April 17, 2020

issues: driving, ROTC, turd eating - it's a family thing

First off, thanks for your good wishes.  I slept better last night.  Sometimes things look better once the ordeal is out on paper - or in this case the blog. 

Another teacher from the high school emailed me.  His daughter is 3 years old and she might need childcare next school year.  I also met a mom on Facebook today who is looking for 2 days a week for her 15 month old.  We have a shared friend on Facebook, so I could reach out to 'shared' friend and do a little 'is she normal' digging before I accept a job.  Nothing set in stone, but this helped me to take a deep breath and look forward instead of backward. 

This morning Coach found out that his co-worker spiked a fever.  He is now covering her patients and his.  Fingers crossed that she doesn't have corona, but scary.  She is young.  Had to cancel her wedding last month.  (I refuse to share how long it took me to figure out what day/month it is).

In other news, a few weeks ago the transmission blew on the kids' car while Mini was out practice driving with Coach.  This extra time to drive has been just what the other drivers in our area ordered.  No one should share the road with this kid of mine.  Unlike her brothers, Mini hunches forward and rotates the wheel back and forth in a death grip in like a 2 inch back and forth frenzy.  It is most unpleasant.  

** Curly's friend from Irish dancing had a drive by surprise/honk birthday 'event' this afternoon.  Mini drove Curly and I there.  I wanted to take a photo of Mini behind the wheel, but I feared it would throw off her concentration and she would drive up on the lawn and pin the celebrating family members to the ground.  Mini was wearing her twisty turban because she was fresh out of the shower - no one ever knows what time of day this girl is going to shower.  We got some looks from other drivers as one does while driving with Mini, but they all did a double take with the turban thing happening.  It was a riot.

Anyway, I babysat for a family with 8 kids when I was a kid.  I feel like their parents kind of raised me right along with them.  They are like family, which is amazing .  They still look out for me and my car needs.  The sons, whose diapers I once changed, now own their own dealerships.  The one son, who I nicknamed Baby Face when I was a 7th grader, found us a great used car.  His brother was only turning up used cars with 149,000 miles.  Yikes.  So we said, yes.  Pick it up Saturday.  Friday night Baby Face called to apologize.  He failed to remind his guy at the dealership to hold 'our' car and they sold it to someone else.  Bum.MER.

Now the search continues for a decent car with decent miles with some elevation so the kids have a decent line of vision.  Fortunately, we are not in need of 3 cars right now.  We are getting by with 2 cars.  Wish I had a crystal ball so we would know if a used car with lots of miles will last.  Or better yet, if we could be confident Mini isn't destined to rear end someone.  Her actual problem is timing left turns and merging.  A car is 1/2 mile away and I say, OK turn left.  She freaks out and then hesitates and then I shout DON'T TURN NOW.  She might have tendencies like that Zoo-lander character.  What was his deal - he could only turn right on the runway or something?

Oh, back to my sleep issues.  Trying to determine if it is celiac disease related or stress related.  Both?  Most likely I will never know.  I had been sleeping late - unheard of for me.  I got fed up on Easter when everyone enjoyed my egg casserole and pumpkin bread and Coach's pancakes.  My sad little plate only had a helping of the gluten free version of the egg dish.  

Since I feed everyone most of the time (Coach grills), someday I want someone in the family to surprise me with a gluten free recipe just because they think I should eat something awesome like they all do.  ** not holding my breath**

Day after Easter when I was about to re-heat
 it in the microwave.  The pancake looks like
 a turd.  I cooked them in a cast iron skillet
because the griddle was all gluten-ed up with
Coach's delicious looking fluffy pancakes.
 Honestly they tasted better than they look. 
I quickly googled a recipe for gluten free pancakes made with bananas.  I made them early on after my celiac diagnosis.  They weren't great but I like a little sweet, OK a lot of sweet, at certain meals.  With syrup they were edible, isn't everything edible with syrup?  OMG, I sound like Tank.  I found a version with almond flour, which I had on hand.  Whipped up a batch.  I now wonder if the almond flour didn't agree with me.  

Have I told you that I am essentially a little old woman?  If I eat almost the same thing every day, I do just fine.  I change up dinner most nights, but it is just a rotation of approved meals. 

I also decided that it was OK for me to have a tablespoon, or three, OK four -at times, of Kirkland Trail Mix here and there over the last week.  I stopped eating that a few years ago because the dietitian suggested that cashews are tough to digest adn that might be what was throwing off my sleep (and by throwing off, I mean I really was NOT sleeping other than like 3 or 4 hours or less).  Plus this trail mix is from a place where they handle wheat.  Damn that wheat.  Or is it the cashews.  

Well, I am trying to eat healthy and I am working out a lot so I figure a bite of trail mix could hold me over between meals.  I should be smarter than this since I really value a good night sleep.  Add in there my fear of replacing Lurch's baby and ingesting leftover banana gluten free pancakes that are not part of my old lady diet and I have been a hot, not-sleeping mess. 

Last night, I slept better.  No trail mix.  No banana pancakes - sometimes I have to go off the rails to remember I have issues.  I chose to relax a bit about the babysitting deal because my blog friends told me everything would be fine.  And I took some melatonin.  Beautiful.

Just as I was about to climb into bed Tank came unglued.  He is fixated on getting into a ROTC program, but he is worried that his ADD will prevent him from being accepted.  I have tried to suggest that he come up with a backup plan he could live with.  Still:  fixated.  Last night he decided that they might look at EVERY medical appointment he had in his entire life.  What if they see that one ADD med made him develop OCD tendencies for like 2 weeks? 

