July 30, 2019

laminated tickets, losing battle, when in doubt-label it

Coach has been losing his mind lately (well, probably longer than 'lately'-maybe the last few years).  The culprit  . . . socks.  More specifically:  Tank's wearing of Coach's socks.

Coach's preferred socks.  Most often found
 on Tank's feet.  Coach also wears dress
 socks to work, but Tank doesn't touch
 those.  Go figure.  All this sock talk is
 riveting stuff, I know.  Is there a sock
 epidemic of some sort in your house
 or am I alone on this one?
The kid does not put his own socks in the laundry, so how can he expect to find any of his socks in the clean laundry pile?  Trust me, I have explained the concept.  'Do not leave your dirty socks on the basement bathroom floor.  Or in the living room.  Or between the couch cushions.  Or in the car.  Or in the garage.  Or on the deck.  BECAUSE I DO NOT COLLECT LAUNDRY FROM THOSE SPACES!'

If you ever doubted my insistence that our house is in a constant state of disarray, then perhaps the above sentence clarified that for you. 
I used to have 'movie tickets' scattered everywhere.
 I was shocked that I could not find one to photo,
 but I did find these magnets labeled with
 chores to complete in order to
earn coveted movie tickets.  When did this
system stop motivating my crew?

Tnak's new approach to my hounding him:  look at me all sincere and concerned.  Head tilted to one side.  Slow deliberate nod.  Raised eyebrow.  Pursed lips.  A few thoughtful 'hmms'.  As IF he is wrapped up in my 'get your shit together' talk.

Eventually he breaks out of his insincere pose and bursts out laughing, but all the time insisting, 'Yeah, yeah.  I know.  OK.'  It is aggravating to no end, but impossible to curb when his sibling audience applauds his goofiness.

Tank never puts anything away, which is why there are usually a minimum of 3 towels on the floor of his room ranging in degree of grossness from wet to damp to crunchy.  Why should socks be any different?

Here mixed in with a gnome, a measuring tape,
and childhood photos under glass on his dresser
 are a few of the pairs of socks I bought Tank.
 'E' - Tank's legit initial.  Tough to see on the
 black socks, but worth the eye strain to correct
this kid's issue before his future wife
 asks me why I never bothered.
'Systems' I have tried over the years:  my 'movie ticket' motivational system.  Kids who completed  chores got a homemade, laminated movie ticket.  A certain number of these gems were required in order to lounge around the family room on a Friday night and watch the family movie.  As a bonus, whoever collected the most movie tickets chose the movie.

My latest gimmick was inspired by my Dad's day gift to Coach.  I bought him a few packages of socks.  Mixed into the bag were additional socks that Coach would NOT wear.  He pulled a pack of crew socks out of the bag and gave me a funny look.

'Those are for Tank.  I bought him new socks that look different from everyone else's so we will know if he is sporting his own socks or 'borrowed' socks.  You're welcome.'

I wrote Tank's initial on the bottom of his new socks too, so I will know who is leaving socks on the kitchen island.  As if I didn't already know



Marie Smith said...

Lol. Socks can be such a nuisance!

Ernie said...

So true, but it is not as if socks were just created. Coach and I do not recall living in a house littered with socks when we grew up - both as one of 5. Or other articles of clothing for that matter. What gives?!