March 27, 2020

managing various personalities with little success and IT IS STILL EARLY

The whole family crowded into the family room to watch a movie after the three possible germ carriers got home from our New York trip.  I collapsed on the couch and asked Curly to fill up my water bottle.  She did so while holding a paper towel around it, so as not to contaminate herself with my germs.  

Dear God, if Coach or Lad or I picked this thing up and brought it home, there will be hell to pay.  Let's not even go there.  

My knees, lord above - how my knees suffered from being cramped in a car for almost 24 hours.  The 6 hours when I sat in the backseat on the way home were tantamount to Chinese water torture.  At one point I HAD TO stretch my right leg with the refuse-to-heal knee.  I had to use my hands to force fold up my leg and pull my foot free from the packed stuff shoved in my foot space.  Coach swiveled around and helped me pull my foot over the pile-o-crap stuff near me to allow my heel to rest on his armrest in the passenger seat.

I couldn't sit like that forever and the other knee started screaming for some equal stretch out time, but I had nothing to offer.  No where to go.  It wouldn't stretch over to the passenger seat from its position up against the opposite door.  Add to that a water restriction for two days in order to limit stops, and my gut was begging for better treatment.  It was NOT PRETTY.

But what is an evening at home with everyone if we don't watch a movie?  The 5 youngest had been playing a rousing game of Apples to Apples when we arrived home from our road trip.  Poor Curly.  No one bought her 'definitions', so she had no winning cards, no points -as it were.  She is still too young to get that the siblings like the funny, obscure, twisted definitions and she still expects them to vote for the closest definition that she submits.  She was brave.  No tears or anything.  Still a change of entertainment was in order. 

Issue number one - the game board is very small. 
When I was a kid, we had a metal game that
was huge so people had enough personal
space to sit in front of their color.  Turns out
Mini doesn't like the way Reg breathes or sighs or
 gasps or talks to himself under his breath.  The
 set we had had little drawers that stored
 marbles around the edges of the board. But a
ticked off kid or even a clumsy kid could bump
 the board and all the marbles would go rolling
everywhere.  Game over. 
Issue number two:  I thought
 I was going to be able to school everyone
on this - my game.  Not so much. 
I ordered a Chinese checkers game when I first heard we would be at home A LOT and that has been a huge source of fun for the family.  Well, except for the first game . . .  a few nights before the New York torture, Coach and I played with the four youngest kids.  Tank sort of played, but he was not taking the game seriously.  He was just moving a few guys out of his triangle and back in again and leaving the rest alone.  

Never played?  Basically he messed up the game and some players couldn't get their guys moving because of him.  People.  I could not laugh it off.  I was irritated beyond words.  I could have won.  Instead Mini won.  Curly had a chance to block Mini's last move but she misunderstood my directions and Mini won.  I reverted to my younger-child-self and insisted that Tank never be allowed to play again.  In my defense, I did sleep 9 hours that night after the game, so I blame exhaustion.  I could not be that grossly competitive.  Right?  

Anyway, I figured a movie made sense seeing as I was really not well rested enough to try a family game.  We were thinking we would watch 'Ford vs Ferrari.'  Ed wanted to watch 'Knives Out' - a great movie, but we recently watched it while we was still away at college.  During 'normal' times.  

Lad has a way to play movies through his laptop - maybe it is Netflix, not sure.  We NEED to get rid of Direct TV, the biggest money dump of all time, but have yet to decide on a plan.  So we waited for Lad to set up the laptop, but he was in a huge huff because while we were gone Tank had inadvertently deleted Lad's entire game history on some cowboy game in the basement on some play station system that Lad bought with money I give him for food.  So, that isn't irritating at all.    

When Lad came out of the basement, he was steamed.  Tank is rarely sincere, so Lad was not accepting Tank's apology.  Lad set up the laptop and then unplugged it shouting:  "No.  I am not doing this.  He isn't sorry."  

So I'm thinking the next few months should be just swell.  

What are you and your family doing during this whether-you-like-them-or-not family time?  


Life of a Doctor's Wife said...

Oh my gosh, in my family, there is always an argument over what to watch on movie night! We are having movie night tonight and I am pre-annoyed by the back-and-forth we are going to have about what to watch. (Carla almost always wants to watch the exact same movie we watched last time, and my husband refuses to watch what I consider to be classics, like Princess Bride and Goonies and Labyrinth.)

As far as games go, have you tried Mexican Train/Mexican Dominoes? It's super fun and I think it works pretty well with a lot of people. I also adore Codenames, which you can play in teams.

Kara said...

We watched Ford vs Ferrari last week. For a movie about race cars, there wasn't a whole lot of racing. Lots of talking. It was less than exciting- Rush is the better car racing movie, and it's older. We watched McMillions as a family and the kids liked it.

I like Outburst for family game nights. You play as teams, and as the cards cover all sorts of categories, you may be surprised by who knows what.

Kari said...

You shall win a big ass trophy when this is all over. I mean six kids and two adults? Isn't your family alone almost illegal at this point? Oh wait, that is over 10 people, you good. Also, that is a fun game to play on week four-who would we get rid of first? I KID.

