June 24, 2020

Are those undies in a bunch or is that elastic just old?

I've been pretty devoted to my workout regiment during this pandemic.  I kind wondered if I could lose 5 to 10 pounds if I REALLY tried.  I figured this was my shot, theoretically working out as much as I wanted.

If anything, I've learned that I'll survive if Coach ever decides to leave the big company he works for, hang his own shingle, and do his own physical therapy thing  . . .

implied here:  I would lose my pricey health club membership that we get complimentary, if he changes jobs.  Prior to this:  a scenario I could NOT entertain.  I would miss my classes too much.  

Early on in our worldly-timeout, I was sleeping in a bit - when my bladder allowed, so not all that often, and working out late morning.  Now with kids back to work I need to help juggle cars, plus I babysit here and there, and my high stress levels cause me to roll out of bed early to workout.

My regimen, in case you are interested:  

#1 BIKE:  Sat, Sun, Tues, Thurs - 10 miles, give or take, on the bike at Coach's clinic.  This takes me an hour.  I burn 500 calories.  No patients are there on weekends so we can wander in whenever.  

I removed my shirt to towel off my sweat when I was done recently.  I'm telling you, I enjoy tons of perks being married to a PT.  Jealous?  
Coach got a new office coordinator recently.  When he and I were tip toeing out before patients one morning, she was like "Oh, that's nice that they let you use the pool."  Um, no.  We do not have access to the health-club's pool-  this is just us being sweaty.  
On Tu/Th we need to be out of there around the time the first patient shows up.   So, Coach and I haul our asses out of bed before 6 am in order to squeeze in an hour at his clinic.

This lead to me behaving a bit like I was Queen of the Clinic, and my kids still make fun of me.  One night at dinner months ago the following conversation happened: 

Coach:  Melanie has an early patient tomorrow, so if we want to workout we have to leave here by 6 am.  

Me:  Wait a minute.  Aren't you the boss?  Can't you tell Melanie NOT  to schedule patients that early so we can workout without having to get there crazy early?  What the hell?

I mean, honestly this was back when their volume was next to nothing, so I was kind of like - she's open all flipping day, tell this one patient SORRY NOT SEEING EARLY PATIENTS ON TU/TH.  My husband works his tale off, and I hold down the fort over here in busy-town, so I'm ready to cash in on the perks.  Big sigh.  

Coach gets me, so he knows that I was completely serious, but fortunately for our marriage he was still able to laugh and pretend not to take me seriously.  True love.  I digress . . .  

#2 FAMILY ROOM WORKOUT:  7 days a week I do what I lovingly refer to as my 'family room workout'.  Tools:  10 pound dumbbells and a band for about an hour.

*I prefer this portion of my workout to be completed BEFORE my offspring wake up and stare at me eat breakfast.  If they talk to me while I am counting reps, I get annoyed and lose track.  As you can imagine, my family room workout and my struggle counting when they distract me leads to MANY well earned imitations.  Imitation, the highest form of flattery, right?

I was doing some jumping lunges and 200 weighted knee-ups on the fireplace, but Coach told me if I was going to continue doing that I should stop complaining about my knee because that was NOT helping it.  'Ole Queenie was like: 'Well if you haven't fixed it by now, I am not listening to you' but then went ahead and listened because his 'real' patients swear by him.   So after I eliminated the knee-damage stuff I extended my walk.

#3 WALKING:  I walk briskly 4.4 miles - it takes me around 1 hour.  On the days I don't bike, and I have to skip my knee straining shit, I extend the walk to 6.2 miles, or 1 hr 25 min.  

Ed helped me download an app to track my calories and my workouts.  Trust me, I'm NOT dieting- but interested in how things add up.  I do eat the same things most days, except dinner, so easy to track.    

Ed found me a running app to track my walks recently vs guessing how far I was walking in an hour.  Turns out I was actually burning 439 calories vs the 265 the other app would give me when I typed in:  walked an hour.  So, suck on that original app.

Bottom line - and yes, pun intended, my not-dieting self burned a ga-zillion calories, or more specifically upwards of 1,400 calories/day.  I don't buy gluten free dessert, so that was't part of my intake.  I cannot weigh myself because the scale I know and trust and sometimes say bad words to, is inside the locked health club.  I assume I have lost some weight, but while I have burned more than I eat every single day and sometimes by quite a bit - I am NOT WASTING AWAY.

Conclusion:  It is physically impossible for me to lose more than what I assume is my initial 5 lbs . . . I'm fine with that.  I don't think I look fat, I just have that "Hey I wonder if I could lose another 5?" thought.  It ain't happening though. 

I know you were nervous that I was going to share
 a photo of my underoos.  Stop it.  I would never. 
These shoes were bought pre-pandemic and I was
 glad to have them stashed in my closet.
  Aren't they the best colors?
At some point when I kiss my pandemic excess time good-bye, I will not be able to workout for 2 to 3 hours/day. 

So recently my underwear started to bug me.  It was not staying on my cheeks.  It made me think, is my butt shrinking, or is the elastic shot in my underwear?  

Since I cannot recall when the last time was I bought underwear, AND I have access to mirrors, AND my pants are not falling off of me, I believe I need to order me some new knickers.

Not sure how this post got to be so long when I didn't even tell you about the tendinitis in my shin and how my dearly devoted cured me by sticking a needle in my shin and I survived. 

Please share: your their least favorite exercise, or least favorite sport rotation in gym class growing up (mine volleyball - weird because I am so tall, but bruised arms, how is that fun?), or something you have gotten PT for.

