October 9, 2020

Quick - the 30 day countdown has already begun . . . Netflix is here

 Big news . . . we got a 30 day free trial of Netflix last week.  I know, thank you for welcoming us to the 20th century.  I honestly considered posting this update the next day but I hadn't alerted anyone to an unexpected post from me, and I figured it would go unnoticed.  Plus, I was too sleepy to sit at the computer.

The documentary 'The Social Dilemma' prompted this gigantic move for our family.  I'd heard of it multiple times, but when Ed texted Coach and I to say that he just watched it with fraternity brothers and that it made him fear for Reg, well:  he got Coach's attention. 

Ed shared that 1/2 of his fraternity brothers deleted all social media after they watched it.  

We watched it, and it was unsettling - in an OPEN YOUR EYES kind of way.  I'm not a big social media user, and Mini can never even FIND her phone, so she is not all that addicted.  The three older boys have never been overly obsessed, but certainly room for improvement.  I do suspect Lad probably relies on feedback from social media too much.  Sadly.  

Then there's Reggie.  Lawdy.  We'd already been on high alert with his phone use/interest in his phone but now we're super aware.  

We had required attendance to the documentary viewing- Tank had volleyball practice so he'll have to watch it at another time.  Reg and Curly were on the couch when I arrived, Mini was on the love-seat, and Coach was in his recliner.  This marks the first time that I didn't insist on laying down on the couch with my feet up.  Instead I squished between Reg and Curly.  This was a day after a terrible night sleep, so 20 minutes in I was dozing.  

My sleepiness is not a reflection on the documentary at all - it was excellent.  I was just not able to keep my eyes open.  Not to worry though because each time I closed my eyes Reg and Curly nudged me or blew in my face or found some way to irritate me, which was delightful.

Note to self: Revert back to demanding the full couch and only inviting a couch-buddy willing to massage my feet.  

A few nights later, there were no kids home.  It was Friday.  Coach and I tailor what we watch based on who is joining us.  I think I have mentioned, he is pickier than I am.  In all honesty sometimes it's just that I forget 'bad'scenes.  It's a gift, or a curse, depending on how you look at my ability to forget that there's something inappropriate about to happen. Maybe this is from my Catholic school education - I block out the 'R' rated stuff.  

Coach picked out a movie to watch that night.  It was called '22 July'.  Well, this was a good movie, but it was also disturbing and horrifying.  Given the current emotional drama we're enduring on the home-front, I think we both would've preferred a comedy or something lighter than a bunch of kids being killed in a terrorist attack in Norway.  Call me crazy.

I do look forward to watching this documentary about the Challenger.  Photo compliments of Netflix.

I recently posted a very incomplete list of movies we've watched, so since we are talking about Netflix I thought I would revisit this list.

Have you seen the Mr. Rogers movie?  'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.'  Love.  Like, I seriously loved it.  I did grow up watching the man and his affinity for cardigans and kindness, so that might be why I was so into it -but the movie was delightful.  

This was back when I was working on my photo albums.  When the movie ended, I couldn't reach the remote as I was buried under an  almost complete album. (imagine a sleepy me giving myself a pep talk:  'Just a few more pages').  Special features rolled and I was glad that I watched that as well.  They talked about making the set and I thought, DANG, I SHOULD'VE GONE INTO SET DESIGN OR COSTUME CREATION.  Have you seen my Halloween costumes?  

Did I miss my calling, or what?

Sometimes I wish I'd been more thoughtful in a potential career path.  Had more encouragement or received more direction.  Business, yuck.  Hate.  What was I thinking?  

Months ago:  'Invisible Man.'  So good, and I don't like sci-fi, but it was quite believable.  

Movies appropriate for a 12 year old like Curly: Logan Lucky - I had never even heard of this. We replayed the bar scene in the beginning like a million times.  Channing Tatum and Adam Driver are in it. Cute, light. Silly.  

** I must share that I initially typed Channing's name as Tatum O'Neal.  I was so proud of myself for knowing an actor's name. Then I thought "best to google that, because this is not my strong suit", um WHOOPS! Now you know how accurate I was in my John Denver post from Monday. **

Also, the Winning Season with Sam Rockwell - somewhat entertaining in a kid-appropriate way, about a high school girls' basketball team and their inappropriate coach.  It's old, '09 maybe.  Um, one of the girls on the team is the same real life name as Mini and then her BFF in the movie? - Mini's actual BFF's name.  Curly and I were dying.  I know you are all racing to watch the movie to see if you can figure out that riddle.

