August 6, 2020

longest project ever, not flawless, & deep breaths

(Blogger updated, or chose to toy with me - depending on how you look at it, and I am struggling to post my photos without wanting to kick someone at blogger between the eyes, and this font is crazy huge, but just going to try it for now.  Feedback welcome - does it scare you to think the post could be THIS long?  Or is it easy on the eyes?  Didn't mean to keep it this way but afraid if I change it my strategically placed photos will be messed up) . . . 

I didn't get around to writing my Wednesday post, but my photo albums are one step closer to being put together . . .  is that applause I hear as you support a delayed Wednesday post necessitated by my photo album project?  

Kitchen table:  temporary album
 loading zone.  We have two
 islands people can stuff their pie
 holes at, so don't fear that no
 one ate while these photos
 sat here for a week.

My children prefer my dedication to the picture storing project vs. blogging as they are desperate for me to wrap it up.


Whose idea was it to stop having the date print at the bottom edge of the photo anyway? 

Oh, it was also crazy cool here -like low 70s, so I have been bypassing writing and baking like Betty Crocker on crack.  If you lived closer, I would share.  Promise.  I can't eat any of it, if it makes you feel any better.  

Ed wants to take my cookies to his internship as a 'hey thanks for having me, and teaching me shit' gift.  We are supposedly hosting a grad party on the 15th, so I'm freezing cookies for that.  And Ryland, one of Ed's best friends requested pumpkin bread - story to follow . . . 

They are as good as they look, at
least that is what my
gluten eaters say.

I honestly have so much going through my head right now, I am not sure where to begin in this potentially very random post . . . so a few bits and pieces . . .

Aside from the girl-power excitement in Kansas City, we had a nice visit.  I mean, so long as you define 'nice' as a constant reminder that your sister-in-law's children are PERFECT, her house is SPACIOUS, SPOTLESS & BEAUTIFUL and everything - including but not limited to their VERY comfortable financial status- is FLAWLESS. 

Calling this photo the opposite of flawless.  I actually took this picture with albums on my lap and photos scattered at my feet while Mini and Coach sorted laundry and we watched the Minimalism documentary Kari recommended.  Took the photo to demonstrate the irony of what we are watching.  Get it?  If not, watch the movie and then you will. Please note:  more progress was made on albums than there was on laundry, just saying.

Mini told cousin-now-more-of-a-sister, Meggie, on the drive home that 
she finds it totally bazaar that the four siblings in that family get along so well, and that she assumes they are all hiding a dark secret.  Mini is my kind of people.  

Ed and Tank stayed home from KC to work.  The cousins they would enjoy seeing are out of college and work full time, so  these 2 opted to stay home and work rather than drive 7.5 hours in the car to share one meal with said cousins.  Lad still wanted to go, till he changed his mind at the last minute . . . more on that later (can you handle another cliff hanger?) 

Anyway, we were about half way there when Ed called Coach.   

Coach:  Ed, when will you know more?  Hello?  Hello?

Ed didn't want me to know, but Coach told me after their call was disconnected.  One of Ed's best friends from high school, Ryland, who also attends college with him, and is in his fraternity, started to feel unwell at work - his head hurt and half of his face got droopy.  He was taken to the ER by, Conrad, one of Ed's other best friends who works with him.  

Ed had a root canal a week ago so I knew we couldn't call him back because he was at the dentist getting the filling part done.  We sat there wondering if Ryland had a stroke and praying that he was OK for the next several hours.  It was awful.  

Ryland's mom is the woman that I drove to Mom's weekend with,  when my nutty sister suggested she ride with us and I really just wanted to get to know Ryland's mom better - member?  I tried to imagine what she was going through.  I texted Conrad's mom.  She said she would keep me in the loop if she head anything.  

Moments after we arrived in KC, Ed called.  Ryland had a brain cyst.  By the next morning the information had changed. Ry had a tumor on his brain with a cyst on top of that.  It was blocking spinal fluid and that is why he could not feel his arms and legs and his speech became blurred, etc.  He was going into surgery.  They drained the cyst and took a biopsy of the tumor.  They learn more Friday.  

