November 13, 2019

God-sent day off, delegate fails, & still hobbling

BEST DAY EVER . . . well, the knee is not much better, but freakishly all three families that I sit for cancelled me for today (writing this Tuesday).  Hallelujah!  You know how some days you just NEED  day off – the stars aligned, people!

Remember little baby:  out of town for grandpa’s funeral.  So sad, and he was the first grandbaby.  Family with hefty baby:  preschooler was still struggling with tonsillectomy.  Third family:  baby with a stomach bug. 

So, I type this from the comfort of my couch and no babies to chase hobble around after . . . Coach rolled his eyes when I admitted that I googled how long it takes to recover from a torn meniscus (even one that is just tweaked or sprained) and the answer was:  6 to 8 weeks.  I guess he thinks it will not take me that long, but he did sigh and say that it was possible.  (warning:  here come the CANNOTs) . . .

People, I CANNOT be out of commission for that long, so let’s just assume I am going to bounce back sooner.  Agreed?  

Curly dances at regional championships over Thanksgiving weekend in Louisville.  I cannot be still struggling by then.  While I serve as a cheerleader for her, I am also an Irish dancing sherpa.  OK, OK, I know I flaked out and left a bag in a cab back in Orlando for Nationals champs a few years ago, but for the most part I am a top notch sherpa.  A bum knee cannot be part of this equation.

Thankfully my driving abilities have not been hindered. Thank you, sweet Jesus.  Can you imagine?  Well, I did lose my license back when I accumulated a few speeding tickets, so I CAN imagine.  I am grateful that I do not have to go there.  Note, I did not say getting in and out of a car is very graceful, but I can still chauffeur my peeps.  

I saw Coach at his clinic yesterday because I did not have to babysit and he thought it might help if I saw him.  He did not make me cry, and seemed generally more patient with me in public - so that was an improvement.  I think I had also accepted this suckie reality as opposed to the night before, so I was not an emotional basket case.  

Coach came up with a few exercises that I could do to keep it moving and increase the blood flow to the knee so that it heals faster.  I have already done these exercises twice since I woke up. 

It snowed here.  I am on crutches, for the most part.  Not loving the icy parking lots out there.  I am SUPER grateful that I bought every grocery item available to mankind on Sunday.  To clarify, (Kari) I am still responsible for the laundry regardless of my condition.  I tried to delegate.  I drove Curly to dancing and then attended a writers’ group (new thing I am trying and really enjoying).  While I was gone, I told Reg to set the kitchen timer for 8 pm and then go upstairs to the laundry room and put the stuff in the dryer.  

(Oh, and this video shows me hobbling over to turn off the THERMADOR fridge drawers that decided to fail for the 10th time - no exaggeration, in less than 2 years.  Great timing because we have people coming over on Saturday and I was not in the mood to hop over and turn them off when they beep every few hours.  Seriously!)

When I went to bed last night, the dryer was full of wet clothes.  Is it because I did not tell him to ‘turn it on’?  I remember saying ‘casual’ as the setting, but the on button might not have been referenced.  Sigh.

Before I went to bed, I lay on the couch with my back to the kitchen.  Coach called out that he was going to bed and that he was not going to do anything else with the kitchen.  Mini and Tank were watching TV.  I was in la la land.  They went to bed, and then I hauled my butt up off the couch.  I wished I had made them finish the kitchen, but I did not know the state it was in.

Um, guess who had to gather 10 glasses and reload the dishwasher till they fit, and load the crockpot, and start the dishwasher?  Yes, the gimp. 

Still, a happy gimp who was thrilled to not be babysitting today!!


Busy Bee Suz said...

You really needed a day of rest. Hopefully you'll feel more improvement with each day because we all know you can't be down and out of commission. I'm glad you were able to get into the office and get some attention without crying; is he like the kids? They behave better in public? I'm kidding.
I'm cringing at your laundry debacle. I stopped doing the girls laundry when they started High School. Still, I do a butt load and it's only two of us. Rest up!!

Kari said...

The Universe is helping you out a bit! Yay for that!
I hope you just keep getting better and better. Oh and that it stops snowing FOREVER.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Hopefully this heals faster than 6 to 8 weeks! Glad you got a much needed day off! (From babysitting anyway...)

Ernie said...

Can you believe I ended up with a FULL WEEK OFF?! I don't usually sit on Fridays, and Mondays is just the one little guy with a great head of hair, whose grandpa passed away - so he was not here all week. Then chubbs got croup - out the rest of the week, after they already cancelled Tuesday. I was GOING to have the Tu /Thurs guy today - but his mom asked me if he could come or if I preferred to skip. He had a stomach bug and then his whole family got it and I was about to say, sure. Then I thought about it and Coach was like let's not take any chances. We are having the redo family gathering on Sat from when I had to cancel due to strep in September. A hard group to gather, so I want everyone healthy. Plus, hardly worth it to sit for one guy. I am LOVING not babysitting - to the point of making me concerned that I need to find another gig.

I tried having Lad do his own laundry, but with the volume of laundry it made no sense to stand around and wait for him to do a load. Plus an incident with a pen ruined a bunch of stuff and I was like - FORGET IT!

I do think Coach was more aware of my potential emotions in the workplace. :)

Ernie said...

I could handle this weather better is someone assured me that spring would arrive in early February - for good. Sigh. Hating it, but I have not left the house much either. The knee is improving by leaps and bounds - hooray!

Ernie said...

See above -I ended up with a whole week off, which has been AMAZING! Trying to remember how I have time to babysit. I assume it will all come back to me. I would prefer to just write during the day and SOMEHOW manage to squeak out a paycheck that way. What's that saying: 'Don't quit your day job' - but OH HOW I WANT TO!