventually I couldn't run anymore. It hurt my sciatica among other things. My slow, cringe-worthy run might've hurt innocent bystanders visually, the awful eyesore that it was. No one ever asked me if I needed help - even though I'm sure they wondered it. 

When I quit running, I started doing more strength and cardio classes in combination with my walking route. I felt I was covering all the bases.

I decided to give running another go. Not 'go' as in fast, smooth, and graceful. 'Go' as in, running (using the term loosely) a 10:13 minute mile. (I walk a mile in 13.5 minutes). My kids swear I'm faster at walking than running, but Nike Run Club app on my phone doesn't lie. 

Guess what? I ran two miles on Sunday and walked the rest of my route. I hope to work my way up to being able to run the whole thing. Sciatica be damned. 

The next day, I was blown away by how sore I was. How could this be? I do jumping lunges, burpees, plank jacks, knee drives, and everything in between. I was shocked that there were some muscle groups that had been taking a break and not engaging, apparently celebrating for the last few years:  NO MORE RUNNING. HOORAY. LET'S RELAX.

One day later that week, my kids were scheduled to be in person learning. I expected to be here alone with my charges. In the morning, I saw a text from Mini saying she was having a hard time sleeping. She didn't want to be woken up for school. She'd sleep till 8 and e-learn at home. A good option to have. 

I did my FB workout before the tots got dropped off. Took a quick shower. Then I started thinking. Since Mini is home, I COULD put the three morning nappers down for a nap and leave Mini with the two year olds . I could run 2 miles in 20 minutes. 

Mini was on board. I got ready  - excited to make those same muscles work again so they didn't have time to go back in relax mode. 

As I was leaving, I got a text from a guy who was coming to measure for blinds/shades in a couple of rooms. He'd arrive in an hour. I was so confused. I thought he was coming on Wednesday. The state of my house. I can't even. 

I knew without even looking that I'd have to create a walking path in Tank and Reg's room. But I wanted to run - my muscles may not have bounced back but my need-to-run was already kicking in. "I'll have time to make the house almost presentable after my run." Priorities. 

I grabbed workout clothes from my room and left my real clothes in the upstairs hall so I wouldn't interrupt the twins nap when I changed before Mr. Blinds arrived.

I'm not sure what was more exhausting the run or my dash through the house picking up clothes, books, shoes, and dishes from the stairs, the front hall, the upstairs hall, every surface in the kitchen and dear God Tank and Reg's room. I stripped off my sweaty clothes, wiped off my sweat and got re-dressed, messed with my hair and the doorbell rang. 

These are not photos from that day. I was too busy to take pics.

These are stock photos:  as in, photos that I stock. I'm never low on shots of messy rooms. This is NOT the boy room that I needed to clear a path in, but it's the same concept.

It wasn't until a few hours later that I realized that the reason the guy was here was because IT WAS IN FACT WEDNESDAY. 

This was also the day Curly had an ortho appointment. And I knew that. So all was just fine, right? I boggled that too. Forgot to tell her she had to leave school a few minutes early and I failed to let Coach know where he was picking her up for the appointment:  home or school. Remember when kids were at school during school hours? Now, who knows?

How neat does your house have to be to accept a guy to measure stuff? Are some of you lucky enough to never bat an eye - the house is always in WELCOME TO MY ABODE mode? Anyone else still messing up the days of the week?



Nicole MacPherson said...

Oh lordy, who even knows what day it is (it's Monday, right?). I remember you mentioning that you were running again, so it was neat to have this update. You are a very fast walker! That's a good pace. If you're having sciatica issues, the best stretch is to lie down, bend left knee, put right ankle over left thigh, and pick up your left foot off the floor. Like a figure four, hugging your left leg toward your body. Such a great stretch for that area.

Pat Birnie said...

