May 5, 2019

pass or commit, borrowing a crystal ball would be ideal

Without boring you with more boring details than those already supplied:  Ed came home from school - literally reached for the phone to call X University and ask if they might have more scholarships he could apply to (suggestions per his counselor who I happened to see that morning at Tank's IEP meeting - timing).

Well, the phone RANG.  It was (drum roll) Grid College.  The Grid Guy was calling because he wanted Ed to know that he was not just nominated for the scholarship - he was getting the leadership scholarship.  Not much money, but tons of opportunities.

Ed:  flushed cheeks.  Spent all of Easter weekend calling impressive Grid intern and comparable students at X.  Mind blowing.  Teetering on the fence.  He kind of felt like Grid was showing up to the party a bit too late.  His focus was on X.

Coach urged him to go visit Grid again, but commit day is May 1st and this was all happening last week of April.

OK, so this is not really a crystal ball.  It is a
Peter Pan snow globe thing connected to a
 pirate ship.  Because if I really had a crystal
 ball, I would be begging it to shed
 some light.  Both good decisions:
  but where will he be happier,
 will he get the full ride
deal next year?  Peter Pan
 isn't telling me jack.
The good news:  either option will be great.  I did point out that Grid seems to value him.  Does he want to go to a school that doesn't value him, where he can be easily replaced by the next kid in line to accept his spot?  This thought process comes after Ed did eventually call X and ask about additional scholarships he could apply for.  He was told:  'oh, try the financial aid office.'  Translation (I am doing this a ton lately):  giving him the brush off.

Grid:  small school.  Incredible program.  Internships galore especially for a kid in the leadership program.  $26,000/year tuition with his discounts.  8 hours away from home-sweet-home.  Internships start as early as freshman year.

X College:  very large school.  Very competitive.  $39,000/year tuition.  Great opportunities, but need to compete for them.  Great name that takes you places.  4 hours from home-sweet-home.  Internships can happen sophomore year, but not likely and competitive.  The full ride scholarship for 3 remaining years still a possibility.

With  no crystal ball to know if he is gonna get the full ride scholarship at X, or to tell us where he will ultimately be happiest, what to do??!!!

WHAT TO DO!!!  Thoughts?  Better yet, does anyone have a crystal ball with a proven awesome track record that we could borrow?


StephLove said...

What did he decide?

Gigi said...

I'd leave the decision to him, as he is the one that knows which would be a better fit for him.

But if I had to give an opinion? Grid University.

Ernie said...

Definitely leaving the decision up to him, which is good because I could not decide where he should go. We had many conversations about pros and cons to both.

Ernie said...

That info will be shared . . . soon.

Kari said...

OMG, I remember going through college stuff with Annie last year and I don't miss this.

I say Grid. Also, I really hope that is the real name of the college. JUST KIDDING.

Beth (A Moms Life) said...

Can't wait to hear what he decided! Also, I'm leaning towards Grid. We are just now starting this whole process with Peter. It is already very complicated and I'm just talking about the what to study and where to study it part. The financial aid, scholarships, applications, etc. will be the really frustrating part!