June 17, 2020

I was only fiddling around

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the study writing on my computer.  Mini was having her zoom fiddle lesson behind me on the couch.  FYI - Reg, Mini, and Curly have been doing zoom/face-time lessons for their Irish music for a few years, so this is not new.

Anyway, Mini's phone rang.  She was getting a video chat call from her friends.  She tossed me the phone and whisper-shouted to me to answer it.  "They've called like 4 times, tell them I am in my fiddle lesson and I will be over when I am done." 

Well, isn't this a very interesting situation?  I mean, come on - this kind of video-chat-with-teen's-friends opportunity does not crop up all that often.  I did as I was told, sort of.

I answered Mini's phone and ran into the next room.  I saw 3 of her besties on the video chat.  They busted out laughing at the sight of me.  Not sure why, but I think it is safe to assume that they just weren't expecting me.  I swear I am really not THAT funny looking.

I delivered the message and apparently the thought of Mini being in a fiddle lesson is hilarious because more laughter.  I know this, because while I am not funny looking I am also not so funny that I can make a fiddle lesson funny.  

I returned to my computer via tiptoe so as not to disturb the lesson.  Then I had a great idea.  I took a video of Mini over my shoulder on selfie mode - a mode I have only ever used on accident, remember I'm nearing retirement-home age?  I then sent the video clip of Mini in her lesson to her friends.  

Side note #1:  Mini never knows where her phone is.  This situation has necessitated that I have her besties' numbers in my phone.  During real school year times, I would text her main BFF:  Tell Blondie such and such and tell her thanks for EVER looking at her phone.   

So, her friends enjoyed that glimpse of Mini's fiddling self.  

Then yesterday I found myself at the computer again during Mini's lesson.

Side note #2:  Mini's teacher:  major nerd.  Very nice guy, but better if he just play fiddle and avoids conversation.  When I am accidentally in the study during her lessons, Mini turns to me afterwards and groans.  They she imitates him.  

So, yesterday . . . I put my phone on selfie mode in order to capture him in full nerd mode.  Ex:  he likes to tell her what town in Ireland certain tunes originated in, his communication style is choppy at best, and he just comes across as socially awkward.  

Mini enjoys fiddle, but she is more like:  yeah, cut the chit chat and let's review the tune.  

Well, Mini caught on to my trickery as I taped part of her lesson.  Then we both couldn't stop laughing and captain nerd actually took credit for Mini's smiling face:  "Oh, I saw that you thought that part went better too, because of the look on your face."  Brutal.  

Also, I sit on a yoga ball at my computer.  Towards the end of the lesson, I may or may not have rolled my keister backwards off of the ball in order to, well, shall we say, release some gas build up.  (um, if you don't enjoy fart conversations and you will forever find me rude, then chose 'may not' and if you occasionally understand that you have to let it all hang out, then choose 'may'Feel free to identify yourself in comments:  I find you rude, or let loose sister.)

I honestly forgot that I had company in the room,  - in case you ever doubted my ability to tune the shit around me out, here is proof.  Fiddle lesson, me focused on blogging, and completely blanking on the fact that I was not alone.  

More importantly, whatever giggling or explosions were happening in the room were being shared through the microphone of the ipad.  This also slipped my mind.  Well, Mini struggled to maintain her composure after that.  

My silent laughing, as I almost rolled off of the ball, did not help matters.  I fear that I will not be allowed back in my study when Mini has her next fiddle lesson.  

Tell me I'm not alone.  Any other 2 year olds out there?  Have you tried to make your kid, spouse, someone chuckle when they were supposed to be doing something real?  


Kari said...

First of all, you are SO tan. That pool is worth every penny!
Second, she is very good! Those lessons are worth every penny!
Third, I fart regularly in front of the children. They are pretty much the reason it comes out so easily and I tell them that. :)

Busy Bee Suz said...

You little fart blossom you! What does Shrek say? Better out, than in?!

For many years I told my family that I don't fart. They've never heard I believe I'm getting away with this fairy tale. The Coach swears I do it in my sleep, but he can't hear anything so I know he's lying.

She's so cute and I completely get the 'forget the chit chat and let's do the lesson"!
We have NO time for nerds, now do we?

I'm laughing at Kari's comment. Did she blame her children for her being gassy? That's not how it works Kari, that's not how any of this works.

Ernie said...

Kari- I only used the pool ONCE before the.raccoons borrowed it. We emptied it when Coach stripped the deck. Then it wasOK since it was not crazy hot. He started a build the foundation dirt project so the deck has not been stained. Now it IS crazy hot but it does not make much sense to fill the pool only to empty it and move it to stain the deck. The tan is definitely from sitting on the deck- but mostly/sadly without the pool.

Suz and I both are confused about your finger pointing at your kids for your tooting.

I do think Mini is a good fiddle player- taking a break from HS sports has given much more time for practicing. Reiterating: nice teacher, but mother of pearl is he goofy AND he sends out group texts and all his families respong back. Who gas time for that?

Suz-when we were in Yellowstone 10 yrs ago the kids decided the sulfer smelling geysers smelled like me. Because of my gas, but that is much better since my celiac disease was figured out. Still occasionally . . . yes, better out than in. I had forgotten that line. Mini's next lesson is tomorrow- I must plan something to 'keep it interesting.'

Anonymous said...

I am dying laughing over here!!
Also, definitely guilty of crop dusting my family. But their dad is a worse offender!! We all just let loose around here, no shame, and occasionally we all laugh at each other too. Most of the time we just tune each other’s bodily functions out I guess, ha.

Cheryl said...

I worked with a guy years ago who "spooted" on a daily basis...and he would say to me "Tis better to fart and bear the shame...than not to fart and bear the pain!"...catchy, isn't it? lol.

Ernie said...

Anonymous - since discovering celiac disease I have retired as worse offender - usually. As far as bodily issues go, Reggie has the most offensive BO. We ask regularly if he uses deodorant and where on his body he is applying it. When we stayed in an airbnb last summer with insufficient space (they lied, we were not trying to create extremely close family time) those who stunk up the only bathroom badly needed to sleep with one eye open.

Cheryl - OMG I have not heard that fun little rhyme, hilarious. In the workplace though? Reason #475 that I am glad to work at home as a babysitter.