April 7, 2021

learning new words while repetitive lyrics overplay in the background

Mini and I were driving recently. Always the best time to find out what's going on. 

Please imagine us in our red, slightly-beat-up minivan with Neil Diamond playing in the background. Why, you ask, is this what we need to imagine? Well, because the car radio is broken. 

The CD player still works. Thank goodness for small favors. The other day Coach lowered the car window and the radio kicked back on for about 15 seconds. Life is  full of surprises. 

I do love Neil, but I also love to not lose my mind and THE REPETITION might kill me. It's an easy fix. I just haven't remembered to dig up more CDs for the car. Maybe I'VE JUST BEEN FEELING BLUE NOW AND THEN, or been drinking too much RED, RED WINE. Or maybe I've been distracted thinking about my old friend, WHEN NO ONE ELSE WOULD COME, SHILOH YOU ALWAYS CAME. I could go on, but I'll stop there. You're welcome. 

Mini and I were talking prom, prom-posals, etc. It dawned on me:  I always thought Mini and Tank might end up at his senior prom since she's a junior. You know, his friend needs a date and Mini is lots of fun, etc. This year they're only allowing seniors. One more covid bummer.  

The plan is to host prom at the Lincoln Park Zoo downtown. Basically an outside affair. No building utilization. And HOPEFULLY no rain. Duh. Because there isn't a tent. So, I guess we don't even go there in our minds or we end up like the Ghostbusters with the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Guy. An invitation to torrential downpour. 

The other option is to host it at the high school, outside. The seniors insist they will not attend if it's at the high school. Lame, is the word. 

Speaking of words, Mini taught me a new word. Backing up the bus, she's good friends with some of the senior girls. These 3 girls (Jen, Bea, & Tess) also happen to be part of Tank's group. When Mini shared some of the 'news' with me, I asked how Tank handles it that she's in-like-Flynn with these girls. Apparently, they agree to not acknowledge her relationship with them. Whatever works.

Anyway, Tank may or may not be going to prom with Tess.

Backing up further . . . I was invited to hang out with a group of moms at a restaurant after halftime last Friday (we just started football. Tank was on Homecoming court - introduced at half time of game). It's a long story, but the mom 'Eileen' who texted me the invite is someone I was once close with. Our kids lined up in age quite nicely. Her daughter, Bea, is Tank's age and they are now friends in high school, so is Mini. Eileen's husband and Coach got along great. 

Tank's cartwheel, that he calls a somersault.
There's a reason behind why he did
this when announced on homecoming court.
More later, but as usual . . . goofy.

I eventually realized that Eileen is wound incredibly tight and is a control freak, paling in comparison only slightly to my sister, Ann. About 8 years ago, I allowed distance, even before it was a cool covid habit. We'd recently transferred out of Catholic school, so it was natural. No harsh words spoken, just SPACE. For reference, Eileen and Mary Ann - good friends. 'Nuff said?

I was surprised when Eileen texted me. I didn't know who the other numbers belonged to in the group text. I like to be social, and I don't mind living on the edge in order to be social . . . since it's been so long. Living on the edge as in, who are these mystery women I'll be hanging with?

Eileen texted in the group:  Carol and Wanda will meet us there.

So I knew two names. Mini and Tank were curious to see how it would go, knowing  Eileen's bossy demeanor can get me riled up. They were also anxious to see who the mystery moms were. 

The evening was fun. I knew Carol because her son played sports with Lad. The other four women didn't know me, but they do now. I'm not shy. At one point, mid-story, I came up for air and Eileen told everyone:  Ernie always has the best stories.

Making a mental note to share one of these stories here soon (do I say that a lot and then forget to deliver? Feel free to scold me /remind me of how I'm leaving you hanging)

Mini was waiting up when I got home. She wanted details. How's that for role reversal? I told her I met the moms of the other 2 girls she's buddies with who are also buddies with Tank. (already knew Bea, Eileen's daughter).


*It was almost April. I'm still clueless about what month we're in. I'm blaming covid, but could it be brain freeze due to overplaying of Neil Diamond?

Mini:  Cross your heart and promise not to breathe a word, obviously. Tank DOES have a date. He's going with Tess.


Mini:  YOU DON'T GET IT. (shock) LIKE, FIRST THEY TALK. THEN THEY KNOW THEY'RE GOING AND THEN HE DOES THE PROM-POSAL LATER. (sometimes I'm glad I'm old and I've already lived this stuff because it's way more complicated now).

So, holy digression - Mini and I were driving  and she's telling me about guys in her grade (not Tank's grade) who are just weird and how one of them really liked Tess. "When Tess tried to get this weird guy to leave her alone, he was BUTTHURT." 

That's the whole point of the post, just took me awhile to get here. I'm trying to keep you all abreast of new words. Mini kept repeating it, as I was confused. She was irritated and told me, LIKE HIS BUTT HURT BECAUSE SHE DUMPED HIM EVEN THOUGHT THEY WEREN'T DATING. 

Me:  I understand the two words, just never heard them combined like that. 

A show of hands, who misses high school? When Tank asked how the night was, I told him there was prom talk. "Do you have a date?" - to which he said no. A show of hands, who thinks Tank is going to prom with Tess? Who loves Neil?

*edited to add:  I dug around in the car and found a scratched CD of Paul Simon (You Can Call Me Al, one of my favs) and the other Neil disk. It was a 2 disk set and this newly found, also scratched, CD is the better of the two. Life is good. 


Anonymous said...

My husband has been saying Buttsore and butthurt for years! Thinks he invented it.... maybe he did!

Anonymous said...

