September 1, 2020

the negatives of positive

Covid:  Ed called Sunday morning while I was on my walk.  He borrowed a car and drove 30 minutes at 5 am to be tested.  He waited hours.  Only so many walk-up spots.  Results in 20 min.  Positive.  Damn.  (yes, he wiped down the car and left windows open)

Now what?  The frat wanted him to leave, despite the fact that the first floor was all quarantine rooms.  I think they just wanted to extricate the virus, and maybe leave rooms open for kids from California, etc.  

Frat president:  Can you go home?

Ed:  No.

If he came home, Coach couldn't work.  I couldn't babysit.  We would all get it.  Fortunately, Ed has no symptoms.  His roomie felt really tired one day, so he got tested on Saturday.  Positive.  Thus Ed testing.

We offered to pick him up and bring him to an extended stay hotel really close to home, or Mary Ann's house (hee hee).  I could drop off food, etc. (at the hotel, not at Mary Ann's - she would probably call Amazon to say they delivered something to her by mistake.  For once).  We would drive the Great White and create a divider before the last row out of garbage bags and bed sheets (well over 6 feet from the driver), drive with windows down, masks on, etc.  

Roomie left on Saturday evening.  Spent one night at home, not far from us, then drove to his folks' lake house in Wisconsin to quarantine.  Had the frat not encouraged him to leave (and just had him stay in a quarantine room), he would have waited for Ed and they could be there together.  

The frat president feels bad about this, Roomie feels terrible about not waiting, and Ed feels like he is in a prison cell.  

The quarantine hall is off of the kitchen, so someone yelled out while getting his meal last night:  Hey lepers, or how are all the covid cases, or something along those lines.

Ed:  It's coming for you!

Glad they are feeling well enough to keep a sense of humor.  

Now that a few more buddies have tested positive, they might all drive to Roomie's lake house and quarantine together once they work out a car situation.  

Apparently Roomie said they will need groceries and the nearest store that they could order and pick up from is 30 minutes away, so I will be putting a box of food out on my driveway for them to stop and grab on their way.  Just don't share that info with the raccoons that always seem to be afoot when I least expect them.  Food is my love language, or something, I guess, because I already have a box prepared and a list.  I might make sloppy joe's later today.  That shit feeds the masses and my kids are crazy about it.  
I might downsize the box the longer they stay at school waiting for a buddy with a car to get sick (well, that sounds shitty), because by the time they get to WI they won't need as much food.  Ten days of quarantine.

Tank:  Can he stop here on his way to Wisconsin and spit in my glass of milk?  (Tank wants to get it so he can get it over with, or have an excuse to miss school. Don't worry, he is NOT being careless, he just likes to make us laugh).  Ed says he is very glad to get it now and be done with it.  Not during finals, etc. 

Most of the guys he knows have very few symptoms, a sign that the virus is weakening, mutating, or whatever - my sister the nurse explained this.  A few guys have chills and fever.  Ed did say a kid who had no symptoms ended up losing his senses of smell and taste after 5 days and that sucks.  When we discussed that this might happen to him, we both recognized that it sounds like his appetite would be in tact so he wouldn't be wasting away.

I have not wigged out about this.  It helps that he feels well, like totally normal.  Personally I don't think the colleges should have opted to just e-learn.  I wish my other kids' schools would welcome them back with restrictions in place.

I am glad Ed will have it out of the way.  I am also glad that it will be in the 70s here today so that I can make food for he and his fellow positive test buddies.  

Not trying to start a covid debate, and not planning to run out onto my driveway to hug my kid.  A wave and a box of food will suffice.  


Nicole MacPherson said...

Sorry to hear he's positive, hope he and his friends continue to just have mild symptoms.

Suzanne said...

What a bummer. I hope he continues to feel mainly okay and that he and his buddies recover soon.

Kari said...

I have a child with an underlying condition so my take is obviously different than yours but I am so glad that he doesn't have really bad symptoms.

I do feel bad for the families who don't have health insurance or families who have generations living at home with them.

Like you said, you couldn't have him come home because you babysit, you have other children living at home. So you understand how devastating that could potentially be.

I am glad you all are healthy and safe and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. Sending healing thoughts to your son and I hope he and his friends continue to stay healthy through all of this. :)

Ernie said...

Nicole - Yes, I hope so too. I think I would feel worse about it if he was feeling lousy and he was away at school recovering on his own.

