December 2, 2020

in need of a beauty team, & how did I not belt this Facetiming woman?

I last left you as the girls and I were laughing our way back to the hotel. If you didn't read my later-than-normal post from Monday, feel free to get all caught up while we wait. 

I forgot to share this on Monday - this is what
 we started with in our weak makeup kit before we went shopping.

When the chuckles died down, I noticed that I didn't feel great. My legs: shaky. My head:  woozy. Before heading to the venue, we'd taken our temperatures and filled out the appropriate health form. My temp was not abnormal (over 100.3), but it was 99.5. Consistently. I was getting nervous. 

Back in the room, I took my temp a million more times. I got stuff ready for the morning and chilled out. 

I forgot to mention that while us au-natural types (I almost called us country bumpkins because that's how I felt in the presence of hair and makeup peeps) were were being scolded for our makeup inabilities Sean, the makeup expert, asked Curly what wig she was wearing the next day. 

Then he sort of wrinkled his nose:  Oh, how do you like this wig? (motioning to a blond wig on a fake-mannequin head)

I moaned a bit:  Are you going to try to sell me a wig?

Sean:  Awk, no. I'm going to give this one to you. I just designed it. Curly could be the first to wear it. All I ask is that you come back after you dance so I can take your picture and use it on my promotional posters.

Me:  Oh. Um. (Looking at dancing teacher Mary to see if she wants to see Curly in an updated wig, because this might come as a shock to all of you - but no one is accusing me of being a trendsetter).

Mary: Great!

I turned to Geri and told her that Curly usually showers the night before and we put her hair up in pig tails because there is no separating her hair into pony tails after it is dry. 

Geri:  No, don't do that. I'll put her hair up. Just have her brush through it in the morning. 

Me:  Um, that's not possible (Curly's hair was up in a bun, but I showed her photos).

Geri:  I'm a professional hair dresser. I can manage just fine.

Because I am a bumbling idiot and I needed to solidify the image with this woman whose voice was like a song that I am the worst - I described the haircut I gave Curly in May of '19. I then raised my right hand and agreed never to cut my kid's hair again (I'd already made that promise to Curly but I wanted to cover my bases with this hair goddess).

So, part of the reason we were walking back to the hotel giggling was that we had just been assured that we had to do NOTHING. Plus we got a new wig - worth probably $85. I didn't even have to wrangle my kid's afro into three ponies at various points on her head. They had assured us that they'd have time to do both wig and makeup at Curly's appointment time. We could set our alarms later than we planned.

I was a little nervous about the timing. I was late to the hair appointment party, so on turkey day when I booked online, there weren't many time slots left. 7:40 when her competition was starting at 8:30 felt tight. 

Eventually I started to feel better. Maybe it was the energy that goes into packing and driving. My neck was sore and I wondered if I strained it while I drove. Curly was super worried that I was going to go dark-side and have covid and need to drive home, but I bounced back. 

I was all about the early to bed plan. I never sleep great at these things and I was sharing a bed with Mini. In other words: taking one for the team. Our underwhelming Fairfield Inn offered us two double beds. I wasn't going to have the two girls share. Curly needed to sleep without being kicked. We were in bed by 8 local time, which was really 7:00 for us. I read for a while with my little booklight and eventually slept. For 3 hours. 

Mini, the world's worst bed partner, stumbled into the bathroom at midnight a few minutes after me. I asked if she was seeking me out so she could keep kicking me? We read for a few hours crouched on the floor before going back to bed where I managed to sleep another 3.5 hours AFTER I whisper-shouted to Mini that if she moved even a centimeter I would suffocate her with my pillow. A world record for me, the sleep not the death threat. 

Curly claimed that she slept off and on. Nerves probably. I assured her that since she was in bed for over 10 hours chances are she slept ENOUGH.  

I brought leftover egg casserole that the girls like. Curly ate half of her generous helping and I finished hers. I gave her about a half a cup of protein shake and she had a few bites of bagel. We managed to pack up the room, so we didn't have to come back mid-competition . We had plenty of time to get to our 'beauty team' early.

