November 18, 2020

reinstating Netflix, dripping, and projects

Those of you worried that I wouldn't manage quarantining without Netflix . . .  I reinstated it. Opting not to be deprived while stuck at home. 

I  explained to Coach, who decided after our 30 day free trial that he wasn't going to pay for it, that my vote counts. I make money (well, not for the next few weeks thanks Tank for the positive covid test, not bitter though) and this isn't 1954 and I don't wear pearls to dinner and tuck a cloth napkin under his chin before I feed him a casserole I just whipped up, SO NETFLIX IT IS, DAMN IT

Mini later told that my Netflix address to Daddy was "boss". 

Which reminds me, she recently told me when we were at church that I was dripping. I thought at first that I just couldn't understand her through her mask. I leaned in closer, "Huh?" I was 'dripping' because she liked my outfit. I was hip. Cool. Being a fashionista. 

This is my 'dripping' outfit according to Mini. Who knew? These are my favorite pants that I stalked at the mall in order to get them on sale when Mini behaved like an animatronic creature behind some racks. 
That's when I told her that my grandma and my great aunt used to point out people who were dressed frumpy or who had zero personality as 'drips.' Thankfully, that's not what she meant. A 'drip' and being 'drippy' - different. I'm realizing that she gets a burst of happiness using lingo to make me feel clueless, and I'm OK with it.

I do have several projects to work on during this, our 14 days of hell togetherness. 

1.  I have a dress (think comfy, wear-with-leggings kinda dress, I will post pictures) that I'm going to sew arms on. It has arms, but untimely and unsightly holes popped up in the arm pits. Odd because I didn't wear it all that often and the body of the dress is the SAME fabric, yet not holy - you know what I mean. I swear I wasn't wearing kryptonite for deodorant or anything. Weird as shit, but I loved that dress, think housedress minus the polyester floral print. I assure you, I didn't wear it enough to warrant holes in pits. I bought fabric and everything. Updates as progress warrants, fingers crossed. 

Cute, right? Plus, I love pockets. Add brown
 leggings and boots and it is a cozy winter ensemble.
It's blurry, but you get the idea here. What the hell?

2. My closet. I started cleaning it out during early-on lockdown, but Mini was in a mood and I prefer to utilize the daughters' suggestions so I skipped the thorough overhaul. Working to keep her in a better mood, so I can get her opinion without crossed arms and teenage angst. It's all about timing.

3. Writing:  I vow to get some more writing done. I went back to the Irish dancing book and I found that it was actually fun to edit or write or compile two projects at once. I never thought that would be the case, but it gives my brain a rest from the memoir book and vice versa. Changing it up is awesome as it turns out. 

4. I will have to reschedule Coach's birthday dinner that was planned for Saturday (Nov. 14th) with his brother and sister and their families. My sister-in-law asked me when I initially invited them if I would be inviting his parents. Silly her. The plan was to have FUN, so that'd be a hard NO. 

5. Working out. This'll be so hard for me. I hate missing my classes. It was one thing when NO ONE could go to the health club but NOW - I'm missing out on all the work-till-you-wanna-cry fun five days a week. I hope I'll remember some of the exercises so I can recreate here at home. Nothing like giving my e-learners something to poke fun of me for. My pandemic workouts remind me of the beginning of Bridesmaids when the women are outside working out and trying to 'steal' the moves from the nearby outdoor class. That's me in my family room:  trying to recall the good moves and replicate them.  

6. Ed's brining a friend, Al, home from college for the first few days of Thanksgiving break. Al, who's from California, was supposed to room with Ryland. He'll stay a few days in ED & LAD'S MESSIEST ROOM EVER in order to visit with Ry. before flying to California. Hard to classify it as a 'room' in its current state. Mostly stuff Lad left. He still had bins FILLED with dirty laundry that he never dealt with when he moved home from college in March. I vow not to share anymore, but trust me it's a horrible job. Coach and I spent a few hours in there a few weeks ago. Not gonna lie, it hurt our hearts. I wept a little. It has been hard to carve out time in there. Reg e-learns at the desk and has been sleeping there since Tank tested positive. I'm going back in there TODAY. Wish me luck.

