October 18, 2019

garden on overdrive, promised meal, aggressive eating

Ticket bought, the race was on.
We hurried through the gates at Butchart Gardens after we bought our tickets.  Remember we were pressed for time and the kids were dead set on eating at a real restaurant.  Challenge accepted.

We raced through the gardens.  Saw it all, I assume in record time.  It was magnificent, but our crew can only handle so much beauty . . . Especially when they know a restaurant meal is in their near future.  Hot food exiting a RESTAURANT kitchen on a tray is a thing of beauty to them.  

This is the map - not a
 small place, but if you run
and agree to refrain from
 the standard million photos,
 it can be done in under an hour.
We ended up being forced to eat at the cafeteria on the grounds at the garden.  I grabbed a salad from the line and started eating it while the rest of the gang waited for their specific, hot meals to be brought out.  There was not a lot to choose from, so there was some groaning from our deprived children.  

I admit that I, too, was incredibly disappointed.  This place had almost no options for my gluten free butt.  Yeah, a salad.  I had my heart set on eating at a restaurant that we passed when we first got off the boat, but I didn’t understand the logistics at the time.  That place was now an hour in the wrong direction.  

It really was spectacular.
While I ate, Coach’s blood pressure skyrocketed.  He had paid.  For a real meal.  Yet, he feared that we would need to race to the bus without having eaten said meal.  It was a tense time.  I made all the kids use the restroom while they waited for their meals, so nothing else would slow us down after the dinner.  

I got up to use the restroom when my wimpy salad was ingested.  I made a beeline for the cashier first.  I pointed out that my husband my stroke out if they did not bring my family their food.  PRONTO.  The kids were pointing at other tables noting that those people sat down AFTER us.  I informed the guy of our bus conundrum.  ‘Please do not wait to serve everyone at once, just BRING OUT FOOD AS IT IS PREPARED.’  Cashier guy to the rescue - a few plates started to magically appear from the kitchen.  

I walked behind our crew and took a
 few pictures here and there in
 hopes of not being scolded.
I wish I had a video of my family eating, but on the other hand - you might not be interested in my fam doing their best imitation of competitive eating.  It was a unique style of bartering, begging, threatening, and inhaling.  If memory serves, and it usually does, it went a little bit like this:  

‘Do you want those veggies?’  
Are you done with your chicken?’  
‘Can I finish your - whatever that is?’ 
‘Touch my plate again and I will break your fingers.’  
My children:  do NOT deny them
a restaurant meal after it has
 been promised.  EVER.
‘I think you are drinking from my water glass.’  
Where did you find the butter?’  
You know you are never going to finish all of that.’  
I just want one bite.’  

And just like that, in a matter of 6 or 7 minutes our meal was complete.  The busboys had nothing to scrape from our plates.  Their work had been done.  We ran like the wind to the bus.  I decided that we had 3 minutes to spare and I stopped in the bakery and bought a few of the priciest treats known to man for the kids to share/ fight over on the long bus ride.  


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

My kids would have decided against the gardens in favor of a meal! But look how pretty those pictures are! I'm glad you got everything in even if your husband was about to lose it!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I'm sure the gardens were beautiful, but my heart hurts for your starving kids. :/. They deserved a better meal. I'm glad though that you didn't miss the bus and you DID get them some, I only feel a little bad for them.

Ernie said...

Once we made the bus and we had all eaten, we could relax. We knew we were going to make the ferry. Coach did NOT relax. The kids were giddy and goofy and he was not handling it well. We had the entire bus to ourselves besides one other couple. They were bothering no one. Then we ended up with a bad case of the Church giggles and we (meaning me and the kiddos) had to avoid eye contact or we would bust a gut laughing.

Ernie said...

I will be honest that eating a meal at a restaurant that was not even close to our first choice was a real bummer. I ended up with a weak-ass salad that had been sitting out for awhile. Plus we had to pay thru the nose for this place. Sigh. I did feel bad for Coach though because he spent so much time mapping out our visit that I had to just suck it up and buy the kids a freaking cookie. (and then join them in silly giggles on the bus - see above!)

Kari said...

I feel like you could just skip vacation altogether and take them out to a huge dinner instead.
Hell, I would rather do that too. :)

Ernie said...

Ha! I think they call that a cruise, right? I have never been, but for sure the all you can eat cruises would lose money on us!