April 29, 2019

lots of eye bugging, and phone call avoiding

I manage to avoid talking to Coach's folks most of the time.  Well done, me - if you ask me.  Coach doesn't care.  He gets that his parents frustrate me, although he does like to point out that they mean well.  I think they should have been told a long, long time ago to keep their craziness to themselves.

You remember that they almost didn't invite anyone to our wedding because they didn't want us to get married.  HELLO!  They felt that since Coach was starting physical therapy school it was a sin to get married.  What?  This uncommon belief isn't obvious to you?  Well, they figured we wouldn't be ready to procreate while he was a student.  Unwillingness to procreate from day one of marriage = sin.  Simple.  Need more of a refresher?  Click the link.

They sent an email in the fall that pushed me over an edge that I had been dangling over for years.  So, not a lot of conversation happening between the 'laws' and moi.

Coach is a busy guy.  He intends to reach out and call his folks every week or two.  In reality, well - he doesn't always get around to it.  So, minutes (or at the very least less than 24 hours) after I invited the two awesome sister/sister in laws living in state to our house for Easter, the phone rang.

Reg doing what he loves best - and
 God help the phone caller who tries to
 interfere with basketball.
Reggie answered it.  His eyes darted around as he said in a very surprised tone:  'Oh, hi Grandma and Grandpa.'  SHIT.  I didn't want to talk to them, and Coach was walking out the door to take Reg to shoot hoops at the gym.

I bugged my eyes out and shook my head in Reg's face and mouthed the words:  'Tell them Daddy is walking out the door and he will call them later.'  Reg understood his assignment (honestly he REALLY wanted to go shoot hoops and was happy to intercept/re-route this phone call) mission accomplished.  That was a close call - literally. 

Coach called them back later.  He hung up and now it was his turn to be bug-eyed.  'My parents are coming home from South Carolina this weekend!'  (they recently sold their place in Florida to move near Coach's brother who relocated to South Carolina).  WHAT?!!!

Translation:  they would be in town for Easter.  I had not factored their presence in when I invited Coach's side over.  His sister emailed me a little later like after his folks had clearly started calling everyone to let them know they would be in town, 'Hey, I just found out my folks are going to be in town for Easter.  Are you still OK hosting?'

It was going to be so FUN!  Now, . . . well, party-poopers would be in attendance..  There was no way around it.  Coach assumed I would not host.  I am not THAT horrible.  I said we could move forward.  Thur gritted teeth . . . obviously.


Kari said...

OMG, I think we need to talk. Too much to mention in this comment section. :)

Ernie said...

Get some sleep, crazy lady? What are you doing-staying up watching John Hughes movies?

Beth (A Moms Life) said...

Family dynamics are crazy! And I guess the bigger the family the more crazy! It's just me and my brother so our crazy is fairly contained. My husband has three siblings (one has passed away) and the other two don't really get along. It's sad to me but I guess I can see how it happens...misunderstandings, hurt feelings, pride, etc....all pile up until people aren't speaking and the more time that passes the harder it is to make amends. I hate family drama when it's my family but I love to read about yours! :)

Ernie said...

Well then - totally worth it. The funny thing - at least I find it kind of funny, is that my family doesn't consider anything that happens with us to be family drama. They just all think I am weird. I'd rather be weird though than totally controlling or a total kiss-up or totally arrogant. That leaves my youngest brother off the hook, but he keeps out of the nonsense quite successfully. said...

I get the dynamics - the larger the family, the greater the dynamics. I come from a family of just me and my brother, and we have no drama. We get along, we understand each other's feelings about our parents, we talk about it often. Laughter helps. My guy, on the other, has six siblings and the drama never stops. I keep my mouth closed and stay out of it as much as possible. Ahhh, family. :-)

Ernie said...

That does make sense. I have friends who are appalled at the way my family behaves, but they come from smaller families. What does not kill you, right? I feel like these issues helped me branch out as a kid and develop outside the judging looks of my family!

Beth Cotell said...
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