7. The Christmas poem. It's long and goofy and I've decided to try to get a jump start. Needing to rhyme things like:  raccoons in blow up pools, Reg's recent GIANT MESS, the godsend of a ping pong table from Santa, Zoom mishaps (upcoming Coach post), babysitting laughs, misplaced tampons (kidding, but still a fav moment of this year), surviving as a shoemaker's child, lost cars (upcoming post), Mini's twisty turban driving, car juggling, and cancelled trips for dancing to Dublin and Nashville plus ANOTHER rescheduling of Yellowstone

1.  Let me know if I am missing one of your favorite Shenanigan memories from 2020 and I'll add it to my growing list. 

2. Embracing quarantine -if I don't get all this stuff on my list done, I might have to fake a positive to stay holed up at home without babysitting until I clear my list of this shit. (NOT REALLY, BUT TEMPTING) Do you have a favorite accomplishment during lockdown/quarantine?


Suz said...

Ok. So you ARE still in lockdown. My bad. Lately, I have a hard time with time management and it felt like you've already had the quarantine/positive time in.

I love your lofty're not one to hunker down on the couch with your BOSS Netflix. ;)
Dripping? I've NEVER heard of this. Please, please ask what other terms we are not using that we should. Drip. Now, that one I remember. Also, I love that you are still rocking those of my favorite (shopping) stories ever! HAHA!

Awesome that you've got a good writing/editing thing going too; you're killing it, my friend!

I absolutely love that scene in Bridesmaids with the workout stealing. I bring it up quite a bit when I'm at the gym.

My husband has a few nice shirts that he just wore out the pits in his case, I think it's the super strong deodorant, not sure about your issue, but I DO love that top!

Kari said...

I love that "not wearing pearls" comment. I always tell my husband, "I AM NOT A 50's HOUSEWIFE" because I am home taking care of EVERY DAMN THING. Like a 50's housewife.

I am so glad you have Netflix again because there are so many things for you to watch. I just started watching The Crown and it is SO GOOD. Mike doesn't like it but I am in LOVE with it.

I love that you have projects for yourself! We all need things to look forward to with what is going on. :)

Ally Bean said...

Still in quarantine? I adore you wisdom about knowing when to ask a teenage girl for style advice. You're right it's all in the timing.

I do remember that scene in Bridesmaids and will think of you thusly whenever I think about exercising. Which is something I can go without for days on end, but not you so I'm sorry you can't workout like you want to.

My biggest accomplishment for 2020 so far is not to have gone ballistic on anyone. I think that remaining calm despite what has been happening is a feather in my cap. There have been moments... but I have remained sort of like Mother Teresa... at least pleasant enough.

Ernie said...

Suz - we are still in quarantine. We tested negative on Saturday. I reached out to my families to see if anyone wants to start back before Friday (when we are officially 'done'). I explained that we tested negative and that Tank really stayed in his room the whole time - only used the basement bathroom and always wore a mask, but that I would let them decided what they wanted to do. I still have to hear back from one family. The other families have coverage figured out anyway.

Yes, I have been writing and organizing and working out at home, which takes SO MUCH MORE MOTIVATION- approaching my self-crafted workouts can almost make me cry vs workouts at the club where I race there to get a good spot on the floor minus emotional breakdowns. No idea why that is.

Bridesmaids was so genius.

My casual dress has new sleeves. Pretty pleased with myself. Photos at some point.

Ernie said...

Kari - occasionally I need to remind Coach who wears the pants around here. Kidding, but I was seriously ticked about his decision to cancel Netflix. No can do.

The girls and I have been watching Dead to Me and LOVING it. OMG. Brilliant. Just started season 2. Reg binge watched Cobra Kai and he is bummed to have to wait until January for the next installment.

I am tackling these projects and starting to feel super accomplished. No work is a gift. Said no one ever.

Ernie said...

Ally -
At one point I must've told the girls no more Dead To Me viewings until they helped me with my closet clean out. Mini comes into my study every night and asks if I'm ready to go clean my closet. Coach goes to be super early most nights because he gets up before 5 to go to work. (we live 7 minutes from his job but he has early patients. I couldn't do it). So, we have yet to figure out the timing for the closet. It's still untouched yet I cave every time and we watch Dead To Me.