*edited to add:  Coach and I woke up at 5:50 am to workout this morning (Tuesday) and we could not find the keys to his clinic.  Lad used the clinic to workout late the night before . . . I had to skip my bike ride.  Grrr.  Coach drove to the clinic to see if Lad dropped the keys in the parking lot after waking Lad up and watching him search high and low.  Um, Coach found them in the clinic door in the lock.  Can you say GRUMPY?


Kari said...

Wait, Lad left the keys in the door at the office?? Oh, no.....that is not good.
I give you credit. That is a lot of motivation to work out. Mad props. I only walk and nothing more.
I was walking seven days a week until the migraines started; now I am about three-four days a week. But with humidity, it's harder.
During the winter, I use our treadmill in the basement but I hate using it now because we live for this weather all year long. I feel like I am cheating on summer by using the treadmill LOL.

ccr in MA said...

Oh, Lad is in trouble!

You work out a lot more than I do. I've recently started going to water aerobics classes again, after three months of not; my back has been pretty unhappy with me, so I'm doing once a week to start, and will get back up to twice and see how things go.

I love your shoes! And I just ordered myself some new underwear this morning. We know how to live it up in a pandemic, don't we?

Nicole MacPherson said...

I've been working out a lot as well, and it's been a very interesting time as I belong to an expensive private club and I wondered how I would do without it. I guess the answer is "just fine" but then again, it's summer and I like running outside when there's no snow or ice on the ground. In the winter it will be a different story! My club has reopened with restrictions but I don't feel quite ready to go back - and fitness classes are not available anyway, so I would only go to use the treadmill. On that note...I'm off for my run!
PS I liked reading this! I love exercise and I am always interested in other people's regimes.

Busy Bee Suz said...

You are the Queen of exercise....and of course the queen of other things too.
My workouts pale compared to you. It's so hot out now, there there is NO outside acitivy other than my necesary yard work and I work with my trainer 3 hours a week....other than that, pffftttt.
I was thinking the other day that it's been a while since I ordered any undies, but I still have a drawer full; maybe I'm a panty hoarder?
LAD! What a knucklehead. So, it's true that boys don't fully develop a brain until they're like 35?
I love your sneakers; tres chic!
I hated gym class. Period. I was half the size of everyone else and it sucked. LOL!

Ernie said...

Kari - YES! There is a door to a small entryway and that door does not lock. The keys were in the lock in the door inside the little vestibule. Fortunately not a high traffic area. Ed was like "How?" I was like: probably Lad was on his phone. Ugh. My tendinitis in my shin has been bad the past few days again - really bad this morning and I kept stopping to stretch and then hobbled along because I had to be back to drive Lad to his job. Only got the big loop in, was going to try the small 1.8 mile loop later but I am skipping it. Need a break. I am loving the bike because I can read while I ride, so REALLY missed that yesterday and it doesn't hurt my tendinitis. I hate walking on a treadmill. It throws off my sciatica in my back somehow. I will walk the track at the health club in the winter, but OMG boring.

ccr - Yes. Lad is stepping in it a lot lately. Don't get me started. I started doing water aerobics classes with my mom when I lived at home after college and Coach was still away at school and the boredom was killing me. Had never really been a workout type prior to that. I loved water aerobics! I was attending a workout class in the pool now and then (the times did not usually work with my schedule) and depending on the instructor it would kick my butt. I do love my new shoes. I am an aesics girl, so finding them on sale was very exciting - plus the colors were divine.

Nicole - It comes as no surprise that this is your kind of post. I do like to workout - well, I mainly like how I feel AFTER I workout. I look back and wish I had done more sooner, used to just walk - better than nothing I guess. I started running about 10 years ago, and now I cannot really do that anymore. Short distances maybe but running messes with my back/ sciatica. Big time. If only I knew a good PT. Ha, I get a lot of mileage out of that one. I am surprised that I have not curled into the fetal position without my classes. But I am figuring it out.

Ernie said...

Suzi - Oh yikes I cannot imagine trying to workout in the Florida heat. I have started to adjust my walks so that I can get them done before it gets too sticky around here. I am super lucky to have 'secret' access to the workout bike at Coach's clinic - providing we have the KEY. Yes, Lad the knucklehead is right. He and I have been going round and round lately. This morning was particularly ugly. He adjusted his work schedule without letting me know, which leaves me without a car. Coach works minutes from home, so Lad could drive me up there to 'steal' Coach's car so I can get some stuff done (um, one thing involves running to the mall to get Lad a b-day gift for tomorrow, HELLO, work with me here!) but he didn't allow enough time for that and kinda fudged what time he needed to leave, etc. If he plans to develop a brain by the time he is 35, then I have that to look forward to. In gym class in grade school we had no uniform. All I owned were green t-shirts with little sayings about being Irish. Plus I was crazy tall and slanty in the posture. The kids called me the jolly green giant. I don't remember feeling all that jolly in gym class.

Kara said...

There's something about the pandemic, because I bought all new underwear in April. Fruit of the Loom micro mesh. So comfy.

Ernie said...

Kara - that sounds similar to what I have, but I have not purchased for a long, long time. I have many, many pairs but I wonder if they are all starting to lose their 'hold' on me, one after the other.

Bibliomama said...

I don't hate exercise, but talking about it right now just makes me feel worse, so I'm just going to link to this post of mine that your underwear situation reminded me of:

Ernie said...

Ali - OMG thanks for sharing that post. So funny. I have discovered a similar issue. I buy bigger sizes of underwear for Curly, but she manages to cling to the pairs that must cut off her circulation as they could only fit a toddler. When I have seen them come through the laundry I ask her how she is managing, and she begs me not to toss them. Why? She likes them. Um, time to embrace comfort and fall in love with the next biggest size. This is apparently what happens when energy is zapped with the youngest kid and you tell them to sort out their stuff and get rid of stuff that doesn't fit. Shocking that this system doesn't work better.