July 8, 2019

last minute switch-a-roo & kick a girl when she's down

Ed and I were scheduled to attend his orientation June 18th.  Coach emailed me an invite he received from the owner of the company he works for.  Owner invited all local partners or managers - or some official criteria that would include Coach - to attend a get together at his house.

Yippee!  I really like Owner.  His wife is equally awesome.  This incredibly successful, wealthy couple continue to be grounded, inclusive, conversations, engaging, and generally interested in what is going on in our lives.  It is a gift.

Back in the day, when the company was smaller, invites to their home for work-related parties were as commons physical therapy stretches.  That isn't the case anymore, since the business is now enormous.  So, I was super excited.

My eyes scanned the invite - I feared that I would have to beg Lad or Ed to handle driving Curly to a dancing practice.  Worse.  It was as if someone delivered a quick kick to my gut.  The date of the soiree:  Tuesday night, June 18th.  Noooo!  My sucky social existence CANNOT catch a break.

All along Ed wished for an earlier orientation time slop.  He hared that since students register for classes during orientation, early attendees get first dibs on classes.  I asked Ed to look at the website for a cancellation.  Before he opened his laptop he shook his head.  'It's booked.  There's no way.'  a minute later he was telling me to hurry up and check to see if I could swing the 13th-14th.

These are the notes I jotted on my calendar
so I knew what camps I enrolled the kids
 in at the high school.  Clear as mud?
I wiped the cookie dough off my hands, because this is back when I was still preparing for Ed's party.  My calendar overflowed with basketball camp driving commitments, but I knew I could get a few friends to help me out.  the baby Molly sits for I sit for was getting tubes.  The hotel had availability.  All the stars aligned.  Hooray!  Switch-a-roo it was.  Ed was happy and I was excited for my upcoming Coach-work party.

On Monday, June 10th the day after Ed's grad party, I got some disheartening news.  This is a VERY long story that is gonna take some 'splaining, so I will save that for another post.  Plus, I want to have all the info before I share it with you and that could take months (this was the gist of the disheartening news:  the newsy timeline suddenly became potentially a lot longer)/  so, stay tuned?

Coach walked into the study with a blank expression.  I had already texted him 'disheartening'.  'I don't know how to tell you this, because I know you have already had bed news today.  Them made a mistake when they shared the work-party info with us.  It is only for employees.  No spouses.'

Kick a girl when she is down, why don't ya?  The work thing ended up being a 'big' announcement about the owners' role in the company.  Boring.  Ed was still psyched to orient early.  Who knows how many slots would have been available for the History of Rock and Roll class he ended up getting into had we waited?!  Since when is Ed morphing into Jack Black?


Marie Smith said...

Your schedule looks like the one at my daughter’s house. Some interpretation required.

Kari said...

Your calendar is giving me major FOMO. Then I realized that I have four less children and I breathed a sigh of relief.

By the way, I had a dream about you last night THAT SOUNDED SO MUCH BETTER IN MY HEAD.
Nothing creepy or weird but we lived next door to each other and we were fighting over pie.
Sounds legit.

Ernie said...

Organized chaos. I have managed to only miss a few birthday parties or sports practices when the kids were little. I thought it would be easier when they were older. Now it is busier and our days include car juggling.

Ernie said...

Too funny! I would never fight you for a pie unless it was gluten free AND tasty (but not to worry, that does not exist). I have envisioned us meeting at Bakers Square in our old haunt- so there's that. So much to chat about!