December 20, 2019

𝅑 It's all about the numbers, but who's counting π…Ÿπ†”

I don't think the photo does the cake (from a box) justice.
  I decorated it with white and blue sprinkles.  The blue ones
were snowflakes and icicles.  It turned out
really cute.  And I managed to
 find blue and white candles in my stash.
It is crunch time, and sleep is eluding me.  Damn it.  I wanted to go to bed at around 9 last night, but it was Curly's 12th birthday and I could not go to sleep before the birthday girl.  Because me grumpily chopping veggies in the kitchen while she relaxed in the family room with the males of the family is the stuff almost-Christmas-birthdays are made of, right?.  

I am gritting my teeth trying not to STILL be upset that a certain someone called to me that he unloaded a dishwasher and loaded another after work (granted he works from 9 am - 8 pm on Thursdays), so he was not going to set foot back in the kitchen to clean up anything else, JUST TO LET ME KNOW - and um - I guess it didn't matter that I make 6 loaves of pumpkin bread, the cake, babysat, or that I peeled the potatoes, and cooked the favorite chicken dinner and drove to and from dancing.  And printed out the last 12 envelopes that got messed up or overlooked originally.  

I know he INTENDED the kids to clean up the kitchen, but high schoolers have exams, Curly had a bday, and Reg and Lad wandered out a few times in response to my demands but pretended they didn't know where anything went or that moving a dish from the island to near the dishwasher mattered.  Groan.  This isn't over folks - I still got shopping to do, you should be TRYING!!!  Anyway,  . . . 

Curly asked me where her favorite new outfit is on the way home from her Irish dancing Christmas party (thank you dancing for celebrating today, because it sort of took the pressure off).  She brought these missing clothes to Louisville with us and she mentioned it before, but I assumed it was just in a laundry pile.  This many weeks later – now I fear that we may have left it in the smoking or non-smoking hotel room.  I called the hotel and they sent me to their lost and found website:  

Did you know about this?  You can find stuff that you left in airports, hotels, stadiums, etc.  Brilliant.  I wonder if they could locate the Yellowstone souvenir t-shirt I bought with my own money that never made it home from our trip back in 1987.

Anyway I stayed up late filing a report online and now we wait to see if they have it, or if I find a bulldozer to borrow and I maneuver it up to the girls’ room where poor Curly shares a room with slob-ola (aka Mini) and I uncover it on the bottom layer of their room. 

Between and chopping veggies, because I didn’t have to do that today for my 7 layer dip, I got caught up with the idea of pushing forward to get some more stuff done, and it was 11:30 when I crawled into bed.  I woke to pee at 4:30 am and my mind started to race with all of the things I need to do and the hope that chargerback finds Curly’s fav jeans and top that she wore exactly twice. 

I want to be fancy and write this to the tune and the pattern/beat of '4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves,' etc. - not sure I can get my tired brain to be that creative so just play along here as I list shit I have done or encountered with that tune in mind:  

🎝🎜A week and a half before Christmas my Christmas plans went off the rails, I took 2 pills to deal with an doc office procedure ON MY DAY OFF, that procedure ran a muck after I waited 2.5 hours and finally went home and slept for 2 hours (nothing got done.  Nada.  Zilch)!🎝🎜

🎝🎜 I got back on track baking 120 cookies, 6 loaves of pumpkin bread,  4 outstanding time-consuming dinners, 2 birthday cakes, while forgetting to run the two dishwashers ONE flipppppping night . .  .  πŸŽπŸŽœ
Tank's cake from Dec. 5th

🎝🎜 Each day averaged 3 loads of laundry, 2 trips to kids' practices, a pricey grocery $523 run, and 1 round tripppp to dannnnnnce, πŸŽπŸŽœ

🎝🎜Over the weekend I attended 8 sporting events, 1 was followed by a b-ball party, chose 2 grabbb baggg gifffts, and bought a fraiser fur Christmas treeeee🎜
The year-end rhyming recap
required a legal size page
this year as it was the longest ever.