Glad to hear you are running again, sorry about the soreness. If you can 'book an appointment' with coach maybe he can help with the sciatica? My husband had terrible issues and our osteopath got him sorted. Plus that stretch Nicole mentioned is great! Boy those rooms brought back memories. Three of my 4 kids lived like that - oh lordy their rooms. The worst was when they'd leave food in their rooms (not allowed!) My daughter once had a mouse in her room and she freaked out like I was supposed to do something. Um, not my problem - How many times have I told you not to eat in your room? Someday it will be just the two of you and you will have a tidy, quiet house - I promise!

Kari said...

I used to run, so I understand the pain aspect. I think it's because you are putting so much pressure on your joints when they hit the pavement? Your hubby is the perfect person to ask that question. I do remember my doctor telling me (when I was running, no less) to stop running and just do cardio and walking because it is so bad on the knees. But I have bad knees, so that is why LMAO. Good for you, girl. I need to get back on track. I gained weight since menopause, which happens. Even with walking daily, it's not going anywhere so I need to step up my game. Maybe I need to do 4 mile walks instead of my 1.5-mile walks. You're an inspiration. :)

Martha said...

Congrats on taking up running again. I can only walk fast due to bad knees. Your house just looks like kids live there, no biggie! My daughter's room was always the same. My boys shared a room and the older son was a bossy clean freak, their room was strangely always neat and clean. After he moved out the younger son went into total slob mode lol. Have a great week Ernie! :)

Beth Cotell said...

I love that you are running again. I keep thinking that i am going to take it up again but I am currently trying to heal my plantar fasciitis and until I am in no more excruciating pain from that I will not be able to run.

My house is usually always in a company ready state. It's never clean but everything is usually in it's "place". But, I only have two kids and they have been in school this whole year. Had they been home this whole time, it would probably be a different story.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Running. I can't. Nope. Can't do it. Even if someone was chasing me with a machete, I'd probably just speed walk and be murdered. My lungs. My knees. My hips. NOPE. So, I applaud you BIG TIME for being able to run.

I rarely know what day of the week it is and have to really think when I try to remember what MONTH it is.

I'm not going to tell you the state of my home almost 24/7; you'd hate me.
But, back in the day, I hated going into my girls' rooms; TOTAL SLOBS. The good news is, one day they will have their own home to be a slob in and it won't matter to you any longer.

Gigi said...

Really? There are people that know what day of the week/month/year it is? I woke up this morning fairly sure it was Monday. Around 3:00 pm, my brain convinced me it was Tuesday. (I just checked - it is still Monday).

Good for you on the running...something I could never do. Oh sure, maybe I *could* do it...but I won't.

Ernie said...

Nicole - I do think that I walk fast - and as a result I get a little irritated when walking in airports or crowds. People ARE SLOW. I also think my fast walk makes my pathetic run LOOK slow. I do know that stretch and I do love it. Fortunately I haven't had any sciatica issues since I started running. Hopefully only running 2 or 3 times a week is making a difference. I also think the rest of my body is much stronger. Back when I used to run, I wasn't doing strength classes. Fingers crossed.

Ernie said...

Pat - Lad and Ed's room smelled so awful when they were younger. I couldn't figure it out. It smelled like something died. Um, I found a package of lunchmeat that Lad left partially eaten in his desk drawer. Beyond gross. I do believe someday I will miss having them around and maybe their messes. Don't get me started about how much Coach loves it when I beg for appointment times within the comfort of my home . . . preferably while I'm resting on the couch (It is late - crazy busy day and I initially wrote: WHILE I'M RESTING ON THE COACH . . . glad I caught it, because this just isn't that kind of blog).

Ernie said...

Kari - Yes, sore knees. I shudder when I think back on my first ever workout class while wearing my free Zoo t-shirt for being a member. I informed the instructor before the class started that I had bad knees so I might not fully participate. Coach eventually got me to figure out how to strengthen the muscles around my knees so I was able to workout and participate and not beg the teacher to lay off of me. Years later though, oh my knees. They seem to hurt in a different part every time. Or my ankle. Or my . . . well, you get the idea. If you saw me run, you would not be inspired. Entertained, perhaps.

Ernie said...

