November 10, 2020

breaking news: BOUND TO HAPPEN

The inevitable has happened . . . one of us HAS IT. Damn it, this sucks. Big time.

I don't even think I can write about our quest to find him a test. It's still too fresh - and that was Friday . . . this is Monday. I'm not over the locate-a-test nightmare. I wanted to get him a 15 minute deal SO WE KNEW. Those seemed to only be available to people willing to donate a kidney or something. No idea. We didn't find one despite the delightful 4 hours I spent online trying.

Our pediatrician office is at the end of our street. Crazy close. They HAVE the quick tests, hooray - oh, wait . . . 

I switched Tank to our Family Practice awhile ago. The pediatrician wouldn't test him since he is no longer 'their' patient. I was tempted to have him walk in on his knees and hope for foggy medical person's PP gear (I'm calling it this because I don't know the name, Personal Protection gear . . . work with me, I'm stuck at home with ticked off kids and I'm losing a butt load of money, so GROUCHY).

The doc at the Family Practice called us at 1 pm on Friday - after I called there at 8:15 am. Oh, I guess I should point out that Tank started with a fever on Thursday evening. Backing up . . . 

Thursday night went like this:  Tank left his big ass size 15 men's shoes in my kitchen. I SCREAMED his name. Got distracted. Screamed his name again. While I shoveled dinner in my pie hole, Curly took over SCREAMING for him to get to the kitchen. I started to realize he was either dead or he had headphones in.

He walked into the kitchen looking dead. He'd been napping. Huh? At 5:30 pm. Why? He insisted he wasn't sick. 

I drove to my favorite place (Irish dancing). At a stoplight I texted the BRAND NEW FAMILY that was starting the next morning. "Remind me please what time you are dropping off?" 7:15.  Perfect, time to get to my early workout class.

Instead of waiting in my car, I came home. My house was begging to be organized. Tank called me on my way:  "Where do we keep the thermometer?" 


30 minutes later I called the BRAND NEW FAMILY (after I JUST asked them what time they were dropping off) to let them know my son had a fever. 

He couldn't have gotten sick while I was still sitting 3 days a week? Had to wait until I was bumping up to 5 days a week and getting paid 5 days a week? 

This poor family. Her first week back to work after having a baby and WHAMO - lost their babysitting. I feel awful. 

Anyway, the doc said he'd call in an order for Tank to test at a hospital. What if they had called in a test right WHEN I CALLED IN THE MORNING? He said I'd get the results on Sunday. Apparently he meant Monday. So, that was fun.

Hey, at least it was 74 degrees out when we waited in line FOR TWO HOURS.

Boring picture, but this was what it looked like
 once we got to the front of the line.

That's my silver lining.  The 74, not the 2.

Tank waited in the car, because his back hurt. Um, I waited in line for HOURS the previous morning at the DMV so my back felt perfect, thanks for asking. 

This is not much of a photo, but this is the line at the DMV after I was done and in my car. You can't see how far the line went but it was BLOCKS long. Nuts. I got there at 6:07 am and they opened at 7:30 am an I was done at 8:45 am. For all the lines I waited in last week, I could've been having some serious fun in Disney World.

Fast forward to today. Tank admitted that HE called the doctor's office yesterday (Sunday). I was like, huh? Tank:  "It's a doctor's office, they're always open." Sure.

Reggie has moved into Ed and Lad's empty room. Tank has been banished to he and Reg's room, the smallest room in the house. When he leaves his prison, he wears 4 masks on top of each other and uses hand sanitizer. 

I felt a little flush Sunday afternoon. I took my temperature several times. It got up to 99. I laid in my bed for a bit. My eyes felt a little sucked into my head. And my head felt a tad woozy. But all these things can be attributed to an impending lack of iron as I am INCREDIBLY anemic, and Aunt Flo is about to visit. I rallied, and got out of bed and went for a walk. 

Tank escaped last night to beg for more food (he usually texts or video chats to let us know that he needs nourishment and once to ask if he could shower). He shared that he was sort of wishing that I DID have covid because then EVERYONE would get it and he could re-enter shared spaces. 