Not going ballistic on anyone IS an accomplishment. My kids are still making fun of me for barking at the lawn treatment guy for ringing the bell when I had JUST GOTTEN THE TWINS BACK TO SLEEP for their naps. He woke them up, and I saw red. I don't think the lawn treatment guy has EVER rung the bell before. Of course.

Kara said...

Good luck with everything! Especially the closet clean out. Our lockdown accomplishment was creating a workable office in the den and doing a purge of the kids living room. It was amazing how much toys and junk they had stashed in the cubbies that hadn't been touched for years. It all got thrown out, except for the few things that are actually in use. I sent a big box of Barbie dolls and their clothes to my sister's kids. We cleaned the garage too. Still don't park cars in there, but it's clean now.

I think that I would probably go through Lad's stuff and wash and fold all of the laundry, because eww, the smell. Bin it, and put it in storage so the rest of the family can use the space as needed. If you can't deal with it mentally, can one of the other kids (for a price, I'm not above bribery)? Laundry doesn't need to be perfect, just clean.

Ernie said...

Kara - Earlier in lockdown we cleaned out the basement where all the kids' toys are. We made some interesting discoveries. I have kept lots of toys because of my babysitting but even I realized that there was no more need for 80 Beanie Babies.

I have done all of his laundry. I have boxed everything up. He has SO much clothings. It is crazy. I don't think he has ever eliminated anything. We can tell from his bank account that he continues to buy more clothes. From what I have read, it is a way for him to fill a void. We are careful with our money and it is mindblowing.

All Lad's belongings are pushed to the corner of the big boys' room - that is mostly vacant right now. Ed will be in there for the next few months. The whole room looks transformed. Reg does go in there for studying and now that I have cleaned it - I know if he brings a sleeve of Oreos up there.

Bibliomama said...

Good for you for not backing down on Netflix. To my mind it's one of the best value-for-price things around. I feel bad that Tank seems to be getting blamed for getting Covid - surely he didn't do it on purpose? Lol at "the plan was to have FUN, so NO on inviting his parents". Thank God my parents are fun. The Bridesmaids scene was hilarious, and reminds me of a Will and Grace one where Grace tries to "steal exercise" and then finds out the woman she was following was training to reduce her bust and she says "oh my god. What have I done?"

Anonymous said...

Honestly, my only goal for lockdown is to make it through with as much household grace and happiness as possible. And to not lose my job to the pressure of simultaneous young-child parenting and working.

My county officially hits Stay at Home again on Friday. By the numbers I've been watching, we've been in the red on all measures for more than two weeks.

I'm unexpectedly calm and ok with things so far this time around. Don't know if that will change, but it helps that it isn't new anymore. I'm expecting things to be hard, but at least I already know how it'll be hard as well as what to do and how to do it. Groceries via pickup, gifts via order, no socializing, no relatives.

Ernie said...

Ali - I agree, Netflix is a great deal. To think of all the years we wasted money on Direct TV and could never find anything to watch. Coach is salty because as soon as we bumped over to YouTube TV the price went up and then we added Netflix and the same thing happened. Still - those two combined, cheaper than Direct TV.

We haven't REALLY been upset with Tank. He most likely got covid at the warehouse type job he goes to. And we've told him not to go so often, like he was going daily. He didn't mean to get covid, of course.

Your parents SOUND fun, and I only know a few other people whose in laws or folks add to the fun vibe at a party. Jealous. My in laws are wacky, religious zealots. Judgmental. My sis in law knows 'how they are' but cuts them a lot of slack. Fair enough, they're her parents. She also likes to avoid making a trip to visit them locally (still a hike for any of us) before they head south for the winter.

I used to watch Will and Grace, but I don't remember that episode. Hilarious.

Ernie said...

Anonymous - yes, we are feeling the same here . . . back to more restrictions. Having been quarantining for 2 weeks, my grocery stocks are dwindling as we were only really getting essentials. I am hoping everything isn't picked over by the time I get to the store.