December 23, 2018

lightly giving energy to the lights, get it?

Coach typically hangs the Christmas lights.  I did hang them one year when the weather was nice and Coach was super busy at work.  I went to great lengths to highlight a huge, very tilted, ugly evergreen tree in our backyard at the edge of our deck.  We are on the corner so most people who approach our house see the back of the house first.  It took several extension cords but it was, well, different. 

front of house - featuring weak front porch lights
This year Coach called me while I was in Louisville for the dancing championships over Thanksgiving.  He couldn't find the lights in the storage room.  I insisted that they were there. 

front of house and side entrance with
 half moon floating bush lights visible from front.
Don't be confused.  He wasn't trying to hang the lights because he was being on the ball.  There is no set schedule for the Shenanigans when it comes to preparing for Christmas.  We are more of the fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants type.  The weather was mild, so he thought, 'Hey, why not?' 

Eddie eventually went into the storage room and found the lights for Coach.  Hate to say I told you that's where they were, so I kept my mouth shut.  So Coach hung the lights, but since we are not the kind of people who prepare for Christmas that early he didn't turn them on for weeks. 

Then he turned them on, and I must admit they should have been left in the box in the storage room.  Mini has expressed her disgust at our lights.  She has suggested that we just take them down.  I have to agree that our Christmas lights probably cause most people to cringe. 

View from side of our bush lights - with
 Mary Ann's lights in view across the street.
Apparently the white icicle lights for the front porch did not all work, so he hung those that did.  Our house is on the corner.  So, we have some lights along the top of the porch.  Then as you drive up along the garage where he usually hangs lights framing the garage (because: hey, a garage is a beautiful thing and should be highlighted), he put one of those mesh bush light things over a bush.  The lights for above the garage doors didn't work, so he skipped it. 

The view as you drive down
 the street.  Lone bush mesh light.  I should
mention that when utilized properly I think
the mesh lights on bushes looks lovely.  One
 bush, covered at the wrong angle. 
Not very impressive.
The bush light-mesh thing looks positively silly.  No idea why we have just one bush light contraption.  Coach claims that I bought it.  I must point out here that Coach rarely remembers what happened yesterday or what day some of our offspring were born on, so his memory should not be trusted.  I am postivie that he ran out and bought the sheet of lights once when we didn't have enough. 

This is the view of the bush light from the
 front of the bush.  The only people that see
 this view are those that are pulling into our
driveway though, because
 the half moon floating
visual is what most people see as
they drive down the street.

As you approach the house the bush-lights look like they are just floating out there in a half moon sort of way.  There are no other lights on that side of the house.  It just looks like we gave up, which I think is basically what happened. 

Mini pointed out that our neighbors across the street from our garage side of the house (Mary Ann - if you haven't read about this sweet heart, well - I have just provided you with several links because she has given me quite a bit of material over the years.  Yes, 'sweet heart' is sarcastic in case you didn't pick up on that) have utilized lights that match our lone bush-mesh deal. 

Translation:  it looks like we ran across the street and snagged the bush light blanket thingie from Mary Ann's house and tossed them on our bush.  Then we slunk back in our house to sit back and continue to be lazy/horrible neighbors.

Not to worry.  Mary Ann doesn't suspect that we actually stole her lights, or she would have marched her butt over and verbally assaulted me. 


Gigi said...

Look on the bright side - at least you have lights outside. ALL of my lighted garland bit the dust this year. And since it was already getting late, I didn't bother to replace it. So my porch is bare this year. I even neglected to hang a wreath. Oh well; there's always next year.

Beth Cotell said...

On the bright side, at least your husband was trying to be helpful!

Ernie said...

'Bright side' - pun intended? :) Yes there is always next year. Sorry about your supplies being ruined. I still miss the stockings we had when the kids were younger. They got ruined one year because water got into a bin of Christmas decorations. They were so cute.

Ernie said...

True, he was handling something- and I don't dare complain to him or it will become my task FOREVER!