Martha - I do agree with that perspective - kids live here. My aunt gave me a little ceramic wall hanging once that read: PARDON MY MESS, MY CHILDREN ARE MAKING MEMORIES. I tried not to be offended when she mailed me a huge wall hanging when I re-did my kitchen a few years ago . . . with the SAME message. She is a crazy neat freak. I assume she didn't remember sending me the first one, but hey - point taken. Thanks, hope your week is awesome. I've had a crazy hectic weekend that just hasn't stopped. Tank graduated tonight. Tomorrow are awards and I still have to write up instructions for Ed who is watching babies in order for me to attend. I'm way behind on my blog reading.

Ernie said...

Beth - Plantar 'f' is the worst. I've been there. Do you roll a tennis ball under your foot? I believe that was something Coach had me do. And always wear my shoes - like supportive shoes. Not always the look I am going for, but oh that pain.

Mini took over the living room for her e-learning . . . first it was the dining room, but I think she tired of the mess she made there. E-learning ended but she still 'owns' the formal living room. SAT prep books, homework. The girl leaves a trail.

Ernie said...

Suz - the image of the machete holding person chasing you and you refusing to run . . . funny, but I'm hoping you really would break some records heading for safety at Flo Jo like speed.

I've seen photos of your home. It comes as no surprise that it is neat and clean all.the.time. Just know that you can never and I mean NEVER stop by here unannounced. The horror of how we live sometimes gets to me. Usually I am able to ignore it and function, so there's that.

When we look for a movie on Netflix, I try to figure out if it is a new release or maybe something I've seen before and don't totally remember. So, I say to my children: WAIT, WHAT YEAR IS IT? They don't make fun of me or anything, so it's all good.

Ernie said...

Gigi - So funny, I've had those days when I started out knowing what day it is and then I convince myself otherwise. Tonight Curly was at the library and we had to pick her up and Coach asked me: WHAT TIME DOES THE LIBRARY CLOSE ON A FRIDAY? I was like, WELL - IRRELEVANT SINCE IT IS IN FACT MONDAY. That was a leap . . . Monday to Friday. I think it was because we were at Tank's high school graduation and Coach left work early, so he got all kinds of confused.

I am sure that no one was ever more convinced that they wouldn't run than me. Yet here I am. More shocked than anyone. Oh how I dread it. I read a great article about someone who started running and it made me laugh because she was hating it but happy to be doing it. I could totally relate.

Suzanne said...

Good for Ernie! I miss running - I used to run through grad school and then my knees started acting up. Now if I run for even a half a block, I feel like dying! Keep it up! Knowing the days of the week is overrated. ;-)

Ernie said...

Suzanne - I'm already conflicted about keeping this going because WINTER. . . I won't run outside, hello snow and ice. Plus brrr, cold. So why get going now and then stop and then start again? I cannot run on a treadmill. Eww.

"Knowing the days of the week is overrated," - words to live by. I love it. Starting Friday till today - pure nonstop. Long story, but I am so confused. Far from a normal week. I've been pawning off my babysitting people on my kids - even pulled Curly out of school today . . . long story, but it is making me so mixed up.

Mellie said...

My days have been all mixed up for a while now. I'm constantly going over what, when, and where to try to keep them straight! Only then someone comes along and changes their schedule and it's all out the window. My house is cluttered clean. It's definitely lived in. The kids' rooms are horrible and I have given up. They don't care so why should I?

Ernie said...

Mellie - My days are only getting more confused with a college kid home, a high school kid graduated, and high school schedule changing. My high schoolers walked in at 1:00 the other day. I was so confused. How could they expect me to read all those emails to know that the last few days of school were early dismissal?

I have to enter my kids' rooms to put the babies I sit for in pack 'n plays. Um, it can be down right dangerous to walk across the room. Plus I frown on hoarding laundry. That's Mini's issue. The minute the laundry is done - bam, she fills the baskets. I took it all out the last time and made her do it. Week or two went by and I was still tripping over her laundry in the laundry room.