Me:  You were 11.  I told them to get you off the medicine.  Then you were fine.  No one is going to dig that far back in your medical history.  You weren't diagnosed with OCD.  You just reacted badly to a medication.  Your ADD is not really an issue - you barely take your meds.  You have good grades and your teachers are going to write you amazing letter of recommendation.  SETTLE YOUR ASS DOWN, MOMMY NEEDS TO SLEEP!

So, I am not the only one with issues.  It's a family thing.


Pat Birnie said...

I sympathize with your lack of sleep; for me it's mostly age and I manage it well with a high quality melatonin supplement (and the occasional sleeping pill:) I am not GF but I do an annual 30 day detox which includes getting rid of gluten (and a BUNCH of other stuff) and I have a sister and couple of friends who are celiac. (btw my sis is Type 1 Diabetic and is now celiac - that's just not fair) I thought I'd share this website in case you haven't heard of it. Angela Liddon is located in Toronto and her recipes are WONDERFUL. They are vegan & many are gluten-free or have that option. I have made dozens and dozens of her recipes (again I'm not GF but we eat about 90% plant based so this is a great resource) and can honestly say that only once was I not thrilled with the result. Here's the link:
Sorry I can't inspire your family to cook for you -- someday they'll appreciate all you did. enjoy

Busy Bee Suz said...

It would be lovely if the kids thought to cook for you, but you know, they're kids. They don't see things like we do...things of importance to a mom don't usually resonate with kids. But, maybe in another 10 years, they will?

I think I would possibly be a miserable person with all your diet restrictions...and the lack of sleep. YOU are a rock star for getting through as much as you do.

What a bummer about the car issue and I giggled picturing your daughter driving with her hair turban on. :)

I'm just sure the babysitting thing is going to work out.

ROTC? That will be awesome. He's a worrier isn't he? Best of luck with it all.

Ernie said...

Pat - thanks for the link. I will check that out. I have been taking Melatonin the last three or four nights and gradually my sleep patterns have been returning. Last night I slept 7.5 hours which was great. I ate breakfast and went back to sleep for 2 more hours. I think I am BACK! Diabetes and celiac, yikes. That would do me in. A doctor once suggested that I try no dairy. I about fell off the exam table. I rely on my delicious greek cherry yogurt every day. Hard pass.

Suz - I so wish I had managed to snap a photo of Mini, but we need no additional excuse to swerve into oncoming traffic. The mom orchestrating the b-day thing was SO confused. I usually drive the big white to dancing and Mini was driving the red minivan. My friend was squinting as we jerked along - she later texted me 'loving Mini's turban. Very Sophia Loren circa 1960.'

My insides seem to have settled down and I slept like a baby last night. Hallelujah. I usually have a handle on it, but when something messes with me I get nutty till everything gets back on track. It was nice this time that I didn't have to be anywhere or drive anywhere or babysit anyone, well - unless you count skunk boy and his attempts at using the basement stove top to, I don't know - melt weed? Cuz Coach took his pipe thing. WTF.

Having a couple of ideas for babysitting gigs has calmed me considerably. Glad I at least shared that I thought they were inconsiderate fools to have not offered a card of thanks at Christmas.

Yes, Tank can morph into a worry wart. Most of the time he literally behaves like he doesn't have a care in the world. Like just rolled out of bed and wears whatever to school and jokes about EVERYTHING. My sister whose husband is a marine called last night. Tank has been emailing his uncle. He doesn't think they are going to accept him and she is worried to have uncle tell him that. He needs a backup plan and really it would be great at sales, or teaching, or comedy. He feels better if he has a clear path. Sigh.

Which is worse, a blog that rambles on or comments that do? :)

Kari said...

I am still laughing at your "turd". MY ADD makes me fixate on stuff like that, so Tank will be just fine. Because he isn't me.

Also, I am a worrier as well so this entire post I was worried about Coach's co-worker. It's such a freaky-deaky time. I hate that we need to make sure there is a barrier around all of us.

I am glad you are able to relax a little about the babysitting situation and I hope those prospects all work out. Xoxo

Nicole said...

Ugh, sorry about the sleep thing. I get that sometimes around my period. I hope those new clients work out!

Ernie said...

Kari - I am confident that Tank will find his groove, but he is harder to convince. I see him in sketch comedy - like for real. I am all for him doing something professional first, but mark my words . . . the next Chris Farley.

I have been concerned about this co-worker. She has not had a fever since like Thursday or Friday and I think she might return to work tomorrow. She was tested for covid but results won't be back until earliest Tuesday.

Thanks for the positive b-sitting vibes.

Nicole - I think I would make a terrible detective because whenever I struggle with sleep I stab at possible issues: hormones, diet, stress, all of the above? Sigh. Thanks - I am hoping for a smooth sailing kind of school year.

JP said...

I’m sorry you’re lacking sleep. It makes everything else seem worse for me.

Regarding Tank’s issue, while ROTC and USAF are not the same, my son had to be totally off meds for 1 year and get a letter from his physician about his diagnosis and it’s relative harmlessness in the grand scheme of things to get in to the USAF. That could be totally unrelated to the ROTC process, but that was his experience with ADD and military.

Ernie said...

JP - that is very interesting. I feel like Tank has gotten mixed messages about this.
Some have told him that a letter and an ability to be off meds (he rarely took it this school year anyway and has been on the honor roll) will get him a waiver. Others are less confident. I appreciate you sharing your input.

I agree sleep derivation is the pits. My sleep is BACK and I am super grateful. Slept 9 hours last night and had the truck-ran-over-my-face look to prove it.

Beth Cotell said...

My daughter is getting a lot of extra and much needed driving practice. I hate riding with her but she is getting better. I hate new drivers but I guess they've got to start somewhere!

Ernie said...

Beth - I feel like driving practice is one of the small silver linings right now. Lord knows my kid needs it. She and I just delivered dinner to the families I sit for who are still paying me - Mini drove and she is definitely getting better.