January 18, 2019

oh, brother

I wanted to get the Gettysburg trip over and done with last summer before my summer kicked into relax mode. (Let’s pretend for a minute that my 4th of July trip to Orlando was relaxing).

I tried insisting when Dad and I were planning this trip that we travel to Gettysburg BEFORE July 4th.  Both of my brothers balked.  They each had a son or two who play baseball.  Playoffs, blah, blah.  Um, these kids are like 10-12 year range.  It was one weekend.  I wasn’t asking them to give up an entire season or cut off their throwing arm.  We were all making sacrifices to help Dad realize his goal.  Besides, it was my car and I had more kids committed to making the trip, so I should have dibs on when we were going, right?  

We finally narrowed it down to the weekend directly following the only 4 days all summer that my immediate family could get away.  Guess what?  My family COULD have gone away for more than 4 days, but our 4 days butted up against the schedule for the mandatory Gettysburg trip.  (OK, to be honest, I don’t think we would have survived another night crammed into one hotel room with or without a potato-peeler-drain-assistant).

Guess what?  My brother, Mike, decided that his kids just couldn’t go.  He said they were never going to go unless he was going to tag along.  Really?  News to me.  And Dad.  He just couldn’t get off of work to join us, so his baseball playing kids now could not go either.  I was really, REALLY elated that we had waited until August to schedule this trip BECAUSE Mike had two baseball players who were now NOT even joining us - and apparently never were.  Are you following this?  We skipped over the May and June dates, because Mike screamed foul.  His boys couldn’t get away and skip baseball.  Well, shit.  They didn’t go in August either.  Delightful. 

There was still sand in the van when we hit the road for Gettysburg.  Like literally- lots of sand, because my immediate family and I arrived home Thursday night and the history-buffs-only trip departed for Gettysburg THE NEXT MORNING.  How do I get myself into these messes?

Well, hey, this was a short and sweet post.  You like?  Give me feedback in my messages about post length, or just tell me whether or not you enjoy history-themed vacations, or maybe what trip you've been dragged on, or if you have frustrating family dynamics too.  Come on, give me some little tidbit in the way of a comment.  Lots of options here.  Maybe your new year's resolution is that you should comment more!


Beth (A Moms Life) said...

I'm behind on my blog reading! The exam schedule last week had me off and then this week being a short week is too much for me to handle! What day is it?? Anyway, I DO NOT enjoy history themed vacation. My husband however, will only go somewhere if there is a lot of history. For example, I would be fine going just to one of the many lovely beaches in NC or SC this spring break but we are going to St. Augustine, FL because there are historical things to do there other than "lay on the beach". I have no problem laying on the beach. My husband and my son went to Gettysburg last year. That was one of my son's Christmas present. My present was that I got to stay home!! :)

Ernie said...
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Ernie said...

I would love a ‘stay-at-home’ pass from a Gettysburg invite! I am OK with some history-themed vacations, but Williamsburg or DC museums/memorials have a little bit more interest to me than the fields of Gettysburg. Um, crazy news that you are going to be in St. Augustine for spring break. Ed is going to Europe on a school trip, Lad is going (the week before our break) to visit his best high school buddy in Montana/Yellowstone, Tank is going to Florida with his best bud from grade school who now goes to Catholic school. Guess what? They are going to St. Augustine!!! Keep an eye out for a kid who leaves his laundry everywhere, is way taller than his host people, and eats anything that isn’t nailed down! Coach and I are driving to Tampa to warm up on a beach for about 5 days over break with the 3 youngest

Ernie said...

deleted the comment because I meant to do it as a 'reply'!