We watched a few movies from days gone by while in lock-down and we were surprised that 'Raiders of the Lost Arc' felt slow-moving and even boring at times.  Like, what?  Years ago that felt like major action.  

Now that I have Netflix, I am relying on you to share recommendations.  Movies?  Series?  I am hoping to keep it after the 30 day trial, but I have to see what's available.  And, have you watched anything that you thought was the bomb as a kid, and now you're like: what?  why the hype?


Kari Wagner Hoban said...

OMG WELCOME!!! Check out all of my Tater Tot posts for all sorts of Netflix suggestions. Also, The Playbook might interest Coach.
Lots of good older movies on there too. We love Gilmore Girls, not sure if you have ever watched it but it is a family-friendly show and our entire family loved it. It takes time to fall in love with it though, so give it time. Same with Schitt's Creek. It took us until the end of season two (I KNOW), so we skipped to season two because I am impatient.

So excited for all of you! :)

Anonymous said...

We have Netflix because my husband is a big movie person, but he watches them after I'm in bed. We're on different sleep/wake schedules, with him running later and me running earlier. The only things I watch on it are Great British Bake-Off and Queer Eye, both of which I like quite a lot.

And can still stand to watch. For me, one weird side effect of everything that is 2020 has been that I can't take a lot of drama in the form of shows or movies. Baking and makeovers, yes, anything with obnoxious people or plots, no. I tried a bit back in May/June, but it was so painfully irrelevant, even when I was trying to watch things I'd previously liked. I'd really like to get past this, but I'm not there yet.

Ally Bean said...

Netflix is fun. We rarely watch movies on it, instead opting for TV series. I especially like the TV shows that feature female leads. Dead To Me is great. And of course, Schitts Creek is hilarious. And if you like British History, The Crown is amazing.

Ernie said...

Kari - I will use Tater Tots as my new TV guide, remember when the TV guide used to come in the Sunday paper? I do enjoy Gilmore Girls, for certain I never watched the entire series. And I think Schitts Creek is right up our alley. I was thinking we should check it out of the library, but hey - this is easier.

Ernie said...

Anonymous - We are movie people, but back when TV was just weekly shows and there was nothing more but Blockbuster, we got into shows like 'ER' and 'Castle', etc. Shows tend to be better for us, because we struggle to stay awake.

I hear you on not tolerating nonsense. I am the same way but in real life - I feel much more prepared to tell people off as needed vs stewing about it. People can be dopes and they exhaust me. More on that in an upcoming post . . . and it involves a neighbor - but not 'that' neighbor. Not sure you've been here before, so that might be lost on you.

Ernie said...

Ally - Yes, I think we have the potential to get into a TV series, because we often can't stay awake long enough for a movie. Dead to Me - that's the ONE I remember wishing I could watch. I couldn't think of the name. Sweet. I've also been gearing up for some Schitts Creek, having only seen bits and pieces over the years. I think that one is right up our alley. Love me some good laughs.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Kudos to you guys for joining the rest of civilization! :) We do enjoy Netflix, but when someone asks me what I've loved there, I tend to forget.
I've not heard of Logan Lucky, but I also think of Tatum O'Neil when I think of Channing Tatum. Must be the abs. LOL
I've tried watching Schitts Creek at least 3 times and could not get past the 4th episode. Why? I have no idea.
The Coach and I watched Alone this past month. It's really good and I think your entire family would enjoy it; it's a reality show, but one that shows the true grit and ingenuity of survivors. There are many different seasons, but you don't have to watch the seasons in order because they are totally separate, but just watch the episodes in order.
Dead to me was great; not sure if it's good for your younger set, but you'd love the dark humor.
I LOVED The Crown---SO very good!
Stranger Things-it's really good, set in the 70's, but I'm not gonna lie, it scared me a little bit.
If I think of anything else, I'll come back.
Oh, yes, you totally could have been a professional costume maker/designer. Next time!

Ernie said...

Suz- Alone does sound good. And I am going to check out the other stuff. I have heard a ton about Stranger Things, maybe my college guys watched it. Coach and I just started watching Schitts Creek a few nights ago when we had time to watch something but neither of us had a chance of staying awake for very long. We chuckled a bit (on a night when we were not in the mood to laugh), so we might watch it again.

Tank just had a friend over last night and I have a million pics all over the basement and his buddy was chatting with me about my costumes.

On a college visit now and I like to remind my kids my folks didn't do thst. It was go here or here. Plus no internet. My way of reminding them to be grateful.