December 18, 2019

An Irish Mother's Letter to her Son, or text

My phone died while I was printing my envelopes Sunday night.  I got a text from Eddie after it was partially charged.  

When I was growing up my folks had a linen banner displayed in the stairway leading to our finished basement.  It was called an 'Irish Mother's Letter to her son' or something like that.  It said things like:  "I was going to send you 5 pounds but I have already sealed the envelope."  

I don't know why, but this text exchange I had with my well-behaved, responsible son reminded me of that letter.  (No sarcasm here, just imagine how nutty the other knuckleheads get if this is the straight arrow guy).  Note the high praise of his great grades, and the moving right along to more pressing topics. Ed's texts are in white:   
Just to be clear I did not eat 'chiki' whatever that is, I did, however, eat chili.  And, I did not love to tell about it - but I did LIVE to tell about it.  My chili is damn good, but probably should not be ingested after a two week time-frame.  I have been crazy busy and I have cooked a few gluten meals for the fam while I continued to dine on questionable chili.  

Coach had a fever last weekend.  Can we take a moment to recognize how crazy gross it is that Coach did not notice the 'spilled chili' - if that is indeed what it was - until the second night?  He wasn't THAT sick.  And I did not know he was going to sleep in the empty boys' room (even if I did I am not the kind of wife who would rush in said college room and turn down the bed and put on a set of fresh sheets).  I will share that I did a little dance when I went to bed  a few hours after him and found that fever-boy was not sleeping in my bed.  Rest assured, the sheets on all beds got cleaned today.  

I did get a text back from Eddie after this where he lets me know that it is not a realistic possibility for him to not drink with his friends while home over break.  I said this will be addressed.  He told me 'Don't be difficult' and I told him to watch it.  Reminder:  THIS IS THE WELL BEHAVED KID.

In other excitement we got our tree - and it is up, unlit and undercoated in a room where the lamp stopped working - only light is on the piano.  So, yeah.  I think I best get a new light before we try to decorate.  Might be our smallest tree on record.  Slim pickings.  First time ever we only had Reg and Curly with us.  Curly loves the tree, so I will not complain about it's size. 

Tell me, how do you do cards?  Do you send a bunch, or a few, or none?  Photo of the family?  Personal note?  What do you do when you have a name pop up that you are on the fence about - send it anyway, or say 'Haven't seen these peeps in forever, gonna cross them off my list?'  What constitutes getting crossed off of your list?  Our list is crazy long.  I do cut people off at times, but others - well, I just have a hard time eliminating them.


Gigi said...

Generally, I try to do a photo of the family - but that doesn't always happen. Here is how I whittled my list way down...when The Husband was unemployed, I made the decision to cut cards out completely. I think we were spending about $100 on stamps alone prior to that. After he was employed again, I looked at who meant the most to me and who bothered to send cards even when they weren't reciprocated and those people made the cut. As I mentioned in the last post, I use clear labels for both the return address and the address - it totally makes life easier.

Nicole MacPherson said...

Those texts are funny!

I do cards every year - I make a photo card of the family, but a folded one so I can write in them. I love cards, actually! But I only send to people who send back (they get a year's grace and then off the list)

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love the texting banter. And really, don't be difficult Mom. :)
The tree will be lovely!!
I have a spreadsheet where I keep my Christmas card records. If I don't hear from you after 2 years, you're off the list. Unless you're really old and this is our only form of communication. (Did you die? I hope not!)
I always do a family pic and add in a few highlights of the year for the girls and coach and I too. (we matter) I almost always have regrets after sending cards to the printer hoping that I've not sounded braggy.
(Our life is good, so why the hell do I feel guilty? )When the girls were in High school, I always said how well they were doing and that they've not joined a gang, been arrested or had face tattoos yet. I'm happy to say, that is all still very true. ;)
I love getting cards with family photos and an update. Sometimes once a year is the only time we hear from some people, so it's nice to know what is going on.

Lori said...

I like how puking trumps the good grades! My daughter's friend one time was so wasted, she peed in my son's bed. I should son was at his dad's at the time. And my daughter and friend were old enough to know better. Not sure which is worse, pee or puke. Anyway...Christmas cards. I just don't send them. That sounds terrible, but anyone I want to wish a happy holiday to, I just call or text, so what's the point of a card? I suppose that's why we don't get many cards either.

Bibliomama said...

I love texting with the college boy. I love the 'did you mayhap vomit in your bed and neglect to inform me?'
I'm all over the place with Christmas cards. We don't get anything printed. We do a funny family Christmas tree photo session every year and usually send out wallets of that the next year, plus a few photos of the kids that I just do on our printer. I write more in some cards than others, depending on whether the recipients know most of my news from Facebook or not. I mail them as I write them, so they get progressively later as I go. I don't usually cut anyone off unless they've moved and I don't have their address. They stress me out every year and yet I still find it satisfying to do them. It's a conundrum.

Beth Cotell said...

I do photo cards. Our list is an odd mix of people we are in regular contact with and people we havent seen in ages. I should probably whittle it down but I am lazy. Currently the only time I remove a name is if someone dies!