November 22, 2019

My fall (as in the season): think pink

Warning:  this is gonna be a long topic, but I will chop it up for you based on each injury being discussed.  No, I did not physically fall (thank goodness for small favors), but this FALL was epic for moi. 

I am going to start out of order (and just like that I think of my math teacher in high school who died far too young), because I have a recipe request from all of you - but that will not show up until the next post because this got crazy long and I am doing a cut/paste job so we stay friends.

This fall marked Laddie's senior year season playing water polo out east.  Several weeks in advance, I looked at the schedule with Coach and we chose which games we wanted to attend.  Coach has a harder time committing because of work, etc.  I have an easier time as it comes naturally to me to craft ways to jump ship, escape the loony bin, ditch the disaster area, etc. 

Great pants but crappy eye.  If you
did not read how I scored these
 pants at a deal, you should.  Not
 many of you did,
so here is your chance.
This was senior
 game.  I am holding the flowers
 they give the moms and standing
 next to my kid in the speedo.
I was going to attend three different weekends - one with the whole gang, one just Curly and I, and one solo.  Yea me.  One of my visits would be to Lad's senior night.  I booked the necessary flights. 

Coach decided less than two weeks before the senior night game, that he might want to tag along.  That sounded perfect to me, save the fact that I now needed to pawn off our lovely younger four kids on people who once considered us friends.  No prob - I got busy and the pawning was complete.  Then I baked myself into a tizzy, because people are owed treats for this!

I made a mountain of meatballs right before we left.  I find meatballs labor intensive, so I do not whip them up all that often.  Well, that dinner was met with rave reviews.  I told the kids that when they were allowed re-entry to our home Sunday afternoon via key from my mom, they could heat up leftover meatballs for dinner.  Coach and I were not landing until around 7 or 8 pm.

Thanks to Coach's last minute booking, we flew to New York from O'Hare about an hour apart - but we landed at two different airports.  Coach rented a car at Laguardia and then came to get me - a few hours later at my airport.  On the way home, we both departed from Laguardia - I left a few hours earlier than him.  I landed at O'Hare, got a cab home, and then hopped in the car and drove to get him at Midway.  Yep.  That happened.

I assume I picked it up on the plane,
but Coach insists that you get it from
 poop so he blames changing diapers.
  I constantly wash my hands though.
 I am sticking with the airplane and
subsequent time hanging out at
the airport. 
Not gonna lie, it sucked.  
I ended up being incredibly grateful that Coach came along.  I could not have maneuvered around in a rental car on a bright sunny day trying to glance at the GPS with . . . PINK EYE.  Of all things!  I don't think I ever had this, because I swear something so insanely painful would have stuck with me. 

We woke up Saturday morning and hit the workout room in the hotel before we went to Lad's game.  While on an elliptical my eye started to tear like CRAZY.  Then the burning.  Then I considered scraping my eye out with a spoon.  As he drove to the game, I googled.  Oh, shit. 

We watched that first 9 am game (well, less watching for me and more blinking).  I kept going out into the quiet hallway to call my doctor.  They agreed to call me in something which saved us hanging out at urgent care during our visit.  It also saved me from swearing like a sailor into the phone in desperation mode and thereby forcing me to find a new doctor when I returned home.

Lad played Harvard on Sunday.  It was his last game of the weekend, and we were thrilled that he scored a goal - first of the season.  It happened in the 4th quarter.  Super sweet.  This picture is of Dr. Oz.  See him in the pinkish button down?  His son plays for Harvard and he was guarding Lad when Lad scored.  Just saying.  Too bad this wan't our early morning game on Saturday, because I could have tapped Dr. Oz on the shoulder and asked him if he had any pink eye drops on him.  I would've too, you know it!  Timing is everything.
I managed to survive the 30 second intervals of piercing eye pain for several hours till God's sweet nectar in the form of drops saved me.  Coach and I hit the grocery store while Lad went to watch film with his team.  Coach had procured a list from Lad while they watched Lad's girlfriend play in a softball tournament.  I stayed in the car, reclined, begging the drops to work some magic.  

Off to the grocery store, which gives you time to consider what easiest crockpot recipe ever you will suggest for my college kid.  Um, this adventure is not quite over.  


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Pink eye is HORRIBLE!!!! I'm so glad the doctor was willing to call you something in!

Ernie said...

Yes, that was huge. When the pharmacist told me it would take a few days to feel better, I thought I might die. It started to improve by late that afternoon and by the evening game it looked horrendous but felt decent. I had to wear my glasses all weekend - hate wearing glasses!

Gigi said...

Pink eye is awful - and VERY contagious! Am glad your doctor was able to call something in for you.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh no. Dang it've had just about every ailment available. Wait, did you ever have scabies? (LOL!!)
So funny about Dr. Oz; surely he would have suggested you put tumeric or lavendar in your eye. :)
So, I guess we won't consider this a romantic getaway for the two of you?
Waiting with bated breath....

Lori said...

Congrats on your son's goal! I don't remember when I last had Pink eye, but I do remember a nasty headache that accompanied it. Glad you got drops quickly.

Ernie said...

Yes the goal was exciting and well timed. Thank you. Thankfully I did not have a headache too. The eye pain was enough!

Ernie said...

I assume I caught it on the plane.

Ernie said...

Ha. Yes, the Dr. Oz factor cracked me up. Oh how Coach enjoys 'hotel time'. Hotel time with pink eye, not so much. My next post is about the weirdness at the hotel. Nothing I have ever seen before.

Kari said...

I was 42 when I first got pink eye. Never got it as a kid, teen, or young adult but rather as a middle-aged woman. My kids gave it to me......HAVE KIDS, THEY SAID! IT'LL BE FUN, THEY SAID!
Also, you are some sort of blogging wizard to be able to add external links to your photo captions.
Heading to the pants story now.

Ernie said...

You slay me! 'Have kids they said'- awesome! I do not ever remember having it before and my memory is like a steel trap. Dear Lord, if only I could cash in on that 'talent.' Anyway, I now feel guilty that I did not show more empathy to my offspring when they were SUFFERING with it. Like, thinking I should have bought them each a pony.

OMG- I never tried the link in a caption before but I just did it same as other links and it worked. No wizardary here, but ask me the name of every teacher I ever had and I am your girl!

Bibliomama said...

Ugggggh I got double pink eye during Eve's basketball finals one year. It was horrific. I'm SO glad your son scored on smarmy Dr. Oz's probably-smarmy son.

Ernie said...

I doubt I would have survived DOUBLE pink eye. I even asked the pharmacist if I should put drops in the other eye as a precaution and she looked at me like I was crazy. Nothin crazy about trying to avoid INSANITY.

Smarmy-son - hee hee!