Yesterday Ed delivered pumpkin bread to him with a homemade get well card from Curly of Ed and Ry golfing.  Ry insists he's going to be fine, and Ed is convinced of this too.  We hope and pray for good news.  

Deep breath.

Less laundry, still albums - but progress.
  Oh, and this is Coach after treating
 patients all day.  On floor,
 prone, looking at laptop.

How to follow that?  I am all stream of consciousness here . . . oh - speaking of deep breaths, I have been struggling to take in a full breath for weeks, either that or I have forgotten how to breathe.  In all seriousness, I am trying to figure out if this is just how I normally breathe because it has been so long that I feel kind of tight.  Am I just stressed out and taking too many deep breaths?

I have asthma, but it usually only acts up in the winter if I get a cold, etc.  Temporary.  It is a mild thing for me, and I don't do any meds on a regular basis.  It dawned on me the other night that I should start taking my steroid inhaler.  

Living room coffee table: albums graduate to here when they are almost done.  See, method to my madness.

Maybe quarantine impairs brain function, because why did I forget this option?  I haven't needed to take it for a few years, so that could be part of it.  It's a steroid so it's not a rescue inhaler, but after a few uses it kicks in.  I have noticed I am able to move air better.  Always a good thing, although if we asked Coach he might say, "Less air could mean less talking", but I'm not asking him.  

My point:  as my chest gradually opens, I am coughing a bit.  You know what's fun?  Coughing because of asthma during a pandemic.  And if that isn't fun enough, then wear a mask when your breathing is slightly labored and you sort of feel claustrophobic.  

Home base for projects:  the dining room table.  Will it be clear by Aug. 15th?  Not holding my breath, well that really isn't an option at the moment anyway.  The thing about this project:  I walk away for a few days or a week, and I cannot remember where the hell I left off.  No amount of sticky notes can redirect me.  I will be glad when it is over.

I will leave you here, but tune in next week when I share more about Lad's refusal to go to KC to see how perfect people live, my pantry, my new phone, oh so much excitement.  

Oh, and hopefully I will know more about Ry.  

We go to Michigan on Friday till Tuesday.  Hoping the airbnb in fact sleeps 8 - unlike the Vancouver nightmare last summer.  I really think I have to lean into the 2x a week posts - at least until some stressful stuff eases up over here, and until the photo albums stop covering every surface of the house.  I am on the 2015 album, so the end is in sight.  Have a good weekend!  


Charlie said...

Have a great few days away Ernie. So sorry to hear about your son’s friend. How very stressful and waiting for results is the worst. Saying a prayer all will be well.

Nicole MacPherson said...

Oh my, I hope Ryland is okay. How scary, especially for one so young. All the good thoughts going out to him.

You reminded me that I have some photos I meant to put in albums! It's been nice here so I will wait until the inevitable happens and the weather turns. Glad you remembered your inhaler, sorry about the cough - my son sneezed from allergies the other day and we all looked at him silently like it was doomsday.

Ernie said...

Charlie- thanks. I am hoping for good weather and mostly for minimal disruptions from Laddie, if he even joins us. Prayers for Ryland are appreciated. I'm surprised with today's science that the results take a week.

Nicole- yes, so young. Ed fully believes his buddy will be going back to school with him. Even if the results are not the worst, I think that is unlikely. Part of me wants to kick younger self for taki sho many photos. Seemed important in order to take 10 pics to get one that has everyone looking acceptable. I agree- wait till the weather turns.

Kari said...

OMG, I hope Ryland will be okay! That is scary.
You have asthma? Oh, friend. I didn't know. That must be a tad scary during all of this? My dad has asthma, so we have been very protective of him during this pandemic.
I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma when I was a teen but then as an adult, it was decided to be a fluke thing, I guess?

