December 28, 2018

When the great-white van MIGHT be suspected in drug trafficking

Oh how I love a bargain.  I started using an app called Letgo over the summer.  We had a dishwasher, a microwave, a gas grill, and a kitchen table to sell.  This app was designed to help people sell their stuff/buy used stuff.  I sold all of the above items and a few bikes.  Once I had this thing figured out nothing was safe.  I wandered around the house calling out:  'Is anyone still using this?'

Ed wanted new beats for Christmas.  His wireless, Bluetooth beat headphones died in the fall.  He is very practical. 

He had an Amazon gift card from his birthday and he thought he would give that to me so that I could use it towards the purchase of his beats.  Then I hatched a great plan.  'Let's shop on Letgo for beats and get them for a good price.'

Game on.  Ed and I started scouring the Letgo website.  We also checked out Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, and a garage sale group I am in on Facebook.  No stone was left upturned as we also scoured the Nextdoor website.  I figured out how to 'save' items to my favorites, and eventually I figured out how to relocate my 'saved' items.  My rookie status was now a thing of the past.

This is one of the pairs I ended up buying.
 Some people were offering new beats still
 in the box for $150.  How is that a deal?
  Hell, Amazon sells them cheaper for that?
I needed two pairs of beats as I decided to give Tank a pair too.  He has never owned beats.  I would  never pay full price for these costly things for Tank since we all know he will lose them in a few months.  Anyone out there care to make a friendly wager about how long till he loses his beats?

I ended up bidding on two different pairs.  Both new and in the box.  I got both pairs for almost half off of the Amazon price.  Sweet.

Picking the gifts up was a little tricky.  Neither seller lived terribly close to me.  One guy agreed to meet me at a mall that isn't too far from my regular Irish dancing chauffeuring gig.  He asked me to meet him at the men's fragrance counter at Macy's.  He would be in a black coat and carrying a small Nordstroms bag.  He ran late, but I purchased a gift for my godson while I waited.  This one transaction reminded me why I HATE Macy's.  I digress:  Beats.  Done.  The eagle flies at midnight.

The other guy lived near my sister in law - not far from O'Hare airport.  I got caught up in the excitement of buying a new pair and figured I could just ask her to meet this stranger and pick up the item.  Um.  The next morning I was rethinking this master plan.  My sister in law was not going to want to meet this guy.  This was my problem.  She wasn't a Letgo user.  She didn't 'get it.'
This is the ipod nano I ended up buying.
 See the 'sold' label at the bottom of the
screenshot.  That's because I bought it!
Reg was thrilled.  I did NOT want an
 ipod touch and they don't even sell these
 things anymore unless you want refurbished.
 This woman had this new in the box for 2
years and had never used it. 
She sold it to me for $40!  A great deal.

I asked the guy if I could pay him online and pick the item up in a few weeks (on Dec 22nd) when I was up at my sister in law's house for the Shenanigan Christmas party.  He agreed.

I ended up getting crazy and searching for an ipod nano shuffle or something for Reg.  Found an unused set and agreed to meet the seller at the same time that I was going to meet up with the second  beats guys near my sis in law's house.  I envisioned a line forming at the great-white van in this designated grocery parking lot.  Would authorities come and investigate to rule me out as a drug dealer?  This could get interesting.

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