🎝🎜I rhymed 52 stanzas to my annual year-end recap poem, printed 175 envelopes, and emailed the printer begging for a speedy delivery a few timess🎝🎜

🎝🎜Monday I had the day off and got soooo much-uch done, needed a nap, got 2 allergy shoots, and attended a 3 hour city council meeting cuz some ass holes think it would be cool to open a cannabis shop in the heart of our little townnn (this is when I was going to go to bed early after stuffing my cards, quiet sobs, - more on the meeting later)!🎝🎜

🎝🎜 Tuesday I took 12 photos of the babies, ordered 11 or more of them for 4 photo-craft ornaments, shopped online for a watch for Curly (still not purchased), and stuffed 150 envelopes with Christmas car-arrr-arrdddds,   πŸŽπŸŽœ

 πŸŽπŸŽœOn Wednesday, I finished loading envelopes, bought 5 stamps for cards to Ireland at the post office, gave kids bags of cookies for 8 favorite teachers, and took a much needed nappppp! πŸŽπŸŽœ
example of our photo hodge-podge ornament

🎝🎜Thursday I decorated for a birthday, cared for four kiddos (last day before break), gave 3 families gifts, received 2 gifts from families* (note the numbers off here - will explain in next post), fretted over Curly's missing jeans, and started making 7 llllayer tacooooo dipppp,  πŸŽπŸŽœ
Me shoving bags in car to race back to dancing class.

🎝🎜In the last week I've made 3 runs to the mall, had 40 gifts wrapped there, hobbled down the escalator lugging 85 pounds of gifts on an efff-ing bummmmm knee, πŸŽπŸŽœ

 πŸŽπŸŽœTexted my sister how to make a baked potato in the microwave, cuz I guess she doesn't have google, ordered 15 things from Amazon, no idea what, 'cuz I'm in freakkkkk out mmmmmode, πŸŽπŸŽœ

 πŸŽπŸŽœI gained 3 pounds missing my workouts, ridden a bike for 8 to 10 miles a day though, quit eating stuff I love, lost the 3 pounds, and finally met with a guy who will build a hood for my kitchennnn,  πŸŽπŸŽœ

🎝🎜I made 25 pieces of french toast for Curly's 12th birthday, while wondering if Coach will decide on the 1 kid gift I asked him to research, and I question if it even makes sense to decorate with only 5 GOLDEN dayssss till Christmasssss🎝🎜

🎝🎜 All this and I have not strangled any of my offspring, even though I have 1 college kid already hommmme!!! πŸŽπŸŽœ

Now if I can get those last 12 cards in the mail, workout, take a nap, get Mini to the doctor today to get her excessive ear wax vacuumed out, finish the 7 layer taco dip and then drive everyone where they need to be while Coach and Lad drive 8 hours round trip to pick up Eddie at college, I might make it.  Damn, need to decide on show tickets to a magic guy, Curly's watch, and Reg's Bulls jersey. Bahh haahhh!  (those are my weeping sounds).  Nap - priority #1. 

I invite you to tell me what you have left to do or what derailed your progress the most this year - mine was hands down the botched office procedure.  Entire day lost.  If you haven't been able to comment in the past - give it a whirl, because I just changed my comments from embedded to pop up, whatever that means.


Charlie said...

My comments kept disappearing before - I hope you can see this one?

Ernie said...

I see your comment. I am bummed the little musical notes I inserted seem to have disappeared.

Kari said...

Curly and Ella are only a few weeks apart! Ella turns 12 at the beginning of January.

Also, there is this store in Alabama that sells stuff lost on planes and airports. When my parents lived in Chattanooga for four years, we once considered visiting while there but never did. I bet they are selling your stuff.....just saying. ;)

Gigi said...

Happy birthday to Curly! I hope y'all find her favorite outfit.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I sang alllll the way through. Where is my prize? You can get it to me in 2020 as I see you still have a couple of things to take care of.
YOU do a lot. Am I telling you something you don't know? I hope not.
You need more than a nap.
Happy birthday to your Curly; the cake is beautiful!! December birthdays are hard; I hope she felt special.
Let us know on the's annoying when you lose something new-ish.
I think I've gained 5 lbs this past month and it's ALL in my belly. I look like I'm going to have another bundle of fun.
We decided today to just give our girls $$. Lolo wants to purchase furniture for her new house (hers and Nathan's)....even though she's in school full time in another state. Linds wants to decorate her apartment more and buy clothes. The coach and I only do stockings for each other; nothing big. I don't know that i've ever shopped this little for Christmas.
But, I've been busy as heck getting ready for our party tomorrow.
I hope you have a good and productive weekend....and a nap.

Ernie said...

OK, I am used to responding to each person, but here is a group 'chat' version:

Kari - we should get our 12 year olds together and I can only imagine what you could find at an airport lost and found turn shopping experience. My mom once lost a coat on a plane (like there was turbulence and the coat rolled up a few seats and someone took it, so not exactly lost). My brothers plaid ND basketball and she had their names and numbers embroidered on it. She was beside herself cuz she couldn't get another one.

