December 9, 2020

a few of my favorite things (cue the Julie Andrews' singing voice)

Speaking of what gifts we need to purchase and who is hard to shop for, we were recently discussing this, right? Not yesterday. Yesterday was an unplanned post that's short (for me), in case you missed it. 

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things/gift ideas:

I love this website  I'm not getting money from this site, but I enjoy it and maybe you will too. I googled a list of gift ideas for teenage boys and Redbubble popped up. The stickers are apparently cool to put on Hydroflask water bottles, or other water bottles (I imagine). 

I went a tad overboard. I think I bought around 70 of them. 

In my family and Coach's, we only buy for godchildren. On my side, we buy for our parents but otherwise the adults don't technically buy for each other anymore. By technically, I mean that my  sisters were ticked a few years ago when I suggested we stop buying gifts for each other (especially Ann), so my two sisters now exchange fabulous gifts with each other on Christmas while the 'Grinchs' of the family sit by and admire them. 

Have I mentioned my family is odd?

Anywho, since we aren't getting together this year I decided that I'd pick out a few of these stickers for family members, and college roomates, and other my friend in Texas who used to play for the Bears. The stickers don't cost much and they are funny, so why not? Note:  it wasn't my intention to buy a butt-load of stickers for family members (adults and kids) but I found it impossible to scroll through the options without getting excited about stickers that I KNOW family members would enjoy. If they don't use them, no big deal - it is the $1.25 thought that counts.

For example, my brothers are huge Star Wars fans. They dress up in costume and go to see the movies at midnight on opening night and stuff. Yes, they're 'those' guys. How could I pass up a sticker like: 

(image from the Redbubble website)

 Get it? (Sith is Star Wars lingo, in case you are more of a Star Trek type). 

I get inspired when I see stuff as I'm shopping - something I usually do in person, but I had so much fun browsing these that it felt like REAL shopping. Oh, the decisions. I plan to send little stacks of them off to my siblings and their families as an unexpected treat. My sister, Marie, was a huge Rob Lowe fan as a teen. She's getting a Rob Lowe sticker- it's a photo of him from his early years. 

I might label the package:  DO NOT OPEN UNTIL WE ARE ON ZOOM TOGETHER, because I want to see their reactions for some of them.

I bought my kids stickers for their existing water bottles, or their dorm room fridge, or whatever. I selected a variety:  HGTV, The Office, Irish Dancing, college teams, favorite sports, etc. I didn't want to leave out 'don't-buy-me-anything' Coach, so I got him a large glass of Guinness (in a sticker, not the actual drink. The drink would be his preference).

A few of my kids need new water bottles, so I bought them new water bottles that are more affordable than the Hydroflask brand. I cannot say whether or not these water bottles are as good as the reviewer claims that were, but here is the link on Amazon in case you want to give them a try.  

**I just realized that the ones I ordered are plastic, and I MEANT TO ORDER THE INSULATED ONES IN THE LINK I SHARED. Now, I plan to reorder them and return these. Dang, I hate it when I suck.**

My personal favorite thing for my hair is Botanical Boost. If you know someone with wavy or curly hair, this product is the bomb. I spritz my hair with it and give it new life. Well, as much life as my thin, listless mop can get. I love the tiny bottle for traveling (dare to dream) and to just keep on hand in my purse, but they don't always have the tiny version available. You can also get it at Ulta. 

Because I'm me, that is where my beauty tips end. I hear MAC cosmetics is a must-have though. (see what I did there? Those of you who read the recent Irish dancing saga are appreciating that jab at myself, I assume).

Not exactly earth shattering ideas, but if you want to buy something fun for people you don't even normally shop for - I think these stickers will make people chuckle. 

Your favorite little gift ideas?

Oh, and I almost forgot - the point of the exercise (yes, I spelled that wrong, thanks spell check) . . . a gift I bought today for Coach. It's a narrow, small filing cabinet that I am thinking will fit next to his recliner. Translation:  it's a gift that keeps on giving (to me). Coach stacks all of his PT journals and legal case files (because he is a professional witness) on either side of his chair. No. More. Excuses. *He always says he doesn't want anything. Making it work for ME. 


Suz said...

The stickers are super cute!! I started going in deep there, then remembered I hadn't finished your post yet!!
I love all your ideas; you are a clever one and you don't SUCK!
I have one who wants an espresso maker and one who wants a vacuum cleaner. HA! That actually made it pretty easy for me.
I can't wait to see how the filing cabinet works. Or doesn't work. LOL!

They dress up for Star Wars movies. And they're grown men? :)

Kara said...

Stickers are a great gift. Simple Modern is my Amazon knock-off Hydroflask choice. They hold up well, and at $20 each, it's a lot less painful than when the kids lose a $45 Hydroflask.

I just remembered that my 16 year old niece is spending most of December with us, and now I need to get her Christmas presents too. Crap.

Ernie said...

Suz - I legit thought of you when I decided the other morning while working out in the family room that I would look for a narrow or small filing cabinet. His stuff is EVERYWHERE, yet he freaks if someone drops food on the stove top while serving themselves dinner. It's a small thing that looks like a crate. The gift that keeps on giving. (fingers crossed)

My excitement about these stickers cannot be measured. Hope the people who get them are equally excited. I feel like it is a cheaper way of giving people a t-shirt with a funny verse on it that they might never wear.

Yes, Star Wars costume wearing grown men. More evidence that I might be adopted.

Ernie said...

Kara- Oh, I appreciate the endorsement on the water bottles. Curly got a great one as a gift from her dance teacher last year. Used it once. Left it somewhere. That sucked.

So what I hear you saying is that you are running out to your nearest MAC cosmetics to buy gifts for your niece, right? How much mileage can I get out of that one, she wonders as her readers roll their eyes. ;)

Kari said...

I LOVE RED BUBBLE!! I get stickers from them all of the time. I got some for Christmas this year too. I also love the idea of only getting presents for the godchildren. I mean, come ON! Do they not realize you have six KIDS?? You are the least grinchy person I know. :)

Ernie said...

Kari- Every year I have a mini panic attack as we walk out the door to my folks' house on Christmas thinking I forgot to get someone a gift. Even just godchildren- it's a lot to organize.

I don't feel grinch-like. Me suggesting that we remove the buying for adults component left Ann feeling otherwise.

Nicole MacPherson said...

Oooh, I love redbubble. Those stickers are cute, the Rob Lowe thing cracks me up. These are all great!! Love the ideas.

Ernie said...

Nicole - I am excited for these to come in the mail. Then I have to hide in my room to divide them in piles. I got some for Mary, Curly's dancing teacher - so I don't want Curly to see what I got her because it'll tip her off to what's going in her stocking. ;)