November 6, 2019

11 things I hate, no idea why it's 11


Things I hate:  (how’s that for a positive start to the day?)

1.       Ass holes (see previous post)

2.     Disastrous rooms left behind by college kids

This is only one angle - it was much
 worse than it looks here.

Still not perfect, but this is how I spent
one entire afternoon.  I have texted
 the boys to alert them that they WILL NOT
return to school next time and
leave their rooms in such a state.

  3.  Seasonal allergies

  4.    Weight gained by inserting crunchy food in excess of my calorie requirement in order to scratch the roof of my mouth that is begging for a long scrub with one of those wire bristle brushes

  5.    Strep throat - Mini came down with this hours before Coach’s siblings were supposed to show up the Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  Food already bought.  Some food already prepared.  Excitement at actually hosting two in-law families who we really enjoy on a night when no one had to work the next morning (and pulling off the invite minus his folks so it was going to be SOCIAL and not a lecture on our faith and all right wing activities we should be involved in).  Fridge drawers reorganized to accommodate adult and kid beverages, which will now just get in my way as we do not need fridge drawers stocked with alcoholic beverages.  (yes, this weekend sucked - between cancelling party and losing my biggest babysitting client - it sucked)

6.    Inability to reschedule above party because, well, everything

7.     The closing of the pool/end of summer

8.    Disappointments -(different from people who cancelled job on me) long story to be addressed later

Ireland trip suitcase and the several
 weeks delay that took place until I
went in her room and dumped it out.
9.    Reality check- so maybe this babysitting gig sucks, and I can just carve out more time (with less kids to sit for) to get this book published.  Reality check, because REALLY?  How is that ever going to happen.  Writers are a dime a dozen.  Everyone and their sister wants to publish a book.  Feeling washed up, career-less.  Is laundry and baking really my main calling?  I know, I know, six kids is nothing to shake an unpublished manuscript at, but I am longing to accomplish something that develops because of my creativity - not my diaper changing skills and my mom skills. 

10.   The misunderstanding that exists when I utter words ‘clean up your room and unpack from your Ireland trip that occurred WEEKS AGO!’  Note that I did not say that I hate this particular daughter, just her inability to comprehend what it means to empty a FREAKING suitcase. 

11.  ASS HOLES - ending on this note, because  want to - BECAUSE really people who are monstrously inconsiderate and rude are utterly the worst!  That babysitting family that canceled me at the last minute has really, REALLY ticked me off.  Who behaves this way?


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I'm thinking that maybe drinking one of those many leftover alcoholic beverages would help you!!! All kidding aside - sometimes it's good just to let it all out. Once your frustrations are out, you can move on from them. And just because writers are a dime a dozen doesn't mean you don't have something great to write that people would love to read. Hang in there!

Busy Bee Suz said...

That really stinks that you had to cancel the party. Am I a bad mom? Because I would have quarantined the sick one to their room for the evening.
I can't believe your boys left their room like that? Want me to lend you my shank?
Yeah, assholes. You've had a few lately-sorry about that!!!
And thanks for reminding me to go unpack my suitcase....even though I just got home yesterday that's no excuse.
And I agree with all that Beth said too.

Gigi said...

The suitcase thing would have driven me out of my mind! When I come back from a trip, I unpack immediately. My husband actually followed my advice and did it the last time we came home and he said, "Wow, that feels great to not have it hanging over my head."

Ernie said...

Beth, Thanks for the words of encouragement - very appreciated. That babysitting-gone-wrong deal sort of pushed me towards getting more into writing, or looking into other career options. Testing the waters with writing, I guess. I have joined 2 writers groups and one has a junior college professor who offers to read stuff from time to time. She loved the story I handed in to her and said she found herself wanting to read more about my crazy family (story was about my sister running over the mailbox as a 16 year old with her license). That made my year!

Ernie said...

I offered to quarantine her in her room, but I have a sister in law who has germ issues. I love her dearly but I met her at the zoo in August with the kids I sit for. She washed her 2 year old's hands multiple times in the few hours we were together. I could not have her show up and then tell her about the strep. It was also Labor Day so I suggested we stay outside as much as possible. She said 'let's reschedule' - laughable. Her kids are little. Trying to find a time when there are no sports on the calendar was impossible. I JUST rescheduled for Nov. 16th. Fingers crossed.

I will borrow your shank. I cannot tell you how annoyed I am that my kids cannot occasionally clean up their rooms. I have been cracking down lately and they do not get to hang with friends on the weekends if they have not put laundry away and vacuumed and dusted their rooms.

You will all be invited to my book signing and Curly's friend's mom who said I would probably not sell many books if I self publish can EAT MY _ _ _ _ - hee hee. Never-mind when we all attend the opening of the movie based on my book!

Ernie said...

There is something up with Mini - I do several loads of laundry and sort it, and her pile - almost nothing. She CANNOT bring herself to put her clothes in the laundry room until I scream at her. Just when I think the laundry is done. If she wasn't such a good kid, I would make her live in the garage. That suitcase shit. I told another couple at church a few weeks after the boys left for college, 'I am so surprised at how much the two of them leaving has impacted the laundry . . . ' Mini was standing there. She cleared her throat, 'Oh, that might be because I have not yet emptied my suitcase.' (2 weeks after she returned and it took her another week to actually do it). Right there, as God is my witness (get it - we were in church), I almost strangled her.

Kari said...

I feel very similarly about books,ebooks,etc....Bloggers who have no business writing books are writing books. But then I think I am just jealous that I don't have a book. Yeah, that is probably it. So write that book. I am teaching a creative writing class for homeschoolers and one of my main points is to just write. Writing is such good therapy....I mean, don't you feel better once you vomit your feelings on a computer screen? I know I do.

Kara said...

My youngest child does not like washing her clothes with everyone else's. She says she's bothered by the thought of other people's sweat touching her clothes. So she washes her own clothes now (except for socks, because the girls socks are communal). She still has to separate all of the clothes when she's on laundry duty though.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Youre SIL sounds a bit wacky, but we all have some of those.
When my girls were home, they were total slobs. It used to drive me out of my mind!!!
LOL at the damn dream hating Mom. We'll toast to her at the movie premiere. ;)

Ernie said...

Wow - I cannot get my kids to bring their clothes to the laundry room let alone take the time to wash them themselves! How old is this child? My kids were appalled when they learned that we had communal underwear drawer for my two sisters and I growing up.

Ernie said...

I feel as though a camera should have been following me around thru life - shit just seems to happen to me. For some reason my mind recalls all of it. I always whine that having a great memory has done nothing for me, but maybe getting a book deal will be my way to cash in on that weird attribute!

Nicole said...

Assholes are the worst. I try to think the best of people but sometimes...ugh

Ernie said...

They are out there- making the rest of us look better, I guess.