Geri and Sean were behind schedule. They nodded at me to say that it was all going to be fine, but:  panic. We were their last appointment. (They later told me someone came SERIOUSLY late and screwed everything up). Sean had me close one of the doors to the room so it wasn't obvious that they were breaking protocol to do  makeup. 

I was so happy not to have to mess with this
mop, but here is Curly fussing with her hair
 worried about how they will tame the beast. 

They sell accessories too, so some woman came in while Facetiming. She SHOUTED into her phone while holding it inches from all of the bedazzled crowns and things while SHOUTING various purchase suggestions to this mystery person. I wanted to strangle her. (so violent today) Sean caught my eye and made a universal 'DEAR GOD, MAKE THIS END' face which I fully appreciated. 

Sean at work.

Sean did the hair, and Geri stepped in to start the makeup. More scolding. She could not understand why we bought the foundation that we bought. Did I not tell her that it was dark and she was all, IT'LL BE FINE? Something was amiss and they grunted back and forth (something they wanted had been left at the hotel) while Mini and I paced. Mini had not yet started her volunteer position. 

Geri had to make due without foundation. She whipped out her personal makeup kit and still she wished for stuff we didn't have. It was not relaxing and time was TICKING away.

Check out the new wig. I probably
should've asked if they could fit
me with a wig. Mini was relieved.
She liked it more on Curly than
she did on the mannequin. 

Still, she managed to tell me that I need to shop for stage makeup at Mac. 

In a sing-songy voice Geri says:  Bring her dress. They match everything to her coloring. It'll be grand. Do you not have a Mac near you?

Me:  I don't think we have Mac in Chicago. Never heard of it. (Later, Mary died laughing. We do HAVE Mac, but she told me not to bother - way too pricey. Have I mentioned I love our dance teacher).

The girls and I laughed at me (come on, everyone's doing it) on the way home for not knowing anything about this high-end makeup place. At least I had a cute outfit on that morning and I did my hair, so I felt less frumpy while getting this advice.

Me to Sean while Geri was working away:  Can I pay now so we can bolt when she's done?

Sean:  For what? No. There's no charge.

The hair appointment and the added makeup deal. Plus a free wig. Sweet. Well, it would be sweet if we could get her stage side in time to dance.

She finished around 8:35. Looked great. I like to watch all of the competitors and we missed a few, but we rushed into the room and got setup on our two chairs with our imaginary 9 x 9 bubble. Mini taped Curly's shoes, wished her luck, and went to check in for her position side-stage. I  gave Curly a small bite of dark chocolate and told her I knew she'd do great. 

I had already made her swear that SHE WOULD NOT CRY (hello, makeup) as she tends to do from nerves before walking away from me to check in side-stage. 


I think I would've preferred tears to what actually ended up happening. I promise to post the next installment tomorrow. Sorry for being so lengthy AND cliff-hanger-ish. 


Eli said...

I'm picturing her wig flying off mid dance....

Ernie said...

Eli - Ohhh, good guess. Thankfully, no. We've seen that happen before, and there was a girl with a very floppy wig which was distracting. Another reason to have dancers WEAR THEIR OWN HAIR.

Suz said...

OMG! What happens? I'm dying!
They didn't charge you for the wig, hair-do or makeup? Are they aliens?

I know of Mac, but probably have never stepped into a mac store before.

Kara said...

It is a gorgeous wig, but outrageous that your child with AMAZING naturally curly hair cannot wear her own hair!

Ernie said...

Suz - you have put your time in today with all this catching up. The next two days will tell you the twofold drama we encountered. Rest assured, she danced amazing. But there IS always something, which is why I don't sleep in advance of these things. One never knows what lies in store.

Not aliens, but kissing up to Mary. Mary told them that Curly was her best dancer and they rolled out the red carpet. She was helping run the event, so they like to stay on her good side. Probably too he was not selling this wig because people showed up with what their teachers had already approved. My teacher was standing there saying go for it, so that paved the way.

I think I would feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman if I ever wandered into a Mac store: OMG, YOU CANNOT SHOP HERE.

Ernie said...

Kara - My sentiments EXACTLY. I got away without wigs for as long as I could. The fear is that she will not have 'the look' and that will be distracting for the judges. Trust me - makes me crazy.

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