February 7, 2020

mane of hair coming soon, lost jeans sorta found, & a funny name mixup

This is essentially a post about random loose ends and bits not long enough to write a whole post about . . .  although knowing me, I can easily launch into a full length post about almost nothing.  

Curly's lost jeans/shirt:  Lost at the hotel over Thanksgiving.  They were never found.  Sad.  I had high hopes- what with the '' official website involvement and its places to include lots of information and details.  Curly is pretty bummed, and confused because if they have this giant lost and found site, then WHY have they not found her outfit?  

Photo of the new  jeans
future-Curly can wear.
Me:  'I think whoever found them decided not to turn them in.  Guessing it was someone who had a daughter who wears a size 14 pants (most likely not a 12 year old spawn of the Jolly Green Giant).  That can only mean that someone needed those clothes more than you.'  

I have been busy sorting LOTS of clothes that the kids outgrew over the last SEVERAL MONTHS, OK - maybe a year.  I tell them to dump their castoffs into the corner of my room.  Well, that pile of clothes took on a life of its own.  It became a wall.  When I sorted it, I warned Coach to brace for a cold spell, because said clothing-wall was REALLY chilled at the part packed up against the exterior wall of our room.  I believe it had essentially been acting as an added insulator.  

People, I don't recommend this clothes-wall building.  I don't care how cold you are, allowing a mountain of clothes to accumulate in your bedroom is not normal.  I have reasons doing it this way, that I will share another time.  Suffice it to say I ended up FINALLY sorting through all of the clothes.  Some were set aside for cousins, some tossed in the garbage, and most was picked up by Amvets.  

In this clothing organization process, I pulled down the bin of clothes where I keep items that will one day fit our Jolly Green Giant spawn.  I had a few things that I needed to stick in there.   Guess what?  In that bin, I discovered the exact pair of jeans that Curly lost, new-with-tags, but in the next bigger size.  Clever?  

I recall considering buying two pairs of these jeans.  One to fit now and one a size up, since Curly loved them so much.  I just did not remember actually purchasing them.  They were an awesome deal marked down 75% to $17, so why not?  

So, as bummed as Curly is at the moment - she is now looking forward to getting EVEN TALLER so that she can wear her lost jeans that her shopaholic mother bought in a size 16.    

Superbowl:  One bit here on the halftime show, well - honestly I felt like it was all of J.Lo's bits.  (I was not thrilled with the racy halftime show and thought J.Lo shoving her thonged butt at the camera could be considered yet another wardrobe malfunction).  

Anyway, when the singer Shakira was preforming, someone said her name and Curly asked for clarification.  

Curly: "Oh, I think I have heard of her.  Shakira O'Neil."  

What can I say, Curly is her mother's daughter.  I can think of no song's title unless it is playing on the radio, cannot EVER hum a song - even if it JUST finished playing on the radio.  I am clueless about who sings what except for the obvious- like Neil Diamond and U2.  Meanwhile Coach is not always successful at recalling the names of the people residing under this roof, but he can hear a few notes and name a song and artist in a flash.  What?

We got a good chuckle out of Curly combining Shaq and Shakira.

Nutrafol:  This is the name of the vitamin recommended by  my dermatologist to deal with my alopecia.  Such a pretty word for such an ugly issue . . . spot baldness.  Yuck.  

I ordered a bottle of these vitamins on Amazon.  It was not cheap.  $88.  But then I said, 'Oh, there are 120 pills in the bottle - that's a bit more reasonable.'  

I opened the bottle today to take my first pill.  That's when I read the directions.  Take FOUR pills at one meal each day.  What the what?! 

I am now expecting to grow a mane of horse hair (which I would not complain about, but if I start to whinny, well . . . ), since these are horse pills.  That means I really did only buy a one month supply for 88 bucks.  Not a good deal, unless of course my hair starts to look amazing (not holding my breath - or should I say my brush).  

I wonder what else I will grow besides hair?  Maybe a fur coat down my back?  I mean REALLY . . . four PILLS??!!

Editing to add in as gentle a way as possible - Peeps, I am not gentle - 

um, after 36 hours of use I suspect that these horse pills are causing me to emit a rather horrendous odor in an unrelenting gaseous escape that could be blamed for wiping out small house pets.  Reason 371 to be glad that we are not owners of small house pets.  

I did not sleep well last night and I now blame this Nutrafol nonsense.  I think it causes pipes to become blocked up.  I will go bald before I struggle with sleep.  There are always hats.  

Not going to give up after only two doses (yes, that is 8 pills - in case anyone is counting), but this might be a no-go.  Damn.  

Scheduling note:  I am going to adjust the frequency of my blog posts temporarily.  If my M/W/F posts are the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning (highly doubt this is the case for any of you, but just in case), I apologize in advance for throwing you off.  I hope you can adjust to a T/Th posting schedule.  

