January 22, 2021

sweet and seriously short - a recent, hilarious discovery

Google Photos is mad at me. I hoard photos. I don't mean to. It just happens. I take a ton of photos and videos while babysitting. then I post them to a FB group for my families. Of course, I also take  photos of my own children, or piles of laundry to share with all of you. It's riveting stuff, making it hard to part with . . .. or more accurately: the delete photos task is just not on my radar. This has gone on for years. Now the photos and videos are making my Google Photos bust at the seam. 

The other night, I was up way too late because I was begging Google Photos to upload a photo of me at the volleyball game in my cute outfit. I bit the bullet and promised Google I would delete stuff if it would please agree to upload one lousy photo. 

We shook on it. 

I started towards the beginning of my Google Photos relationship. Like 2012. I stumbled on some gems, my friends. Gems, I tell you. 

I discovered that my children enjoyed playing with my phone when I was out for a walk, or in the shower, or wherever. I was UNAWARE that they were playing with my video function. Back then, I barely understood how to use my phone so I never noticed these video treasures. My current phone has a better camera, meaning these are grainy at best, but take a gander if you have a minute. We found it incredibly entertaining, but maybe that's because we recognize the goofballs featured. This might only apply to someone who has 'a mother's love' for them. Have I ever mentioned that the youngest four used to call themselves the Fabulous Four? They held meetings and made plans, etc. 

Note Mini scolding Curly because her girl always had to be perfect. Not sure what the Humane Society thing is, but they enjoyed pretending. Reg's sneeze gives the spying boys away. The girls don't seem to mind. Hello, who doesn't mind being the center of attention?

The fun continues with Reg as Max. Still not his real name. Tank shows himself here for a split second. None of us remember his cheeks being quite that chubby. 

This makes me wonder if this was the beginning of the sock obsession that Reg has? I don't remember him trying to pay me back, or being aware of how much they cost. My dad took us to a special dinner for alums after the game. A meal out? You know my children will be impressed with that. Note the cooler in the kitchen when Reg pans the room in his shaky way. Guessing we got back late from the game. Or, that was just how we lived back then, because now we are just as neat and tidy as they come.                                                                                                                                 

If this bores you, take a pass and just know that we were howling as we tried to piece together what was going on. It looks like my kids raised themselves. That explains a lot.             


Suz said...

Oh my goodness. The girls! Girls have to be perfect. :) And who did they get from the humane society? One of the boyss? LOL
Reg's cheeks; seriously so darn cute. The socks were $22 and he knew it....he missed church because of a Notre Dame game. It reminds me of one of those reality shows when people can do a 'video diary'.

Don't delete them. You need to move them to a hard drive and keep forever.

Pat Birnie said...

These are so sweet. I’m a wee bit jealous as I have no videos of my kids when they were young. They were born 1991 & earlier so no cell phones...:(. I have lots of pics of course but would love to hear those little voices again. These are treasures!

Kara said...

I found out that my kids had posted videos to my Youtube, about 12 years ago. I still don't know how they did that, nor do I know how to remove the videos.

I got my first digital camera when my first was born, a present from my Mom. Except you couldn't really save the pictures, because data storage was so expensive still! Like a 24MB card was over $100. Now, it's like $16 for a 2Gig card (I'm making prices up, I really have no idea, because I store everything "in the cloud").

Ernie said...

Suz - These videos had us in stitches. There are a handful of others. In one Tank walks around the house tracking Mini. She knows it and is playing along. They try to get the viewer to think that Reg is the videographer. Tank even stops at the baby sketches outside Mini's room, films the sketch of Reg and says in a weird voice, 'this is me' . . . but he gives his true identity away when he goes in the bathroom and we see his face in the mirror just before he puts the phone down while it is still on and takes a giant pee (off camera). We were rolling on the floor.

Mini said they were pretending that the people from the Humane Society were from a mental institution and that's why they were saying that they weren't that crazy. Where did they come up with that idea?

OMG - Reg and his socks and his love of ND and how impressed he was with the meal my dad treated us too. Still all his favorite things.

These will not be deleted. Ever. Might show snippets at their weddings. Oh, and we were astounded at the size of Tanks's cheeks.

Ernie said...

Pat - Well that just breaks my heart. My dad had a movie camera but with no sound. The voices of kids from back in the day are so dang funny. Not sure if you read my post a few years back . . . I accidentally deleted a BUNCH of videos. I lost a 2 week vacation on the beach. I have SO many photos, but the videos of them playing on the beach - it still hurts my heart.

Ernie said...

Kara - Your kids posting videos on your You Tube channel is downright hilarious. That could be very damaging. My kids have taken video of 'spying' on me. It makes me cringe to hear my voice from the other room: GET OUT HERE AND CLEAN THIS UP. WHO DID THAT? etc.

Ally Bean said...

I'd say the past has come back to haunt you. Ain't you the lucky one?

Kari said...

I love these. I miss these days. We just dropped off Ellie's toys at Goodwill today and I cried on the way. She is the last "baby" and it just made me sad.

Seeing old videos is just nice to hear the giggles and squeals. This was nice.:)

Ernie said...

Ally - Ha, yes. I miss those days. Simpler times, when all they wanted was more time to play. Hard to believe, but my house was even messier back then, which is evident in some of the clips I found.

Ernie said...

Kari - My heart does ache at times for these fun, silly moments. I might need to watch clips like this more often to survived the teen-overload situation we have going on right now.

Paula B said...

Loved reading this tthank you