January 7, 2019

wait which 'eye' / 'i' are we talking about?

I cannot believe I never blogged about this . . . In October I came home frustrated at the monumental waste of time I had endured at one of Curly's local Irish dancing competitions.  I had hoped it would be a day when she danced, waited for awards to be announced, and we headed home.  A quickie.  Silly me.  We were there all day.

Once home I started kicking ass and taking names.  There was dinner to make, laundry to start, counter top clutter to clear.  The usual Sunday affair- but now it was jam packed into late Sunday.

I sent Tank and Reg up to their room to put away their laundry.  Reg came down a bit later blinking.  His eye was tearing up - big time.  Tank had whipped him in the face with his laundry and had poked him in the eye.  Keep blinking I ordered him from my dinner-making command post.

While we watched a family movie that night, I was unsure what Reg could see.  Hours had passed and his damn eye was driving him nuts.  I called my friend who works in an eye doctor's office.  Don't blink.  Oops.  Keep it closed.  The eye doc was at a conference for days.  Swell.

Drops.  Four times a day is a
lot for a school age kid.
  I was walking up to school with my giant stroller,
or stopping on my way home from the zoo or the
library with my babysitting tykes to administer
one drop on the front seat of the car.
The next morning, I called a different eye doctor when Reg came downstairs and the eye was no better.  Maybe worse.  We had hoped a night of sleep would help.  I hired my fearless assistant to watch the crew I babysit for and whisked Reg to this eye doc.  Tank had to reimburse me for my out of pocket assistant and prescription costs.  Deterrent? 

Corneal abrasion.  Drops would help speed up the healing process.  Four times a day.  Tank felt bad.  We made sure of that.  Why not just put laundry away?  Why must you always be a shit-head?

Eventually the eye healed.  When I write my annual Christmas poem, the stanza about the corneal abrasion was the only part Tank requested that I remove.   Now I wish I had left it in, because . . .

It happened AGAIN!  Tank shot Reg in the eye with a Nerf gun in the basement.  It was the last day that I was babysitting before break.  Reg and Curly had no school.  Tank was done with exams.  Tank showed Jimmy how to use the Nerf gun.  Tank insists that it was Jack who technically shot Reg.  We started up with the drops again.  Seriously!

On Christmas Eve the kid was still blinking and looking uncomfortable.  Then on Christmas he opened the iPod nano that he got from Santa.  This was one of my Letgo purchases.  Remember?  He was overjoyed.  When I bought the item the woman said, 'I have had it for a few years and NEVER used it.'  It looked brand new.
Seeing your son thrilled with a gift:  priceless. 
Finding out said gift will never work:  worthless.

Yesterday morning  (Dec. 26th) after my workout class, Coach approached me whispering.  Reg was in the next room and he didn't want him to hear.  Hell, I could barely hear him and I was right in front of him.  It sounded like he said, 'I am worried about the eye - it isn't working.'

WHAT?!  For an instant I thought my medical profession husband (OK, so he's a physical therapist but he knows shit) was telling me that Reg was going to lose his eye! 

No the other 'i'.  As in 'iPod'.  The battery was kaput.  I spent the afternoon on the phone with apple. 

Reg can work the iPod if it is plugged into the charger.  That's fun, right?  The apple lady had me restore the factory settings.  Still no good.  The iPod is so old that they consider it obsolete.  No way to replace the battery.  $40 bucks gone.  Not to mention that was Reg's 'big' gift.  I sent my Letgo BFF a message on Letgo.  She did give me her cell number - remember she was glad I was not a predator?  I haven't resorted to calling her.  Maybe this is a buyer beware issue, but I want my money back.

On the bright side, at least Reg isn't going to lose an eye or anything.  Reminds me a bit of the classic 'Christmas Story' movie:  'It'll take your eye out Ralphie!'

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Ernie said...

Yes, she DID refund my money. That was very nice of her. I didn't think she knew it was so old that it wouldn't charge. Reggie has beautiful blue eyes - I am glad that his eye is OK, and I hope it stays that way!