November 8, 2019

top 11 things I love, again with the 11

THINGS I LOVE: (aside from my family, health, and all of the goes without saying stuff)

No blood this time, Kari.  If  you look close
enough you will see the flap of skin that
 was once part of my thumb that is
 standing up waiting to get gross and fall off.
1.       Sharp knives - if I can just 
learn to use them without injuring myself!

2.    Fridays off

3.    The occasional warm fall day to trick me into thinking summer is still lingering (so I wrote this weeks ago - still those days make me happy)

4.    Nothing bundt cakes gluten-free cakes.  Thank you sweet Jesus for this

So good, I cannot even wait to
get a photo before I dive in.
     5.     Security questions - I had to look something up for my accountant recently.  A dividend 1099 thing that we never got in the mail.  The site asked me to select several different security questions.  I guess just in case someone wanted to try to steal my $27 annual dividend.  Anyway, there were SO MANY choices, and I contemplated how I would respond to each one of them.  Yes, you can classify this under:  the little things.

     6.    A really good foot massage.  I enjoy these more than ever because I am a) old and b) I run or walk about 5 miles a day and my feet are not always happy about that.

7.     Getting comments on my blog.  Yep, this just makes my day, so take a minute and leave a comment

8.    A good night sleep - rare but love it when it happens

9.    When my kids play Irish music together.  I have been trying to get Reg to take his concertina playing a bit more serious.  Mini knows lots about the notes and she has more experience playing Irish tunes for longer than he has.  I have been urging her to share some of her expertise with Reg.  Curly has been jumping in with her fiddle.  She tries to play a tune here and there.  Mini gets mad at her though because Reg goofs off and Curly laughs and Mini pulls her hair out trying to get them to be serious.  I should not laugh, but it is just non-screen-time related fun.  Mini is on my case to ban Curly from the music sessions.  I told them last night that first Mini offers Reg instruction and then for 10 minutes they invite Curly in so she can try to play a tune or two with them.  Tank has yet to grab his wooden flute and play along.  He seems to be taking his studies somewhat seriously at the moment.  We think maybe someone stole his identity or his ‘I don’t care’ attitude.  Not a bad thing.

10.   Saying ‘obvie’ to my high school kids when something is obvious.  It makes them crazy, like I think I am so hip.  In reality, they do brainless stuff sometimes and I like to call them out on it and ‘obvie’ is just a great short cut.  In my world of teenagers who like to tune me out, it is GLORIOUS to catch their attention - without even swearing.  

11.  I thought of another one!  I hate driving all over the place especially Route 83 - which is currently under major construction making it impossible to get to dancing on time.  The bright spot:  Curly is my secretary.  I constantly invite her to take a dictation and have her text people for me, which is very handy. 


Pat said...

I thought I'd comment just to let you know that I read your blog faithfully, but have never commented (a lurker I guess). I have 4 grown kids and LOVE how open you are about some of the ridiculous, frustrating things our kids do - and we still love them?? the pic of how your college kids left their room brought back a memory. We have so many grown kids come and go and in the chaos of sending them off, I'd forget to check the room. I've spent many full days bagging garbage, cleaning up dishes and other crap and thinking about how they are NEVER coming back if I have my way. But of course I change my mind. I once had a 5 year old hide an un-eaten sandwich from lunch between his mattress and box spring in the spring - I found it late summer. Apparently I didn't flip mattresses too frequently. Thank goodness it was in a plastic bag. Laughed at their excitement about a restaurant meal in Vancouver; I was a single parent of 4 so definitely not too many dinners out. Keep sharing!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love your LOVE list.
Sharp knives are so much safer than dull ones for me. I tend to do better with sharp ones....but yes, keep your eyes on the digits. :)
The little cake looks great-just the right size too. I'm always shocked when I remember all my security questions too-we've still got it. Well, we've still got that at least.
Comments really make me happy too!!
The kids playing Irish music together sounds so wonderful, you know for obvie reasons.
Happy Friday!

Ernie said...

OMG - You just MAKE my day - that simple. Day made. Thanks for the comment, Pat. Glad to know you are out there, even if you prefer to lurk. :) Laddie once took a package of lunchmeat to his room and left it there for God knows how long. We could not walk into his room without gagging, but COULD NOT find the source. I did not know that old lunchmeat smells like dirty socks. Finally we found it in his desk drawer. Pop cans are the thing - no smell, but we are always amazed - like, why not just put them in the recycling bin where no one will notice? At least not if you bury them under the newspapers. We never have pop in the house unless we have just hosted a party. Coach went to finish the basement like 8 years ago and when he moved the white ceiling tiles it rained empty pop cans. Sigh. My kids are excellent sources of blog material!

Ernie said...

Not sure if you have Nothing Bundt Cakes in Florida, but they are divine. Most have gluten but the one version that doesn't is void of that gluten free after taste that I detest. I have quite a few knives stories forthcoming about those new knives I bought. I do love the kids playing Irish music together but I fear that Reggie got such a late start, that he will drop it in high school. I keep reminding him that his sister got to travel to Ireland to play to try to keep him involved in it. Just a great thing to do that is not very mainstream, so you meet different people and encounter different experiences. Don't get me started on how delighted I would be if Curly gave up dancing and just did fiddle. No wigs or leg tanning or $$$ dresses in Irish music. Mini and I are headed back to my alma matre for a literary fest tomorrow - so excited! Enjoy your weekend!

Nicole said...

I say "beastin'" to my kids because it's something they say and honestly, it sounds absolutely ridiculous coming from a middle-aged mom. Also "yolo" because hey, YOLO! Love the love list.

Wendy said...

What a trip to hear you mention Route 83 -- I used to live in Illinois, from birth until 2014 -- and I drove that road MANY times! (I grew up in Addison, lived in Bensenville and Villa Park and for about 25 years in Glendale Heights). I'm in Michigan now, in a small town near Lake Michigan, so traffic is a very rare occurrence and I don't miss it, lol

Bibliomama said...

My son (away at college) is fun to annoy with slang, but my daughter is so sweet that she doesn't want to make me feel bad, so she refuses to mock me for it - annoying, right? I thought Nothing Bundt Cakes was a typo, he - I don't think we have them in Canada. Six kids playing music together is so freaking cool - once Eve played Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel on her clarinet and Angus danced - that's as close as I'm ever getting.

Kari said...

I love this list. I keep a list of things I love in my phone's notes so when I am having a really crappy day, I can look at it.

Ernie said...

Ha! I love 'misbehaving' in their eyes by doing something they always do. Still, I could never bring myself to leaving dirty socks EVERYWHERE.

Ernie said...

WOW! We were practically neighbors. My uncle lived in an apartment in Bensenville for years when I was a kid. We used to go to his pool and watch people fish in the adjacent pond. The dancing classes I drive to around 4 nights a week are in Villa Park. I am 25 minutes south of there- with no traffic. The construction just wrapped up on 83 and I almost wept!

Ernie said...

My youngest is super sweet and when I swear she gets bent out of shape. I gotta clean thst up.

Nothing Bundt is the bomb! Both regular and gluten free cakes.

I fear Reg will quit concertina once he hits high school next year. Heartbreaking because it is super fun when they all play.

Ernie said...

That is a great idea. To think, when I am having a bad day- I eat my weight in ice cream.