I just registered to take an online writing class at a college.  It doesn't start until March 9th, but I am going to stockpile some posts to lighten my load during the 8 week class.  Supposedly I should anticipate 10 hours of work a week.  Yikes.  I am crossing my fingers that some of my written book chapters/stories can be utilized for assignments.  

Suzanne, I will not be commenting on your 'What's for dinner this week internet?' posts during this time, because I am predicting lame-ass meals.  Or lots of grilling by Coach.  I hope that the rest of the family pitches in more than they ever have.  I am guessing that it isn't going to be pretty, but I really hope to stumble across some additional tools to use in my book writing mission.  


Anonymous said...

I am actually a little sad that the post frequency will be decreasing. But, I am even more glad that you’ll be taking a writing class, finally getting to do something for yourself that you desire to pursue, since you pour so much into taking care of everyone else. I hope you enjoy the work and that maybe we blog readers get some funny stories out of it 😉
Also, the jeans are cute! Good job to your past-self looking out for your future-self! Haha

Suzanne said...

A writing class!!!! That is so great - and a VERY fair trade for not commenting on my dinner posts. I hope it is so much fun and instructional and wonderful!

Ernie said...

Anonymous - Aw, thanks. I still cannot imagine only posting 2x a week - so maybe I will pop in for more quick shares now and then. I am excited about the class and am hoping that it gives me the pieces I need to get this book put together. I can write/tell stories all day long, but getting them to flow in a book form is a different thing it turns out. I still CANNOT believe we lost an entire outfit. I am diligent about checking drawers, etc. It was confusing changing rooms and celebrating late after the dancing was FINALLY over.

Suzanne- Thanks I have toyed with the idea of it for so long. I even found an email where I asked a retired professor from the junior college near me for advice. He suggested taking a class by this professor who was amazing. I was planning to do that in January and the guy up and retired. Should have registered to do it when I got the email about 2 years ago. Sigh. This is not at the junior college as they have not found a replacement for him yet. Fingers crossed.

Suz-Curly is very funny and was fine laughing at her matchup/mixup for names because we were all in stitches. I have noticed that she is turning into a little 12 year old DJ and is picky about what songs play on the radio when we drive to dancing. ***I usually write my posts in advance - at least by a few days. When I notice I only have a few posts left 'in the bank' or the lineup, I get panicked. I STILL have hilarious summer stories waiting to post. I keep butting them out of the way to tell current events. It is happening though - the summer saga is about to be shared. The one with the timeline of an actual day might be my fav post ever. It is lengthy but I felt it would do it a disservice if I broke it up. So, I got that going for me, which is good. If I had time to write down every little thing that pops in my head, I would post daily. I have little lists everywhere. Hoping to churn some of those lists into posts so that I can be a good student in my upcoming writing class. *** I must admit that I first noticed the gas issue when I was at one of Mini's games. The other team's fans were super annoying. I considered jumping over to their bleachers and letting loose to see if I could quiet them down. I did not, but my willingness to consider doing so I think makes me a super fan! I have been drinking crazy amounts of water to be sure I can stay on top of being somewhat constipated. Not sure I can keep it up though. I assumed I was good to take it since the doc recommended it.

Charlie said...

I’m also a little sad about the decrease in blog post frequency. You do make me laugh and I love reading about your family antics!

Kari said...

You are so lucky to get to take that writing class!! I need to find something like that here.

Also, there is no amount of hair in the world that you need to take that many pills a day. Get a wig. I swear I am not joking. For the price you are paying for pills, you can get a realistic one. Plus, they are really popular so you can tell your kids you are on-trend.

Beth Cotell said...

That is exactly the reason why I don't buy ahead when there's a sale. In the past when I have done it, I have forgotten that I ever bought the item and usually also forgot where I stored said item.

I can't wait to hear more about your writing class in March! Sounds like fun and hopefully it will get you closer to publishing that book!

Ernie said...

Charlie- I had a response typed up last night on my phone when I was collapsed on the couch - long day (see today's post) and it disappeared. Grr. I might surprise you and still post more than 2x a week. I hope that some of my writing that I have prepared for my book might work for the class assignments which would mean that I would not be AS busy. I am glad to hear that you find this spot entertaining. I fear that I will miss interacting with everyone and might sneak in a short post here and there to stay more connected.

Kari - I urge you to take the class with me - it is online!!! Or I take it first and then tell you how I liked it. Um, wigs -out of the question. I am not bald, just have thin hair. I would rather be totally bald then wear a wig. I would incorporate hats into my wardrobe before I wore a wig. Bald can be beautiful. 4 pills one time a day that are essentially vitamins are OK if they work. I am sticking it out to see if they help - unless the dermatologist who I see tomorrow gives me another place to purchase them, etc.

Beth - I do not usually buy clothes in advance BUT in this case I am so very glad I did because Curly lost the pair that fits her now, so she is looking forward to wearing the next biggest size when they fit. They will not fall off of our radar since she cannot wait. She grows so fast right now, they will fit her in no time.

The writing class is a whole new adventure - but even more so will be the adventure of the kids trying to figure out how to do stuff around here without being told.