I laughed so hard at that picture of you guys watching that documentary with the laundry and your pictures. Listen, that is how my home looks too on laundry day even as a minimalist because I have kids LMAO. And your daughter looks very interested in the programming, LOL I might have to give her a quiz.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I still have 2012 pictures with sticky notes ready for an album....not sure that I'll ever finish them, but you have inspired me.
That's a lot of memories on your table and it's great that you have a deadline; nothing like pressure to get things done.

Prayers for Ryland; that is very scary. My good friend had a large cyst on his brain many years ago; not cancerous, but just a growth, and it was safely removed. Hopefully, Ry will be just fine, but keep us updated.

I can't believe you are so unselfish to bake for your people and not be able to eat it. I don't know that I could do that. HA!

I hope your weekend away goes well with lots of space for everyone; if you're swimming bring lots of tampons.

We're (hopefully) heading to the GA mountains this weekend as long as Callie is well enough for my housesitter. Looking forward to a change in scenery and cooler air.

Busy Bee Suz said...

OMG, I forgot to mention about your asthma. When you first were describing your symptoms I was hoping it wasn't the damn COVID!!

Ernie said...

Kari- Now I am laughing at someone having a laundry 'day' . . . I don't think there is a day here without laundry. Mini does not look interested in the movie, but she was shushing people walking in and out and talking. My asthma is pretty mild. It ramps up a bit seasonally. This is not usually one of those seasons so caught me off guard. My asthma is so rarely an issue that I am not considering myself an at-risk person. I drive past Ryland's house multiple times a day and feel anxious for them.

Suz- no chance I will meet the deadline. I will just end up having to pack it all up before the party. Good to have a goal, but the pages I order were on backorder. I wonder if that was because a certain someone already ordered hundreds of pages this summer?

Coach and his sis were like "oh it's just a cyst" - the next day they were less cheerful at 'tumor' but I am still hopeful that it will be an easy fix.

Curly just said the same thing. "How do you not eat any?" The kids got the less than perfect cookies . . . Tank came home and snagged a premo cookie knowing those are the ones I save for parties, etc. and he almost lost a digit for that transgression.

I am hoping for a smooth trip. Lad has been causing lots of issues and has said he wasn't coming. Should be interesting.

I wondered if this was covid but with no other symptoms I assume my asthma is just impacted by the humidity or allergies.

Hopefully Callie is well enough for you to go away. Have a great time!

Gigi said...

Saying prayers for Ryland! How terrifying.

Ernie said...

Gigi - that is very much appreciated. I know these things can happen and be fairly easily explained/dealt with. Hoping this is one of those times.

Anonymous said...

I’m so sorry for Ryland and his family. That must be terrifying. Sending prayers.

The breathing difficulties would scare me. You sound pretty ok about them so maybe my own nervousness is showing but.. I would have a flow meter & pulse ox on a lanyard around my neck... like an over dramatic Victorian lady with her smelling salts and chaise lounge!

But seriously, take care of yourself! Also seriously, your blog.... so good! The entry about tampons? Omg. So funny & real. And the post before sweet about your kiddo & the empty egg crates! Aww. Thank you for brightening this pandemic! :-)


Beth Cotell said...

Just looking at all those pictures everywhere is making my chest tight! I just said a prayer for Ryland.

Ally Bean said...

First, yes I believe that quarantine impairs brain function. Definitely.

Second, I like perusing your process as you process your project of photos. [Into the letter *P* today.]

And thirdly, the font on this post is HUGE on my screen. That's my feedback. I have no opinion yes or no about whether is a good thing, but it's a thing.

Ernie said...

Ally- glad to know the lower brain function is not just happening to me. Who forgets how to breathe deeply? I took my photos on the road. Ed drove and I worked on one of my albums. Can you say on a mission?

Ernie said...

Maddie- Sorry that I skipped you! Yesterday was nuts heading out of town. Ed said to me that it was almost like Ry was in a car accident. This feels so sudden. Thanks for the prayers. The limited chest capacity is feeling much better with the steroid inhaler. I knew if I could not figure it out I would go the doctor. Glad you are enjoying my posts. The tampon story would not usually be something I shared but mother of pearl it was HILARIOUS.