July 20, 2019

double whammy text, Sox, an un-deliverable promise

After all the food sharing and plane seat juggling, we landed back home from Vancouver.  I could not return text messages while in Canada, thanks worlds-worst-cell-phone plan, so it didn’t really matter that I wasn’t overly tuned in to the text message I initially missed the day we were making our embarrassing journey home. 

The next day I realized that I had missed a group text from my family.  Group text.  My family.  Double whammy.

My sister, Marie, wondered it anyone would want to attend a Chicago White Sox game Aug. 10th- Saturday night.  Or the 11th.  Coach will be out of town teaching in Rhode Island.  If that location is close to you and you want to hear someone talk endlessly about various muscle groups and rehab procedures - maybe you can sign up. 

I have zero interest in attending a Sox game (almost as much as I would in attending a physical therapy lecture).  I grew up attending Sox games regularly.  We could only take advantage of these opportunities when we had a night off from watching Pat and Mike’s little league baseball games.  Translation:  constant baseball.  Big leagues or little.  bug spray and sweatshirt always at the ready.  

This is a pic from years ago (me with better
 hair than my current self, Tank when he
 could still fit in my arms, Ed when Lad was
 still taller than him, and Lad
on the far right)- sorry for the
creep-out factor, but Coach is overly
paranoid about us being identified.  He
worries that our neighbor Mary Ann will
catch wind of my blog and see the
 stories that I have penned about her. 
I could care less, but it is a small
 price to pay for the joy of blogging.
 BTW Mary Ann and her fam
are Cubs fans.  Go figure.
Coach and I took our kids to Sox games when they were younger.  Sometimes we were able to sit in the fancy boxes when we got tickets thru Coach's work.  In case you were wondering - yes, I am one of those born and bred hate-the-Cubs Chicagoans.  It is a real thing.  My family were die hard Sox fans, so NO - we never took the kids to see the Cubs play.  Coach could root for either - but that goes against my religion.  

There was a time when I felt bad that my kids lost interest in baseball.  I felt disoriented.  What would I do with myself if I wasn't hanging out at a ball field?  It was all I knew.  

Then it happened.  I discovered the joy of indoor sports like water polo.  I became addicted to the fast paced game that ended in under an hour (UNDER AN HOUR!) from when it started.  No weather issues to contend with.  Who needs baseball?  

The parenthesis part of the text message from Marie to my siblings and I left a taste in my mouth worse than stale ball park popcorn (not like the random prized white cheddar shit I stumbled on in Vancouver).  From Marie:  'I promised Dad as part of my Father’s Day gift that I would organize a family White Sox game.  

Shit.  Seems like this might have been a big error on your part, Marie.  Not sure you can deliver on this promise.  

Maybe I am just envious of her carefully considered gift that Dad will love.  An area where I have struggled.  Yes, that story is up next.  I am working backwards here.  Not sure why.  Blame my left handedness. 


Busy Bee Suz said...

The family dymanic here is something to write about.
Oh, hey, Hello blog.
I giggled at your Mary Ann comment...a cubs fan, go figure. Tell the Coach there is no way in hell Mary Ann would stumble upon your blog, much less figure out it was really YOU. Well, unless she works for Dateline. Or 20/20. Is her husbands name Lester Holt?
Maybe then just keep the faces blurred.

Marie Smith said...

Sports rivalry in a family can be lots of fun. The thought of an extended time at the ball park wouldn’t interest me much either, though I’d feel obliged to go in this case.

Ernie said...

Ha! No - not a Dateline employee. I have been identified by one fellow blogger - that story, I have yet to write about, is so unbelievable. Really - it is a hilarious account of 'WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?' Nothing negative came of it, promise. Of course that had Coach sweating a little over the Mary Ann possibilities, but I assured him lightning does not strike twice.

Ernie said...

The old me would have felt obligated to attend, but the last several years my eyes have been opened, and my head just shakes from side to side, 'How am I related to this?'

Kari said...

OMG I am laughing so hard because of the MaryAnn is a Cubs fan comment alone. We too are Sox fans, so I get this completely. Also, I am sure she is a Cubs fan and I've never met her.

Also, are you sure your sister Marie isn't a closet Cubs fan DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD?

Ernie said...
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Ernie said...

I cannot believe you guys are sox fans knowing that you are up north. While I do still consider myself a sox fan, I am kind of over baseball in general. I still cheer when the Cubs lose, so whatever. My sister Marie is not a closet cubs fan - she is a closet 'does-everyone-know-that-I-am-dad's-favorite-child' kind of person, which really is honestly very much in the open about, because she cannot hide her pride on this. I guess if that's all you got going for you then, have at it! OMG - my Dad had a terrible accident like 3 summers ago. She was intolerable. It was like 'her' dad was hospitalized and she continued to thank the rest of us for our well-wishes and support. PUKE. My BFF was so confused, 'I thought your other sister was nuts, but this takes the cake.' How am I SO NORMAL? :)

Ernie said...


Kari said...

We are in enemy territory up here (Cubs fans EVERY WHERE, as you know). Makes me throw up in my mouth a little. GO SOX.