Tank's (non) sapling cutting buddy is a prom queen candidate at her school. When you referenced sappy music as the background playlist for their (non) work session and I was envisioning something more along the line of sea shanties, I guess we were both wrong. Imagine that.
KS G'ma, still with the encroaching sapling challenge. Heavy sigh

Kari said...

CD's ah. I miss CDs. I actually have a CD player in my SUV. Does that make my SUV outdated?

I feel like the word butthurt has been around for a while? But you still listen to Neil Diamond so... I AM KIDDING.

I'm glad they're trying to figure out a prom situation for them. Last year was so sad. I feel like they should do something for the seniors who got the raw end of the deal. I know they're all in college or working now. But like a refund check or something. :)

Beth Cotell said...

The whole promposal thing is so ridiculous. I too learned last year that you do the promposal AFTER you already know who you are going with. Seems backwards to me but I guess it eliminates the whole trauma of doing a promposal and getting rejected.

Ernie said...

Anonymous - You might be right - it appears I'm the only one that didn't know about 'butthurt.' Go figure.

Ernie said...

KS G'ma - Ha. Congrats to the grand-daughter on making prom court. Our homecoming was bumped back so far that it is going to butt up against the prom court thing too, I just realized. Sorry that your saplings have yet to be tamed.

Ernie said...

Kari - I was trying to put Bluetooth on in my car one day, and I accidentally hit the CD button and Neil started to play. I was like OH SWEET. Then a few days later, Coach told me that I broke the radio because it would ONLY play the CD. What are the chances? No longer celebrating the Neil Diamond CD being discovered in the CD player.

You win the comment prize of the day (sorry that doesn't equate to much but bragging rights), I died laughing at your excellent tie-in: me being the last to hear BUTTHURT with the fact that I STILL listen to Neil Diamond. Hilarious.

Missing prom last year did stink and at the time I was outraged - like can't they schedule something later, but now - I think this year's seniors (at least in our school) lost out on more overall. Sports, assemblies, dances throughout the year, etc.

Ernie said...

Beth - Yes, the proposal thing is so silly . . . especially once you realize these great plans are somewhat anticlimactic. The girl already knows he's asking. So odd.

Kara said...

My daughter is going to Prom with her best friend (female), because her school is not allowing non students to attend and they are both dating people who do not go to their school. So, they bought incredibly huge and sparkly $4 rings on Amazon and made poster boards asking each other to Prom. It was all choreographed and documented by siblings. This is a new thing that I do not understand AT ALL.

Ernie said...

Kara - Yes, the limits of who the kids can take to prom is another crappy ordeal. Glad she's figured out a way around it. I'm sure they will have fun, but definitely a different twist on the traditional prom fun.

Ally Bean said...

I don't miss hearing Neil on the radio or on a CD, nor do I miss high school. Anything about it. I don't get the promposal thing at all. Isn't it all kind of pre-planned/obvious who'll go with whom?

Ernie said...

Ally - I enjoy Neil Diamond, but as it turns out NOT in a constant loop. The promposal thing is so bazaar to me. If I had to guess, it is done this way so that great lengths are not gone to for nothing. I vote to eliminate the drama and just ask someone to prom, call it a throwback, or call it normal.

Nicole MacPherson said...

I love Neil Diamond, but I'm not sure I'd love hearing him over and over and over every time I got in the car!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Our cars don't even have cd players, so you might not want to upgrade anytime'll be forced with a RADIO. Probably satellite radio. :) I enjoy some Neil, but I don't know how often I could listen to him.

Butthurt. I've heard that one. Am I hip? Probably not.
I agree, you do have the best stories.

It stinks that the prom deal is limited. Like, when can these kids have a regular event? Linds had a Prom-prosal. It was either her sophomore or junior year, I can't remember. But I was all WTH is this? I never attended prom, so it was all lost on me.

Ernie said...

Nicole - Exactly. I switched the CD on the way to dancing yesterday. Curly was like 'WHAT IS THIS?' - it was Paul Simon. Made me feel ancient. The car has to go into the shop soon, so we will be asking if they can figure out the radio. New fuse?

Ernie said...

Suz - I didn't even know that they didn't make cars without CD players anymore. Our kids' KIA might not have one - I don't drive that much, so I'm not sure. I'd like to think at least ONE of our cars is more 'with-it' than we are.

I thought for sure I was sharing some new lingo, like when Mini told me I was dripping. Nothing like thinking you are the first to know something, and THEN discover that you are actually the LAST to know. I guess it's a good think I don't take myself too seriously.

Speaking of good stories and prom . . . I have quite the junior year prom story. I've posted about it before, but I might re-share. It is hilarious. I didn't go to my senior prom - hung out with girlfriends who were also not asked. It was very fun.

I still remember the rippled that would go through the school when someone was asked. Attention teens of today: it was plenty exciting, even without utilizing the men's swim team to run into your English class in speedos with 'prom?' written across their chests.

Kara said...

New cars don't have CD's anymore, I don't think. Our two newest cars (2017 and 2021) do not have CD players. Because no one has CD's anymore either. Our oldest car still has a tape deck (and a 5-disc changer, because it's from 2000). The minivan from 2014 has a CD player.

Ernie said...

Kara - A disc changer . . . wow. It makes sense that they don't put them in cars anymore - what with satellite and Pandora and Spotify. I'm once again outing myself as being WAY behind the times. Lad sells cars and he had to take our red car in to his shop to get an estimate on something. He called me 10 minutes ago: MY MANAGER AND I ARE GOING OUT FOR A BEER. HE WANTS TO TALK TO ME ABOUT THAT PIECE OF SHIT MINIVAN MY PARENTS DRIVE.