August 9, 2019

common courtesy, who drinks my catsup, & that pudding won't last


I have been actively interviewing new families for my in-home daycare as I still have several openings for the fall.  I meet people on a Mom's Facebook page,, and the NextDoor website.

I have lost track of how many people I have met with or messaged back and forth.  There was the one woman who swore she could taste her own breast-milk when she got full.  So, yes - there are people I am relieved have not called me back.

Honestly though, I have never encountered so many people who fail to get back in touch.  To me it is simple:  'We selected someone closer to home, thanks for your time' or 'We are still deciding, thanks for meeting with us.'  or 'My mother in law decided to watch little Junior, but thanks anyway.'  I could not live with myself if I did not message people back that I had interviewed.

One woman messaged me while I was in Vancouver and asked if I could chat in an hour.  I explained that I was in Vancouver but could we talk in two days time?  'Yes.'  I have messaged her several times.  No response.  How about:  'Sorry, I found someone.'  NO BIG DEAL.  Basic manners.  Speaking of manners . . .


Lad came home from college with an aversion to certain meats.  No rhyme or reason.  I think he doesn't like how some chickens are fed.  I serve up what I serve up.  Feast of famine, people,  Coach laughed one morning.  Lad had ingested most of a bottle of castup with a big bag of potato chips while the rest of us slept.  Evidence was right there on the island.
Trust me, there is a shadow in the pic
 that makes the bottle look like it has half
 a portion in there.  Not the case.

Coach was like:  'Well, he is clearly concerned with what he puts in his body.'  We are a sarcastic breed over here, so be cautious when you show up and decide to be inconsistent with your manifestos.

We were at the dentist early this morning and it was crappy caddy weather.  Ed had his wisdom teeth out yesterday.  They suggested pancakes for his must-eat-soft-food palate, so I whipped up eggs and cakes for an early lunch.  Ed would never eat a pancake normally because he really only eats healthy food (meat works for him when his mouth is functioning).  I urged him to eat a pancake so I could be sure he wasn't messing with his stitches.

I got that whole mess cleaned up and then got out stuff to load my crock-pot.  Catsup, sugar, onions, etc.  I noticed early in the summer that I had overbought catsup.  This morning:  NO FRICKING CATSUP.  Oh, I mean unless you count the half a capful that was in the container in the fridge.  How on earth can one college kid inhale that much catsup?

Is this picture too dark for you to see?
 Pudding on the left and cool whip
on the right.  The stuff dreams are made of.
Maybe catsup lover could mention:  I just opened the last bottle in what was once your very impressive inventory.  And, hey - sorry to be quirky, but DON'T PUT IT BACK IN THE FRIDGE IF IT IS ESSENTIALLY EMPTY!!!


I had Mini make some chocolate pudding and thaw cool whip from the freezer for Ed as he hopes not to lose weight while healing (such a problem to have!).  Well, look who is enjoying a bit of pudding and cool whip?  Yep.  Of course there is sugar involved so Ed has barely touched it.  Why is my genetic pool so lacking in willpower?


Kari said...

Ella eats everything with mustard, so there's that. Also, we never have mustard anymore.
I just made chocolate pudding last week because I was craving it and all they had was instant and it doesn't taste at all like cook and serve. Now I want pudding again but am getting Cool Whip too.

So how many kids do you usually watch? Like, what is legal? I ask because I used to babysit occasionally and I am always curious. Also, there are like five in-home day cares in my neighborhood alone. Also, I hate when people don't respond either. It's an epidemic. I am not being ironic. It IS an epidemic.

Marie Smith said...

The empty containers put back in the fridge drives me crazy too.

Gigi said...

I'm sure if I were to look in The Husband's hoarding room/pantry, we probably have at least four bottles of ketchup (sorry, we are not a catsup household ;-) ) and we rarely use the stuff!

But yes, those who put back essentially empty items deserve severe punishment!

Saimi said...

Did your boy room with anyone from Idaho haha - let me explain. My grandsons live in Idaho and they want catsup on everything Something their Idaho mother introduced to them. We tease our son about that and it's become a running joke in our family. As for the pudding and whip cream, now your talking my language. It's funny how people don't think about what they are doing when they call and talk to someone, such as yourself about something they want. Even when they decide otherwise. They have already involved you where you have to think about the potential new client/kid in your daycare and then don't have the courtesy to get back to you. It's like to them if it's something they don't want, their conversation with you never even existed. Strange behavior for sure.

Beth Cotell said...

Give me allllllll the condiments! My fridge is full but it's mostly condiments.

Ernie said...

We do not have pudding often and so it is such a treat. Sometimes when I discover a gallon of milk that someone failed to take in the proper rotation order, I start making mountains of pudding. 'Eat it before the milk expires.' Never have to say that more than once.

Not sure what is legal. I looked it up once, but I do not remember. I think I can watch up to 5 or 6? Last year I had a couple of preschoolers and 3 tots from around 6 months to 22 months. I have one spot left and I had two families interview with me the other day for that one spot. I told them, 'Please let me know as soon as possible, because I need to let the other family know.' I prefer one family over the other because she has a teacher schedule. She said she would let me know by the end of the week. Um, that was yesterday. Crickets. Sigh.

Ernie said...

It boggles the mind! I have a huge fridge, but storing empties is not something I have space for.

Ernie said...

I sent Eddie to Costco to get a few things. One of which was catsup. I kid you not, he came home with like 9 bottles of catsup. What. On. Earth. He was like, 'You said you thought you had enough in the pantry to last a year. Now you do.' Seriously?! Good thing they like sloppy joe's.

Ernie said...

Thanks to Eddie being ridiculous, we now have enough catsup to last us forever. He totally overbought when he went to costco for me.

Yes, people who reach out to inquire about my childcare services and then drop off the face of the earth are plain rude. A simple, we found something else is sufficient.

Ernie said...

Coach and Eddie have recently discovered the joys of giardiniera. (yes I had to cut and paste that from google because I had no chance of spelling it right). The last thing I need is another bottle of condiments in my fridge.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Your people crack me up. A bottle of ketchup (catsup??-NO, Ketchup here LOL) will last us about 2 years. But then again, no kids in the house. But, the Coach is a condiment king and we have a pleathora of flavored mustards.
I hope the widsom tooth healing is done by now and he's eating healthy again. :)

Ernie said...

It is a major food group apparently for Lad who insisted on drinking almond milk all summer. I have a big fridge, but not exactly extra space for extra milks and gallons of catsup. Ed had a dentist appointment the week after his wisdom teeth were pulled and the dentist was surprised at how great he had already healed. If he is told to rinse every two hours or whatever, then that is exactly what he is gonna do. I dread getting Tank's wisdom teeth our. He will be impossible.