Gigi - thanks, she seemed to have a good day despite the grumpy mom that I was. Her friends hid outside of school and the crossing guard/teacher tipped them off when she was coming and they all jumped out at her. Then her lunchtable sang to her, and then the entire grade, and then the entire lunchroom - she said she was bright red. It was the day they got to watch movies during some classes and such, so she was all about it. Mini pointed out that in high school her bday will suck, because she will have finals on her bday. Ouch. I will keep you all posted on her outfit - I CANNOT believe we left it at the hotel as I combed that place with a fine tooth comb.

Suz - I BELIEVE that you sang my crazy ditty all the way through. I would gladly award you with my official family Christmas card poem, because I think you would enjoy it. If you want it, lmk in an email and where to send it. If you don't want to subject yourself to the world's longest poem about our family nonsense, then I totally understand. My siblings don't bother to read it, which has been funny because I once congratulated Coach in the letter for getting his fellowship. At Christmas dinner when it came up, my siblings acted surprised. Busted!

I like that no nonsense gifting approach to Christmas for your kids. Very practical and I am sure they appreciate getting funds for what they need.

I am sure your parties are the hottest ticket in Florida!

I did get a short nap in, but thanks to a college kid who was a little self involved I did not get to nap when I WANTED to nap. He didn't want to pick the kids up from high school after their exams, so I had to do it. We all jump through hoops so he can have a car and then he sleeps and doesn't use the car but we are all messed up. I am not going to lie. I broke down and cried for a bit when I had Tank and Mini as a captive audience in the car after exams. I was like 'people, I am not asking for much here!'

I am off to bed - I waited up for Eddie to get home with Coach and Lad. Once again intended to be in bed by 9. Hopefully since I got lots done today I can get a better sleep tonight.

Have fun at your party - can't wait to see who the musical guest is, not that I would recognize him/her. #clueless

Busy Bee Suz said...

Mom's who don't get to rest, tend to fall apart at the most inappropriate times. And Christmas day is approaching. I can't believe your people don't read your card/poem. RUDE!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ok maybe I’m nosy, but did a kid get left out of the Christmas letter? Also hoping this new commenting thing works, I’ve tried to leave several comments and they never show up. 🀞🏻

Ernie said...

Hmmm, a kid did not get left off of the Christmas letter, I wonder what part of my post would make you think that? Is it where I said/sang 'the numbers are off here' that was referring to the gifts I gave the families that I work for (see my next post). Of because I said I only had one of my two college kids home? I used photos on the card that I took from the summer. Just curious what hint I left that made it seem like a kid got left off. Hey, glad your comment worked. Here I am always begging for comments and I had no idea that so many readers were unable to comment! Ugh.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I am FINALLY catching up on my blog reading after our trip to Boston and all the holiday fun. I feel like i need a nap after reading this post. I hope you got all caught up and all RESTED up during Christmas.

Would love to know what your outstanding yet time-consuming meals are. My family has been less than pleased with my cooking lately and it's making me want to cease cooking for them forever.

Ernie said...

Welcome back - thanks for backtracking to see what we have been up to here. Yes, I took some much needed naps. My top meals/well received meals that might take more time than easy stuff: spaghetti and meatballs (we don't eat this much because it takes forever to make a million meatballs and that is what is required to feed my troop plus I like leftovers), balsamic chicken and peppers and onions (GF), honey mustard chicken (GF), pork in the crockpot (GF -not at all time consuming but gluten free, but I have to get a specific kind of pork so that it shreds easily - my grocery store labels it boneless pork supreme or something but definitely has the word supreme in it. If it doesn't say supreme we are sawing at the meat, which is annoying). We also like a taco chicken soup thing in the crockpot (actual name is escaping me), but they tried of that when I over-served it. Probably ready to get back in the rotation. Oh, Chicken tortilla soup - that's what it is called. Happy to share recipes if any of those jump out at you. I make pizza casserole a lot (not GF) or baked mosticoli. Reg's bday is the 9th and he is requesting meatballs. A family favorite that is super easy but that I cannot eat is cheesey chicken: Boneless skinless chicken breasts covered in 2 cans of soup: cream of chicken and cream of celery, then shredded cheddar cheese on top of all of it. Cook for 1.5 hours at 325. Serve with mashed potatoes because the soup is great to pour over potatoes. Great for leftovers because never dry! Happy New Year!