We are doing a lot of schooling, Netflixing and Huluing, not overeating yet but the pantry is starting to show signs of weakness because two teenage girls. I still don't know how you do it. Mike is still working so we aren't tired of each other yet. Say a prayer.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh goodness. So, he's not super happy now. I'm so sorry the friction is still going on. :(
Ford VS Ferrari was really good; in case it's still on the list.
We are not a great 'board game' family either....two of us enjoy it and one is a quitter and one is annoyed by games.
Ughhh on being cramped in the backseat. I know YOU have long legs, so I can't imagine. But, it's over. Thank goodness.
What about Pictionary?? Could that be fun?
We (just 2 of us) are just fine one has been threatened, but I did ask him a day ago why he has to chew so loud. "What is wrong with your JAW?"
So, yeah, we're good.
I face timed with both girls for about an hour and a half today and I'm exhausted. they both like to talk at the same time. Me? I'm just trying to listen as best as I can.
Take care

Ernie said...

Suzanne - We could totally make the younger kids go down in the basement to watch an appropriate movie while we enjoy something R rated in the family room, but Curly is velcro to me and I feel bad sending her away especially when we don't have anything new or updated for them to watch. Finding something everyone agrees on is challenging for sure. Even when it is only half of us. I will have to look for those games. I have never heard of Mexican Train. We like Boggle but we cannot find it at the moment. Shock.

Kara - I have not heard of McMillions - I will look into that one. We rented Jumangi -the new one and found it exhausting. The one scene when they magically appear in the other land is endless and awful. I am wondering if Outburst is a game we played at my in-laws before we had kids. My father in law got so ticked off because he kept getting buzzed for using the word in the definition that he screamed at everyone and stormed out of the room. Might be Scattegories. Anyway - that always makes me chuckle when I think of him losing his shit.

Kari - I will gladly accept the big ass trophy especially if it comes with a one way ticket ANYWHERE good for once the virus is not longer a threat. I will invite my blog friends. We don't have to play a game about who would we vote off of our little island in four weeks - we all know the answer already. It is NO secret.

Ed helped me download an app called myfitnesspal on my phone. I log in what I eat and the exercises I do. Holy mother -very eye opening. I am trying to eat better - not necessarily diet, but eating better makes me ferociously hungry and in turn grouchy. So me home with 6 mostly teenagers or soon to be teenagers and an immature 21 yr old WHILE hungry/grouchy - not a good mix. Quite for Curly tonight: "I don't like it when you are in a bag mood, Mommy because then everyone is in a bag mood." Then someone go buy me some fucking ice cream!

Suz - yes, so glad that road trip is over. It was tortuously long but also a blur, if that makes sense. I am going to write my next few posts on 1) what the positives are to come of this and 2) what are the negatives we are living with (hello, loud chewing!). That is one hell of a long facetime. Is one of the girls alone in an apartment, or does she have a roomie at least? I get talking at the same time. Coach came home from work today and everything I said, he shushed me. Asked me why I was shouting. I was like 'ARE YOU KIDDING? IT MIGHT BE QUIET WHERE YOU COME FROM BUT THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THEY HEAR ME.' This is a test that I might not pass. Enjoy your weekend.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Ernie-Lolo is with her fianc√© and Linds is alone. She struggles with some depression so she/we thought she would come home for some time, but she’s doing well. We’re in contact several times a day and she’s only 30 minutes away if she wants to come here. Thank you baby Jesus!

I’m laughing at your loud talking! I’m kinda surprised your coach even comes home with the full house! I’m kidding of course, but
, you know....

Ernie said...

Suz - oh good - 30 minutes is doable. I am a loud talker in general - our house is only quiet when the babies I sit for are napping and my guys are at school. No babies right now. No nap time (unless you count the time between 7 am and noon when everyone but me is practically still sleeping) right now, so it is loud plus they tune me out SO I TALK LIKE THIS!

Bibliomama said...

We're mostly keeping to our corners with schoolwork and work and, well, then there's me. On good days I keep the house running so the workers can work. On bad days I feel useless and cranky and upset that my arm still hurts like a motherfucker even though I haven't had to lift any books for over a week. We've watched the new new Jumanji which we liked much more than you guys and some random Simpsons episodes and we're about to move onto puzzles and Yahtzee. Angus and his girlfriend in New York state have a chrome extension where they can watch a tv show together at night and Eve and her friends do group Facetime. We all try to get outside every day. Eve and I are not sleeping well, so we were roughly three of the seven dwarves today (Dopey Sleepy and Grumpy). Eight people in forced isolation together is... a lot. Hope for more harmonious times for you.

Ernie said...

Ali- did I miss something? What is up with your arm? Tennis elbow? I had that last year and it was so damn painful. Lad watches TV or movies or something with his NY girlfriend too. It is somewhat quiet while they are e-learning unless someone enters another kid's space. Hell to pay. I am sorry there is sleep deprivation over there. That SUCKS! I have been sleeping super late some days. I know they say people need 8 hours. I need 9. How's that for weird science? I am embracing the extra sleep time. Doubt I could function without it- must be a coping mechanism. Even with a full night of sleep there are times when I might force one or more of my offspring to sleep in a tent in the yard.