Then he pointed out that his lamp wasn't working (I've been meaning to replace it, because even a new lightbulb doesn't always work, not reliable). He described how he sits in darkness. Eating his meals on the floor like a dog. He has moved a folding chair in there. In typical Tank style, he had me doubled over. 

If I could be guaranteed that we'd all end up with very mild symptoms like Tank (who had a fever on Thursday and a slight cough, but nothing since), I think we'd all share a cup of juice or a toothbrush or something. 

What if we quarantine, and next month someone else in the fam gets it? Then we have to quarantine all over again. No babysitting, etc. So, I want it but I don't want it. 

I just got the high school to put Reggie in the E group, so he can attend school daily. That guy NEEDS classroom style learning. *sigh*

I guess we will all get tested in a few days to see if anyone has it while symptom free. When I suggested this to Mini, she said, "Well, I mean you'd probably know if you had it because really only young people get it with no symptoms and you are old."

Pray for us, because after comments like that I'm not sure we are going to survive quarantining together. 

On Wednesday, I will return to my neighbor story - it's the finale (although with my neighbors, is it every really OVER?). Get excited. I think you will be surprised and pleased. 


Kari said...

I mean, with six kids, I am shocked you haven't had it yet. So you should be proud of yourselves that you held out this long! But I am sorry because I know it sucks and that it is going to be a long haul if someone else gets it and so on. Let's hope that it is mild symptoms all around and that no one else gets it.

Maybe having that mild weather, in the beginning, was good because most likely you had windows open?

Sending healing air hugs to all of you. :)

ccr in MA said...

Trust you to make it funny, but I'm sorry to hear it anyway! Good luck with this.

Ally Bean said...

Well, phooey. What a lousy thing to happen. I await your update on how things are going. Also, stay safe, be well-- ok?

Anonymous said...


One of my several nightmares, which I have planned for as best I can, is the likelihood of us getting it on a rolling basis. So as Person A begins to improve, Person B gets sick, all at obnoxious 2-3 week intervals. Sucks if you're on that path. Hope you aren't.

Ernie said...

Kari - I would've thought Coach would've brought it home from one of his patients. Tank is VERY UNPOPULAR in these parts. Poor kid. It has been very hard to keep everyone on a short leash. Tank has gone to one of his jobs everyday after school. He wears a mask, etc. but it is in a warehouse and my guess is that people he works with who make minimum wage show up to work even if they don't feel great because they cannot afford to miss work. Just a guess and that is the place outside of our home where he goes the most. His desire to get paid his little bit has ended up costing me a pile of cash. He's lucky we are still delivering food to him. Kidding. Sort of.

Suzanne said...

Oh man, what a bummer! I'm sorry Tank is sick and I hope it either skips everyone else OR goes through you all at once very quickly and mildly.

Ernie said...

ccr - thanks for the compliment - but with most things, if I can't find the humor in something it just festers. Hoping this is our only case FOREVER. Come on vaccine. Get it done smarty-pants scientists, P-l-e-a-s-e!

Ernie said...

Ally - I have coughed a few times. Like literally a few times, and I've sat up and gone 'IS THIS IT? DO I HAVE IT?' I so wish that IF we were all going to get it that we would just all do so now. Won't necessarily work that way. Keep you posted.

Ernie said...

Anonymous - It is a concern. I have little experience with this but I just feel like he is the only one who is going to get it this time around. If one of us was going to get it from him, then I think we would have. Curly went to one day of travel b-ball and now misses two weeks. Poop. She has a huge Irish dancing championship coming up Thanksgiving weekend. Just trying to assume we will stay healthy this round and have no other issues. Fingers crossed.

Kara said...

That's awful (and Tank is hilarious with his woe is me texts, btw). I hope you guys get through this quickly and don't have to quarantine forever.

Ernie said...

Suzanne - My thoughts exactly. I know they say Tank is contagious for 10 days after his last symptom, but I find it crazy hard to believe that any of us could still get it at this point if we haven't already. He had a fever on Thursday and this is Tuesday . . . no one else feels lousy, at all.

