December 2, 2019

low hanging fruit, bite me (no, not you), happy Thanksgiving

The night in question is August 10th,
which happened to be our
 23rd anniversary.
 Coach was away teaching
a class, but he sent me
 this fruit.  Get it?  So it isn't low
 hanging, but it is fruit.  Fitting?!
This is something else I found in my drafts that I never posted.  This took place just before Mini went to Ireland back in August.  

'Low hanging fruit.'  I am quoting a girlfriend who tossed this gem out over the weekend.  Given the situation, she nailed it. 

Remember Mini's music competition in Ireland with my brother Pat?  Pat and his family spent 3 weeks in Ireland in July.  Before they flew across the pond, we were in Vancouver for 10 days.  Not lots of overlap to conduct State-side (is that even a thing - I think it sounds important, so I am leaving it in, but feel free to weigh in on my proper or improper use) band practices. 

Once Pat was back in town, he gathered the kids for a weeknight practice.  He told the kids (I was not in the room) that he would like to organize one more practice before the competition in Ireland.  He asked Mini is she could make this proposed practice Aug. 10th. 

The 10th was the same day that my sister, Marie, had tentatively organized a family outing to the White Sox game.  I had not heard anything else about the game since the initial group text.  Was it still in the works?

While driving to Pat’s house on that weeknight, I called my mom.  Mini and I listened via Bluetooth as my mom explained that she thought the interested White Sox peeps were planning to attend the game on the 9th vs the game on the 10th.  A switcheroo, if you will. 

So . . . when Sean asked Mini during the weeknight practice if she was available for a practice on Saturday she said, ‘I think.  I will have to check with my mom.’  Yes, it is true.  I not only keep my own schedule but I am blessed with super powers that allow me to track everyone else’s schedules, too.  All hail the memory-keeper.

A few nights later, Marie called me to say they were still going to the Saturday game, who wanted to go?  I knew nothing about Pat’s possible band practice, because Mini had not mentioned it.  I confirmed: ‘Three youngest kids want to go.’ 

Then Pat texted the entire ceili band group.  Final  practice on Saturday evening around 7:30 pm.  Practice conflicted with the Sox game that was now back on the 10th.  Oh shit.  

Mini voted to skip the practice to attend the game.  I texted Pat that she was going to the Sox game and would not attend practice.  Apparently he-who-had-once-been-part-of-the-Sox-game-plan had baled. 

The next night Pat called me.  Another family (blessed to be unrelated to us) with kids in the band (plural ‘members’ – in case you didn’t catch that) was not able to make the Saturday practice.  He was going to reschedule to Sunday at noon.
He proceeded to ask me why Mini had told him that she could attend a practice on Saturday night the 10th if she planned to go to the White Sox game?

1 – Because she is 15 years old. 
2 – Because her Nana had just told us that the Sox game was moved to Friday the 9th.
3 – Because she told you she needed to check with the boss, I mean her mom. 

Oh look, another unrelated photo.  This is low
 hanging, but not fruit.  It is a bee made entirely
 of legos.  I saw it recently at the Children's
 Garden at the Arboretum where
I took the kids I babysit. Ha - I was looking 

for this photo to post with my birds and bees
 post, but I was really intent
 on finding a hair-cutting 
photo and I COULD NOT.
MOST IMPORTANTLY:  Why are you bothering to nitpick Mini and her scattered schedule keeping abilities when YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE SCHEDULE ANYWAY DUE TO A FAMILY WITH MULTIPLE PARTICIPANTS NOT BEING ABLE TO ATTEND???!!!!  WHYYYYY?

When I described this debacle to my friend, she classified my existence as low hanging fruit.  If the label fits AND if your brother is an ass, then what is one to do?  I guess, if I am low hanging fruit,  all that is left is for me to say:  BITE ME.


I hope that you will share a nutty family anecdote so that I feel better about my goofy sibling(s).  


Busy Bee Suz said...

I can't even imagine having a large family and having a large family that nitpicks...especially a 15 year old girl for heavens sake!!
I have no siblings (Brother passed when he was 25, and both my Mom and Dad are gone) I like to say we have no issues in our family because most of them are dead. But, before and now, my family is full of nuts, but we like it that way. :)
You gotta know I love that bee.

Bibliomama said...

Your brother teaches your daughter Irish dancing? You'd think that would make matters like this easier, not more difficult. My family gets along well, although my mother is driving me a little nuts detailing every single phishing email she gets just to reassure me that she's not falling for them. Except when she kind of does and I have to remind her that they're phishing. "I don't even BANK with BMO". (She's so close to getting it).

Ernie said...

No- my brother DOES NOT teach her Irish dancing. He and his wife are Irish musicians. They used to teach her fiddle, but now she gets lessons skyp-ed by another guy because they are too busy. My brother organized a ceili band to travel to Ireland to compete. Back when his wife taught her fiddle, he once told me that he thought Mini should give up Irish dancing to focus on Irish music. 'We just haven't known anyone that could be successful at both Irish dancing and Irish music.' I lost my shit and screamed at him. It just burns me up - like, he might define success differently than Coach and I do.

OK - if you are interested this is the post I wrote about that specific incident. Background: my brother was raised to believe that he is always right. So, when he isn't right, he cannot accept it. My parents think he walks on water. I mean, I am not emotional about this at all - you get that right?!

Ernie said...

Ha- your love of the bee! I am sorry that your immediate family has all passed away. As irritating as my family can be, that would break my heart.

I embrace nutty people - so long as they are not condescending and irritating. Well, usually anyway. This year my brother and his family decided to take a road trip for Thanksgiving. The other brother and his family and my sister and a few of her grown kids and my folks were all together. Small and cozy. It was a perfectly relaxing time - until Curly came home and started puking days before her competition anyway!

Kari said...

Low hanging fruit would make a good blog name. Just saying.

Ernie said...

So true!

Kathy said...

hahaha. You know I am sure that when one says "X walks on water", one is really saying Shit floats. :)

Ernie said...

No doubt!

StephLove said...

I am thinking what it would be like to be the keeper of so many schedules... Hail to you indeed.

Ernie said...

It gets confusing at times but my mind is like a steel trap (at least on a good day)!