Suzanne - I do not know anyone else who has had it, so I have no idea what to expect . . . feel worse later? Eventually get a fever? It will probably be crappy to lose sense of smell and taste, but overall I think that sounds better than feeling really ill.

Kari - It would consider it inconvenient if we got it due to quarantine and missing work and school, but fortunately I don't think it would be devastating. Ed quarantining with buddies will add another chapter to his unique college experience. Hopefully they won't have to deal with any unexpected crappy fevers, etc. at some point. Appreciate the healing thoughts.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh goodness.
I honestly believe that at some point we will all have (or have already had?) the virus.
I know of a lot of people who have tested positive and not had ONE symptom.

Too bad he couldn't wait this out in a lake house....sounds like torture, right?

You are such a good mom, feeding the masses. I hope he continues to feel good.
Be well.

Ernie said...

Suz - That must have a lot to do with the spreading factor - Ed felt fine and only got tested because his roommate did. Otherwise how do you even know? If you know people with zero symptoms, maybe Ed will get to keep his sense. The boy has always had a lot of sense. Ha, I'll be there all week. He is still hoping to get to the lake house. I think he now feels he is on a mission from God. If someone tests positive with a car . . . bingo. He really doesn't want me to make a bunch of food, but I assured him if they do not end up stopping to pick it up - the excess food will still be eaten. Has he not met us?

Beth Cotell said...

Since he has no symptoms, could he be one of the false positives? Anyway, I'm glad he is still feeling well and I hope he continues to be symptom free. You should share this magical sloppy joe recipe with us!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear he tested positive. I hope he continues to be asymptomatic and sails through with nothing more than an anecdote. Love that your Mom instinct is to feed feed feed. That’s my mom’s go to as well. Moms are the best! :-)
Will keep you guys in my thoughts, Maddie

Gigi said...

I'm so glad that he is symptom free for now. This virus is wearing me out.

Ernie said...

Beth - I don't think it is a false positive because so many in his house have it. Tonight they announced the whole house is under quarantine. He told me tonight that if possible he feels even 100% better than the 100% he felt yesterday, just to demonstrate that he feels perfectly healthy, but Tank heard me tell Coach this and Tank said: "Wait, so the virus now makes feel better than they have ever felt?" Because he is a wise ass and he was making fun of Ed's exaggeration. Then Tank once again announced that he would like Ed to lick a piece of paper and send it to him in the mail.

I WILL happily share the sloppy joe recipe that I use. Huge hit again tonight. Sometime soon I will pop it into a post.

Maddie - My grandma had the feed, feed, feed instinct when my brother Pat was born. I was turning a year old and when I folks came from the hospital to pick me up I was unrecognizable. They couldn't fit me in my snow suit. Thanks for thinking of him.

Gigi = Fingers crossed that he continues to be symptom free. He might bypass the lake house retreat now that the entire house is in quarantine. Assuming that gives him freedom to move about the house. This virus has definitely overstayed its welcome.

Ally Bean said...

What a mess. Not surprising, but still... a mess. I'm glad your son is as ok as he can be under the circumstances, but the fact that there are circumstances is lousy. Stay safe, be well.

Charlie said...

Bastard virus! Glad he’s feeling well and you’re right in that it’s giving him a great tale to tell about his college years!

Kara said...

My kids feel the same way as Tank. They want to get it and get it over with.

I've known a couple of people who have gotten it, between the ages of 5 and 45. The cases have ranged from asymptomatic to pretty severe pneumonia. One friend lost her sense of smell and taste for three weeks and had no other symptoms. Another friend's young child tested positive with strep like symptoms, but nothing else, and no one else in the house got sick despite the child being around everyone. It's such a strange virus.

Ernie said...

Ally - since I last checked in, Ed's fraternity house has become a virus hotbed. Not surprising. It sounds like most people have almost no symptoms. He only has to quarantine for 10 days- 6 more to go.

Charlie - I feel like this is one of those things that my kids' grandkids will one day call them because they have to report on a relative who was alive during the pandemic. Oh, who am I kidding, I assume by then there will be no conversing - it will all be done via text.

Kara - Most of the kids in Ed's fraternity have mild symptoms, but he saw one kid today who didn't look so great. Ed asked him how he was and he answered: I feel worse than a dog's ass hole.

His entire fraternity is now on quarantine. 3 friends who live in a town near us all came home because they were all still negative. Ed is like "HOW?" He said they will NOT be going to the lake house after all, but not to worry he has an imaginary friend now.