Ernie said...

Kara - Thanks, fingers crossed that this is our only issue. Tank's pleading text for a shower was hysterical. I hadn't realized he hadn't showered. When he video-chatted me in his very dark room, his eyebrows looked an inch thick. We were all passing the phone around laughing our butts off at the vision of him. He kept wiggling his eyebrows to enhance the goofy image. Even with that kid locked away in his room, he keeps us laughing (although we all threaten to strangle him too).

Curly keeps saying that Tank is living his best life - laying around and getting food delivered and not having to pitch in around the house.

Gigi said...

Oh! I'm hoping he recovers quickly and that none of the rest of you were infected!

Charlie said...

Oh no! Hoping for the best outcome for you all (not sure if that means I hope you all get it & are well or I hope none of you have it!). What a f up Covid is to our daily lives. We have an NHS test and trace Bluetooth app here in the U.K. and a couple of weeks ago it messaged me to say I had been exposed to someone with Covid. I couldn’t work out who or how, but self isolated for the 11 days it told me to. My last night it messages me to say I am about to come out of self isolation and my test came back negative. I didn’t take a test! I think I just wasted 11 days of my life staying indoors. Although there is national lockdown 2.0 here now, so nowhere to go!

Ernie said...

Gigi - he feels fine, but that isn't stopping him from diving us CRAZY. He entered the kitchen with 4 masks on to get more dinner and then preceded to tell us more info than we cared to know about his thoughts on the possible vaccine.

Ernie said...

Charlie - I totally agree. Not sure what to hope for, a quick case and we can ALL BE DONE or we don't get it. I just CANNOT believe that any of us will get it, if we haven't gotten it yet. My head still feels fuzzy, but I keep attributing that to iron deficiency. Not sure how long I can get away with that. We are quarantining anyway.

I wonder if they had you mistaken for someone else, that WOULD SUCK! I cannot believe that . . . 'your test was negative', huh?

Cheryl said...

Uh oh. I guess it was inevitable. I hope it's a very mild case and no one else gets it and you can get back to babysitting.

Iron deficiency? I had a roommate who had the same problem. She would eat piles of liver (yuck) that she cooked in the kitchen with a clothes pin on her nose. Of course the rest of us could still smell it.

I sometimes wonder, what we would have done, if covid had happened when I was growing up with a shitload(9)of people in the house. Now I can live vicariously thru you!

Eli said...

Yikes! Hoping for quick and mild cases for any/all of you who become infected.

Ernie said...

Cheryl - Yes, I tend to be anemic thanks to my celiac disease. It wore down my filia and I don't do great at absorption - it isn't usually a problem. that reminds me, used to eat liverwurst for lunch in high school. It's a wonder I had any friends.

I have thought about what life would've been like back when I was a kid if there was a pandemic. There certainly wouldn't have been e-learning. I hated school (a bunch of rich snobs/mean girls) and this would've been my perfect life. Oh, we also didn't have hand sanitizer so yes, a big household would've fallen sick quickly - I would think.

Ernie said...

Eli - Thanks, fingers crossed.

Beth Cotell said...

UGGGGHHHHHH! I'm so sorry. I hope no one else gets it! And literally every time anyone of us coughs I'm like DO YOU HAVE THE VIRUS??????

Ernie said...

Beth- Coach says I had a coughing fit while sleeping the other night. I have no recollection but according to him it went for quite awhile and he cannot believe I did not remember it. I've had a horrible head ache for days. Wondering 'is this it?' Will get tested later this week or maybe next.

Ernie said...

Suz - Thanks - he has felt fine since the initial fever. I find it so hard to believe that we can will still catch it if we haven't yet. But, science.

I've had a headache for a few days that I cannot shake . . . that might be from my fellow quarantine-mates. Reg caused a major mess last might that I might blog about soon. Seriously unbelievable. It might be easier to just move than to deal with this. Just what we needed, particularly now that I am aging rapidly and must use my cane to get around. ;)