November 27, 2020

ALERT short post: random photos, a flashback, & garlic anyone?

Never been more random, but as I look through my google -photos I come across stuff I meant to write about and never did . . . so here's a treat.

I know the election has passed and I'm just going to say without trying to start a political discussion because that is just not my style,  . . .  this bumper sticker that is proudly displayed on all of our cars still holds up four years later, if you ask me: 

Someone needs a car wash, but once the gas cap stops closing on its own - who's really going to bother with car upkeep? I love this bumper sticker. No, I don't want to talk about it.

Below is a photo I made Mini pose for back when each kid needed to whip up his/her own meal . . . this was Mini's idea of chopping garlic. I wonder which family member she wanted to choke. Or perhaps she just wanted to keep vampires away.

"Why do the Shenanigans have SUCH horrid garlic breath," said almost everyone within a 5 mile radius of our house. Although I guess since it was lock-down, no one really would have been impacted much. Then again, those are some sizeable chunks so you never know.

Here is a photo that I obsessed over during lockdown. I don't remember why I felt so compelled to locate it, but I did. It actually didn't take me all that long to find it in the bottom of a bin. Proof of my style:  organized chaos.

It makes my heart so happy and wistful when I look at it. This, in case you couldn't guess is MY kindergarten photo from Davenport, Iowa. It may have taken me extra long to learn my right from my left or how to tell time, but my memory is as sharp as a tack. I remember so much about kindergarten. 

For instance, this boy in the front row was TROUBLE - note he is wearing a Farah Faucet t-shirt to our picture day. One of the other girls in the class warned me about him - like he had much older brothers, maybe one had been in jail. It makes me wonder what the real story was and where he is now.

Me: top far left on the end, long hair, gingham dress
3rd girl from top left with glasses, Theresa aka'square-head'
Front row, looks ticked, far right - Amy Hollinger, real name.
Farah wearing guy - bottom row, far left
My next door neighbor: John Barker - striped turtle neck, middle row, middle kid
Red head Sarah (I think, real name) - middle row 3rd from left
Blond who looked like Cindy Brady, but cuter - middle row, 2nd from right, Theresa followed her around like a puppy, Theresa was her henchman. NO one would mess with blondie. Maybe Blondie's name was Beth?

I always thought Theresa had a square head (she's wearing glasses). She was the blond girl's sidekick, only because I was in kindergarten and I was still young, but my adult self would march up to her if she pissed me off on the playground: "Theresa over there is your bitch."  Well as an adult I wouldn't say that to children - but if I knew that lingo back in the day . . . I remember they teamed up on me occasionally.

The girl with the red hair, Sarah, was one of my besties. I once attended a sleepover at her house and never slept. Mom wasn't overly impressed with that accomplishment.

Amy Hollinger lived in my neighborhood. I remember playing at her house. She had cool games like Mouse Trap and Operation, which we NEVER owned. A form of child abuse, perhaps. 

The bus stop was at Amy's house at the top of the hill. My next door neighbor, John Barker, and I used to walk to the bus stop ALONE - there were no sidewalks. Every day, as soon as we reached the base of the hill and began our assent (like the bus stop was probably 10 or 12 houses away from where we lived and no parents walked with us, red flags anyone?) John would ask me the same question:           


Not to worry, I delivered the brush off like an old pro. "John, let's not talk about it today." He was a persistent one. I imagine his adult self being  VERY similar to the character Dwight on The Office. 

I loved my teacher, Mrs. Haring. The first time I met her, she pointed to her bouffant hair and then her ring in order to teach me her name:  Mrs. HAIR - RING. She was the best. She loved the color yellow and embraced polyester pantsuits. Who didn't? It was the 70s.

Did you struggle in the kitchen as a teen? Eventually find your way? I'm looking for a glimmer of hope here for Mini. Memories that stretch back to kindergarten? I remember being so quiet in 1st grade that when I dropped my pencil while at the round reading table, I neglected to get up and find it. Well, that ended badly. I got scolded by the teacher for not doing  my work. But I'll stop there or this won't be a 'short post.'


Suzanne said...

OMG what a cute picture of you!!! Looking through old photos is so fun.

Cheryl said...

I kept looking for you on the far left on the end...but that's you on the far right...right? Next to the male teacher in the suit? You are such a cutie-patootie!

That sexy Farrah Fawcett t-shirt on a 5 year old? Really? That was a famous poster of her, the most famous of all. I had a tall insulated mug(my husband's) that I used at work to drink the gallons of water we all are supposed to drink. it is the exact match to that kid's shirt. If I'm not mistaken, Farrah's nipple(s) were "hard" least that's what all the pervert male guys I worked with would say when they looked (ogled) at my mug. Another thing? It was said, if you looked closely, the word SEX was in the pic of Farrah and yes, I saw it. It was the kind of thing where you have to almost cross your eyes to see. A picture hidden in a picture if you will. (It has a name)
Farrah really was a beauty, but such a mess. How can you leave Heath Barkley from Big Valley for that jerk Oliver Barrett IV from Love Story?

Someone needs to get Mini a garlic press, lol. So much easier than chopping. Since you guys eat so much garlic have you ever cut the top off a WHOLE head, drizzle olive oil all over it, pop it in the microwave and cook until soft, and than scoop out the garlic "guts" and either eat them like that or slather a piece of bread with the softened garlic and eat it that way? I haven't ever done that, but my sister and nieces have been known to eat it like that. None of them are married BTW. lol.

Ernie said...

Suzanne - Thanks - apparently I mistakenly claimed to be on the far left and I was on the far right. Oops.

Ernie said...

Cheryl - I am cracking up, but you ARE RIGHT - I AM on the far right. If you read my last post about my academic issues and my struggles knowing right from left, then this would make perfect sense.

I do think that Farrah Faucet t-shirt kid was messed up. I kept my distance.

Ah, a garlic press, I should definitely add this to my kitchen. I've really only been using garlic in my cooking recently (except chili - always chop it up for chili). Mini will be ALL OVER that garlic suggestion. And Coach will be pleased too as it will keep the boyfriends away for sure. Ha.

Suz said...

There will be no vampires at your house. Or guests with all that garlic!
I love your kindergarten picture; you were so cute. Well, you're STILL so cute, but taller now.
I love your funny memories of your classmates. I have no recollection of my kindergarten classmates aside from this one tall red-headed boy who always was in line before me when we had to (force) use the restroom. He always left a big old turd in the toilet for me to see.
Thank goodness you didn't marry Dwight! Can you imagine??
We also walked a long way to the bus stop, unattended. But as I've said before, I was mostly unattended for my first 18 years.

Ernie said...

Suz - You can never trust the red-heads. Do you see how I wrote in my caption that I was on the left and I was REALLY on the right? I guess I could edit it, but it does tie in so well with how I just admitted my disfunction in the previous post. Unplanned. I swear.

I have so many clear-as-day memories of the days we lived in Iowa. Many are quotes from 'Dwight' the boy next door. He was a quirky weird dude.

My kids can't believe that I let Lad and Ed walk up the block (about 8 houses) and through a vacant lot to a bus stop in an adjacent neighborhood. I could not see them get on the bus. I do tend to be old school. How did we all survive the 70s and 80s?