October 14, 2019

not to be missed post: hilarious airbnb highlights, laughing to not cry

Glad one of us can stomach this stuff.
 This is Coach in the trampoline room
 removing Tank's stitches.
1.  Coach removing Tank’s stitches with a tweezers or a nail clippers - I kept my distance.  

2.  Moments - and I mean literally like 2 minutes - after we were in the apartment, Laddie went out on the tiny balcony.  We were on the 19th floor.  The door locked behind him and we COULD NOT open the door to get off the balcony.  The handle was jammed.  I was totally in blogger mode thinking of the many things I needed to report on, so I managed to capture a photo despite the small amount of panic happening. 
This is Lad stuck on the balcony.
 Reg laughing
 at him from the master. 
Tank in the background
 messing with the door. 
Life is really
 never dull for us.  Sigh.

The windows that led to the balcony were itty bitty so getting him back by ‘birthing’ him thru a window was not an option.  Coach eventually freed him, but he kept giving me looks accompanied by a shaking of the head. 

After years and years of our partnership of parenting the screw balls we like to refer to as our children (really we only claim them while at Church when they are dressed decent and on their best behavior) I know how to interpret his expression:   ‘What the Hell is wrong with our children?  (Often he verbalizes the question.  This time it was implied).  

It is a riddle I have struggled to answer for him over the years, yet he still asks.  I’m not gonna lie, there is often a bit of blame associated with this glance of ‘Goddamnit’-ness, but not to worry I am able to shrug away the blame.  Ahem, I KNOW they do not take after me.  

This photo does not go with the #2 issues
in the airbnb.  You're welcome.  This is
 kids trying out hammocks in a store on
 Granville Island.  I wish I had a video of
 a few of them trying to get in the damn
 things.  Mini was hoping I would buy one
for her room.  Not gonna happen.
 It is treacherous enough already in there.  
3. Anyone brave enough to go #2 in the bathroom took their life in their own hands.  ‘Couldn’t you wait till we were leaving?’  ‘Why’d you do that before my shower?’  ‘You are a pig?’  ‘What did you EAT yesterday?’ 

4.  Then there was the night that Lad insist that we watch ‘Black Fish’ a documentary about killer whales and Sea World, etc.  This suggestion happened the day after our whale watching adventure (more on that later).  This was a great film, but very sad and disturbing.  Not sure the timing was right for it to be shown right after we embraced whales in their natural habitat - kind of a buzz kill, but it is hard to find something the entire family can watch on TV.  

5.  When we finally had everything packed up and I had offered all kinds of odds and ends for breakfast (not the cheese popcorn, because I grabbed that for lunches - it was eons ago, but perhaps you read about that bit already) that I did not want to stuff in the checked bags, Coach and I started asking everyone if they had everything. 

There was a charger in the wall and no one would claim it.  Coach and I did not remember if it was already in the apartment when we arrived or not, so we continued to question everyone.  It wasn't until we got home that Tank suddenly could not find his charger.  SERIOUSLY?  The place was not that big - I think we have established that.  How could you NOT have heard us ask a million times ‘whose charger is this?’  He was bummed because it had additional USB ports.  There are not words.  But hey, at least we found his brand new raincoat on the back of his chair at the kitchen table - NOT with us in Vancouver where it rained a TON.  

It was an excellent vacation - full of sights and adventures and memories.  I am not going to lie, it was great to be home to enjoy personal space, multiple bathrooms, three televisions, a huge fridge and freezer (albeit covered in brown unidentifiable scum), three crock pots, and laundry facilities.  Home sweet home. 


Kari said...

We love going on vacation as a family but OMG it is so good to be at home.

Ernie said...

Amen. When we left for Yellowstone like 10 years ago I cleaned the house so that we could come home to a place that wasn't trashed with last minute packing nonsense. When we walked in the house 2 weeks later, the kids were like 'What happened? How did our house get so clean?' I no longer have the time or energy to pack AND clean the house before we leave, but I still like to get home especially after being in such close quarters.

Bibliomama said...

"It is hard to find something the entire family can watch on TV" - this must be the understatement of the year for you, since I have one boy and one girl and it became almost impossible for us years ago. Depressing whale documentary for the win!

Ernie said...

Exactly. OMG - Lad left the airbnb the next night to have a beer with Coach. He likes to be the hero so he set up a movie on his laptop connected to the TV before he left. Minutes after he left the kids changed the movie because what he picked did not interest them. He was ticked when he got back and found out they hadn't watched it. This is why, sometimes college and the space it offers is a GOOD THING!